In Memoriam: Stacia Aurore Rose

I met her at my first GRL. I was sitting at the Dreamspinner Press table and her son Jeremy wheeled her up in her chair and she said, “I need something to read.” I suggested a couple. And I couldn’t help myself. I mentioned my novel, “All Alone in a Sea of Romance.” Well…. I probably did more than that. Hey! It was my first novel! She bought it….

She was the first person to buy a paperback copy of one of my books!

And over the next few days got to know each other and I found I liked her very much. We became Facebook friends. She betaed at least one of my books and helped me countless times with research. She got me a wonderful appearance on a radio show. She was so wonderful! She loved my Seasons of Love books and in fact just recently bought the paperbacks and sent them to me asking me to autograph them. September has been insane. I warned her that It might take me a while.

Now I can’t send them to her. She passed away last night in her sleep and I’ve been punched in the stomach. I can’t believe it. This hurts. It hurts bad. It seems impossible. I’ve been grieving all evening. And I can’t even imagine what her family is going through.

She was amazing. She was proof reader par excellence. She was funny. She made me laugh and cry. She was my friend. We talked once in a while on the phone and she never ceased to amaze me.

I loved her a lot.

And I can’t believe she is gone.

She went through a lot of health issues.

I can only guess that one of them is what took her from us.

I miss you already, Stacia.

And I will miss you for years to come.

Rest in peace my friend.
With love,


4 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Stacia Aurore Rose

  1. Since almost the start of our friendship, she referred to me as her Jelly Bean. We lived far from each other but, at times, it felt like we were next door neighbors. I will miss her greatly.

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