An Amazing Song Writer is Trying to Put Out a New Album. Help Bobby Jo Valentine Do It!

You may have heard me talk about Bobby Jo Valentine before. He is an amazing young song writer who I had the privilege to meet a few years ago. Twice actually. The second time, my husband and I took him out to dinner. It was there we nailed things down and he gave me permission to use his song, “Fly,” and “Nice Clothes,” in my novel Winter Heart.

The first time I heard “Fly,” my breath was taken away. It was almost as if he had written the song for my beloved character Wyatt. What a joy it was to get permission to be allowed to publish the lyrics for those songs in my book!

In case you didn’t guess, I am a fan!

Well now you can help Bobby put out a new album. But time is of the essence! There is only two days left! He needs your help! And every dollar counts. If you say you can’t afford large amounts of money, can you afford $5? Even one dollar? If you can please do! Just CLICK RIGHT HERE and you are going to help give this amazing man the chance to share more of his wonderful music!

By the way, if you want to hear is wonderful song “Fly” I’ve got it right here in this post! Check in below.

I really hope you will give this amazingly talented guy a chance to bring his songs into the light of the world. Remember it doesn’t have to be much! Every dollar counts!

Love and Light!
BG “Ben” Thomas


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