New Translations For My Books!

It has been happening again and I could not be more excited. Never did I dream over seven years ago when I started submitting books that my words would be translated into other languages. The possibility never entered my mind. I was thrilled and amazed to see that my lifelong dream of having my stories in print was coming true.

And then it just started happening. Cursed Verlag, a German publisher, translated first, Bianca’s Plan and then The Boy Who Came In From the Cold, Anything Could Happen and Hound Dog & Bean into (of course) German.

I find it so interesting that since words or concepts or idioms don’t always translate well, then the titles can be changed (or need to be). Bianca’s Plan became Alles nach Plan, or “Everything According to Plan.” Anything Could Happen became Alles mit ihm, or “Everything With Him.” And Hound Dog & Bean became (this one I find amusing) Sonnenschein und Kaffeeduft or “Sunshine and Coffee.”

Then what followed, in no particular order, The Boy Who Came In From the Cold, into Korean, and then in Italian (the latter by Dreamspinner Press). I understand that All Alone in a Sea of Romance has been contracted to be translated into another language.

And now recently Dreamspinner Press has released The Real Thing as Mon Véritable Cow-Boy in French (My Real Cowboy) and as Ein Waschechter Cowboy in German (A Washy Cowboy? That can’t be right).

And coming soon, The Boy Who Came In From the Cold, in French! I don’t know why but that makes my heart swell! French! And Italian! The romantic languages!

But still…. Korean? Who thinks about getting translated into Korean?

Well, now me! I am dreaming of getting translated more and more, and into more languages. I am getting to hundreds of people I would never have had a chance to talk to before.

And that is a heck of a gift.

So thank you Dreamspinner Press for making this happen. Thank you readers for generating the interest. And thank you Universe for responding to my dreams.

I just get luckier and luckier!

I dreamed and I dreamed, and my dreams really do come true….

B.G. “Ben” Thomas


2 thoughts on “New Translations For My Books!

  1. Waschechter means literally washproof. However that’s not what it means in this context: the correct translation (from German back to English) would be something like genuine, real, bona fide. So “Ein Waschechter Cowboy” means “A real/genuine cowboy” 🙂

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