Reviews for “Do You Trust Me?”


…and the reviews begin…



I am pretty joyful about the 5 Star review by Kenna at Joyfully Jay! She says, “I highly recommend this book. It will make you run the gamut of emotions and by the time you finish, you’ll feel so happy.”

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Wow! I have two reviews for Do You Trust Me? at Gay Book Reviews! I didn’t know blogs did that, but I’m tickled as can be!

First a “solid 4 stars” from Crabby Patty! Thank you. Especially for this: “I trusted that B.G. Thomas would deliver a heartfelt story and he did, with a wonderful HEA ending and epilogue that just felt right.” What a great day! To read this review, Click Right Here

Then 5 stars from Natosha! “This book truly was an amazing read. I am so glad that I gave it a chance.” To read this review, Click Right Here



Over at TTC Books and More, Cat gave “Do You Trust Me?” Five Stars. Thank you Cat! Amoung other nice things she says, “When I saw B.G. Thomas and Cowboys, I jumped up and down! One of my favorite authors and a favorite in the genre. I wasn’t let down!”

To read more (plus my guest blog post), then Click Right Here



I was blown away by the review by Jay over at Reviews by Tammy and Kim and Rachael and Jay! 4.5 stars. Great review, with a terrific balance of good and bad, weighing heavy on good (whew!). “…a solid read with a compelling point-of-view character…”

I had never heard of this blog before, but with such a well thought-out and very well written review like I received, I know I will be reading them in the future!

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Next, at Love Bytes, Danielle has given Do You Trust Me? 4.5 stars and says, “…I am so incredibly happy I picked up this story and recommend it highly for anyone who is looking for a contemporary story with a serious message, a life story and a romance to top it off.” Thank you, Danielle!

To read the whole review, Click Right Here


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