FURRY FRIDAY: Beards & Tattoos

So in honor of the new tattoo I got yesterday, today’s handsome bearded men also have tattoos. I dearly love a man with ink! So…manly to me. Funny, almost every characteristic I love about men because I think they are masculine attributes (in my mind), tattoos are the one thing that wouldn’t fit in my explanation of why I like what I do.

Hardwired into my sexuality as far back as I can imagine, those things I consider masculine and HAWT are characteristics that (in the United States at least) a man has that a woman doesn’t. So I have always preferred (there are exceptions) chest hair over a smooth chest. Women don’t have hairy chests, therefore somewhere in my lizard brain, I see hair chests as masculine and smooth ones as feminine. I far prefer hairy legs over smooth ones (on a man). The hairier the better. I like hairy armpits. And of course a beard. I shudder deliciously over men’s genitals. It speaks of a little boy in my limbic cortex—big time! And I’m sorry, I don’t think it makes a man’s dick look bigger if he trims down there. In fact, manscaping of any kind sort of grosses me out. And it is always so darned obvious on the chest because the hair is all exactly the same length. I like what I think of as “natural” man, the way he comes. Yes, that means I like something else down there too.

So why do I like tattoos so much? Part of it I’m sure is the art. I love art. Part might be that my dad had tats all down his arms. Part of it is that I know the pain he endured to get those tattoos, and that is certainly a masculine thing in my rudimentary brain. And no I don’t want to hear one word about, “How if men had to give birth mankind would have gone extinct a long long time ago!

Remember what turns us on is subjective. And I like what I like. And the second I saw that man who one day would be my husband my attention was grabbed as with bear claws. My husband has a beard.

So I hope you enjoy these bearded & tattooed men. And I brought back the vote feature. Because you guys seem to like it so much!

BG “Ben” Thomas







10 thoughts on “FURRY FRIDAY: Beards & Tattoos

  1. I think I just fainted over F. He’s HAWT!! And he has hairy thighs, I love hairy thighs.

    And judging from your description; you and I have the same taste in men 😀 My husband is hairy (_very_ hairy, all over), has a big, beautiful beard, a couple tattoos, and a few piercings. Too bad I can’t vote for him! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  2. B and C. B because he’s not looking at me – those contemptuous stares make me feel weird – and C because I like the style of the ink.

    Can I recommend Alessandro Manfredini? He’s probably too skinny for you I’m a fan of exquisite bone structure – but the beard is glorious.

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