Star Trek: Discovery

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Well, through some kind of glitch I just got to watch the first three episodes of Star Trek: Discovery. I didn’t really want to like it. Truth is, I kinda do.

I mean, really, I did want to like it. First and foremost there were Trek. That show was there for me in my darkest and weakest years, preaching of a day where you weren’t hated for being different. You could be who you were. If during the Cold War, Chekov could be on the bridge, if when women were treated like nothing but sex objects and were African Americans were thought of as second best, you could serve on the bridge. You could be treasured and be half alien. And you weren’t stuck on this planet. You could touch the stars.

Star Trek, the original series was there for me in high school. Later I was thrilled by each new incarnation of TrekThe Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager–each showing that the ideas and story-telling were endless as those stars, and furthering the dream and ideals of Gene Roddenberry, the man who created the show.  I even kind of liked Enterprise, once Rick Berman left the show. He had his day. Lawd, yes! But he got burned out and should have left before Enterprise.

Why didn’t I want to like Discovery? Because it is a prequel. And you have to be really really careful with prequels. You can easily mess things up. And they’ve already made a few little cannon mistakes. A tribble in the captain’s quarters before they’d been discovered. The insignias on the chests of the uniforms are the ones for Enterprise NCC-1701 . Before Next Gen, all ships had their own shape for the insignia–but because of how famous the Enterprise was, Star Fleet enacted that all ships would have the arrow head uniform insignia afterward. The ships on this show–pre the original series–all have the arrowhead.

And I have no idea why the Klingons had to be invented once again! We had a fit when they were re-invented for Star Trek the Motion Picture and finally go an explanation for why they looked human-ish for awhile. Now they aren’t again! That means the explanation given in Enterprise has been ignored. It annoys me a lot. Cannon is one of the things I love so much about Trek.

Thing is, I do like the characters and the situations and set-up and so much more. I even like Sonequa Martin Green, who I seem to be one of the only people in the world who didn’t like her on The Walking Dead. I think she is ten times better on Discovery. The characterization is great and as I always say, if you don’t like the characters, who cares what happens to them?

So, wish me luck in viewing more episodes and that my source doesn’t dry out! And in the meantime…

Live long and Prosper,

BG “Ben” Thomas

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2 thoughts on “Star Trek: Discovery

  1. I’ve only seen the first two episodes, and I kind of liked them. I was so scared it was gonna suck…I’m a HUGE Star Trek fan and have seen everything (except TAS) a gazillion times.

    The klingon thing annoyed me too, although I have to say I like their new Elizabethan clothing style. But more than that, Michael’s backstory. So she was a foster sibling to Spock and in all the years we’ve never heard about that before? I don’t buy it…But I’m sure I’ll get past it 🙂

    • She was not raised by Sarek and Amanda until after Spock left. Remember at the time of “Journey to Babel,” Spock and Sarek had not spoken in years! I am wiling to buy it….

      ling to buy it….

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