Bisexuality; The Newest Hot Button in MM Fiction? Why?

Apparently bisexuality has turned into a hot button topic that some authors are being terribly criticized for, even when or if it has nothing to do with the book itself. Why is this so? I mean I don’t understand most hot buttons in the first place and do all I can to avoid any topic that might go that way. But why has bisexuality turned into a subject of contention? For many years I thought I must be bisexual.

As time passed, I saw that if I was bisexual, my side that liked women sexually was a very small percentage. I am like a Kinsey 5.5 or 5.75. I think I confused how much I love women as non-sexual beings, and how much I thought that they were beautiful, meant that I might be bisexual. I came to see that wasn’t true. That if I was paralyzed below the neck and never able to be “physical” again, I would still want to be in a relationship with a man. That it was more than genitals, although that was certainly a HUGE part of it.

If you understand why this issue is a hot button, please explain. And if it is a hot button for you, please explain.

And in a world where we are spending trillions of dollars on war fair and where global warming could kill us all, what is it with hot buttons anyway? Why get so stressed? Aren’t there more important things to worry about?

BG “Ben” Thomas

PS: Hey! It seems everyone commented on this subject on my Facebook page and a lot of really good dialogue happened. Very exciting! To read it, CLICK HERE. I’ve made it an open page to the public so you should be able to read it!

67504198 – heart with bisexual pride flag


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