FURRY FRIDAY ~~ I Like Big Beards and I Tell No Lies!

So I admit that I like big beards (and I tell no lies). I wish that each week when I have voting that the guy who almost always wins isn’t the guy with the real trim beard, looks 21, and has no tattoos. Not that I don’t like those guys, I do. But the big beards, that are getting very popular and very cool with top fashion models, gets me every time. So this week? All I present is big beards. I guess this time the post is for me!

BG “Ben” Thomas







Don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

6 thoughts on “FURRY FRIDAY ~~ I Like Big Beards and I Tell No Lies!

  1. That was a very hard decision between E and F. I like E’s tattoos and hair, but F is supremely hawt, so my vote went to him. I have to admit, though, it took me awhile to even see the beard because of the very tight, very revealing shirt he’s wearing, and two very pert…oups, I hear the doorbell 😉

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. I could care less about the wallpaper behind C. Woof! Truth to tell, the only one I might–mind you, *might*–kick off this list is A, but only because his beard is shorter than the others. And if forced to choose just one? No contest–B. But that’s because he also has long hair, and I *really* have a thing for men with long hair!!! (Honestly, though, the only fair way to judge is to be able to do it in person, running my… fingers, yeah, fingers through each one of these glorious beards!

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