The Sense8 Season 3 Renewal Petition Continues! It’s Incredible!

The Sense8 Season 3 renewal petition continues! It truly is amazing. We are now at over a half million signatures! And we have to keep going. The petition keeps getting updated as the amount of signatures they are requesting grows. It’s incredible!

Sense8 is very important! It has been celebrated for its message of global interconnectedness, racially inclusive cast, and multiple LGBTQ characters—including a prominent transgender character whose storyline does not merely revolve around their being trans. And they actually have a real trans actress rather than a cis man or cis woman in makeup.

Please do your part, if for no other reason than what has been said above—to save this very significant show and allow it to spread its important message! Minds are being changed in the real world because of this show.

Netflix should at least give us a movie to wrap up the significant cliffhanger ending to this show!

Save Sense8!!

To sigh the Save Sense8 Petition, Please CLICK RIGHT HERE!!!


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