It’s Furry Friday! From Arkansas!

Well I wasn’t going to get to this today. I am in Arkansas to be with my Mom because she is getting an operation today on her foot. A lot of the family is here. My daughter came with me. And my brother and my niece, who I have not seen in seven years, are here! I made what is going to be tonight’s dinner–it is all in the crock pot now–and we are all ready to go…. And we don’t have to leave for an hour.

In honor of Mom, I was Googling for Arkansas men with beards…. Problem was, the results were not pretty.

So here instead are some hot men in beards that I just particularly like. Hope you enjoy!

BG “Ben” Thomas









One thought on “It’s Furry Friday! From Arkansas!

  1. F!! OMG he’s so hot I’m afraid to get off the couch out of fear there might be a…unfortunate wet spot, if you get my drift 😉

    I hope your mother’s surgery goes well. Enjoy your family.

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