It’s Furry Friday…and Today It’s Couples!

So today’s theme is bearded couples. Because if one man with a beard is hot and beautiful…then two are twice as good! And I think there are some incredibly beautiful sexy gorgeous men…and the love makes it even better. And because a few of you weren’t happy that there was no voting last week, I brought that back. At least for today! Let me know what you think!










6 thoughts on “It’s Furry Friday…and Today It’s Couples!

  1. I vote for C!! Because I have a thing for gingers and I love the shape of the beard on the shorter guy. But mostly because the way they look at each other make me weak in the knees 🙂

  2. I’m not going to rate them like it’s a contest, because they’re all beautiful–I think any picture of two people in love is. But when I got to D, I had to stop for a minute. My breath caught in my throat, and my heart lurched. You see, the one on the right looks so much like a past partner of mine it’s uncanny. He died 21 years ago. So of course I just sat here at the computer and cried….

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