Tails from Four Footed Friends; “Tar Dog” Gets Loving Support After Very Sad Experience

Okay! So I am starting this story I found in the Conservative Tribune with a sweet picture. A few of the others might be shocking and I want you to have the opportunity to not see them! Now none of these picture are bloody or anything like that. Just sad. The point of this story is wonderful though, and shows how very good people can be. That’s why I wanted you to see it. Find the original story ny Clicking Right Here.

“Tar Dog” Gets Loving Support After Brutal Experience
ON JUNE 10, 2017 AT 3:23PM

There really is no telling how one Argentinine dog found himself completely covered, head to toe, in tar. But the story of what happened afterward is worth telling again and again.

Tar is one of the stickiest substances out there — but that didn’t stop a determined group of do-gooders from cleaning that dog up and saving his little life.

The animal news-oriented website The Dodo reports that a pair of young men who found the dog wandering the streets of Lanus, Argentina, decided to do what they could to help.

The pair recognized that the damage done to the dog was far outside their abilities to relieve, and they reached out to a police officer to assist. They then got the animal to a local veterinary center, and animal rescue group Zoonosis Lanus volunteers were called in to lend a hand.

It was a daunting task — they cleaned the dog for five hours continuously. It’s a lot of work for an animal no one knew, but there was no question that this animal’s life hung in the balance.

They freed the dog from the tar that nearly took his life, although he managed to pick up a permanent memento of the incident — his name, Petro.

That’s very likely an abbreviation of the Spanish word “petrolero,” or “oil” in English.

His brown fur is able to seen now, although, The Dodo wrote mid-May, but it may take some recovery time before he can be adopted out.

Until then, here’s hoping little Petro has a speedy recovery, but it sounds like he’s already landed a pretty good life as it is — he’s got a whole country pulling for him. As The Dodo wrote: “The story of Petro’s rescue has since gone viral in Argentina with countless well-wishers lavishing praise upon those who helped him.”

Look at what two men on a street were able to do because they stood up and did something when they saw wrong.

See? I do read the news. I’m just picky which stories I open!


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