A Blue Contest for “Blue”

Okay! Here is the contest! And you must follow the instructions! Don’t follow! Don’t win!

Your job is to find blue things. Cool things. Beautiful things. Sexy things. Delicious things. Mysterious things. Funny things. And the “thing” is, they have to be blue! And I am going to pick five of them. And you will either get a copy of the eBook Blue or any of the eBooks in my back list. Hey! This could be fun!

Post them here or PM them to me at my Facebook page! I will chose the dy before the release of Blue! I hope this is fun! I sure intend it to be. And I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

BG “Ben” Thomas


28 thoughts on “A Blue Contest for “Blue”

  1. Ooooh fun!!

    My contribution is the Mountain Bluebird. It’s incredibly beautiful and its color is amazing. It’s difficult to comprehend that something naturally occurring can be that electric blue.

    But main reason for making it my contribution is that I…uh…might have killed one in my upcoming book. It was captured by a mean, mean cat and offered to one of my MCs as a gift. It’s neck was broken and the beautiful feathers smeared with blood.

    Makes me feel terribly guilty. And I want to make it up for all the Mountain Bluebirds in the world. Like I owe them 🙂

    And if that’s how I feel about killing imaginary birds, I probably shouldn’t give murder-mysteries a try 😀

  2. I love the blue of the Mediterranean sea. And also the blue of Spring hydrangeas in my yard. My favorite pair of blue jeans (even though faded they fit like a dream). And lastly, the color of sapphires.

    • Then find me a good picture(s) and post them here or message them to me of Facebook and maybe you will win!

  3. I tried to put my photo here but I have no idea how. 🤔

  4. I was undecided what blue to go with. Would it be my favourite blue cat or my favourite combination of dark hair with blue eyes? So I will PM you a picture of the gorgeous Kostas Martakis and if I could have found a picture of him with a blue cat now that would have been perfect 🙂 thank you for a most interesting giveaway competition ❤

    • Thank you so much for participating! Fun ideas and I never say there was anything wrong with multiple entries!

    • Thank you for the kind words! (((HUG)))
      But when I click on this link there are a number of pictures…and none of them are blue. Help me!

      • Hi Bg,
        For some reason the wrong picture showed up?? I did send a Facebook message to you yesterday with the right one. Mine is the one who said My Pen(is) Huge.

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