Weight Watchers Meeting: October 7th

Image result for weight watchers

So here l sit at my Weight Watchers meeting…. I was a little worried this week, but l guess for the wrong reason! They insist you are supposed to use *all* your Points. When you start this program, you get quite a few, so l kept saying well under (often 10 P or more!). This week l worked to *use* my Points. One day that was a foot long steak and cheese sandwich at Subway. That was a *lot* of food! I thought, “How am l going to lose weight stuffing myself?”

But l did!! I lost 4 pounds!! For a total of 13.8 pounds!!!

And the stuffing myself thing? I was stuffing myself with *healthy* food instead of cake, ice cream and Big Macs! What a difference eating the right foods!


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