It Is With a Heavy Heart…..

It is with a very heavy heart that I say that my husband’s grandmother died Tuesday night around ten o’clock. He did not find out until early this morning because his phone was in the charger. I actually feel this is a huge blessing because I can’t imagine what he would have gone through and there is nothing he could have done. Today he can face this world changing event in the sunlight. And I will be by his side every step of the way.

She was a special lady. She was a product of a different time and was pretty surprised to find out her grandson was gay and when we all met up for Thanksgiving that first time I know she was nervous. But I was prepared. I flattered her unmercifully that day and won her over hook, line and sinker. We actually spent time together now and again and that is where I learned more about my husband than I ever had before. R is very private. It isn’t that he is keeping secrets. He just doesn’t talk about himself. I am forever grateful to this woman for all she shared with me.

This is going to be very hard on my husband. He loved his grandma a lot. She was the center of all the family activities and I know he worries that there won’t be any anymore with her passing. I will just have to do my part in making sure that doesn’t happen.

He will have bereavement leave of three days and with his schedule and a vacation day will have no problem going to the funeral. But that won’t extend to me even though we are married because our place of employment would recognize his mother passing but not a grandmother. Crazy. I will be by his side though, no matter what!

It is all so stunning. I was in Florida when we found out she was ill and in less than a week she is gone. How does it happen that fast? How will her kids deal with this? How will R deal with it? It seems so impossible. So fast…. She never got to take it in.

Whatever you personally believe, thoughts, craftwork, meditations, prayers and more will all be gratefully accepted and appreciated in this very difficult time.

Peace and Light,
BG “Ben” Thomas


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