Have I Said That I Love My Life?

Have I said before how very very much I love life? Let me say it again. I am sitting here right now, in my favorite coffee shop, writing and doing business (my business and not the Muggle business of my “job”) and Gerry Rafferty is playing and I am HIGH! I am high on life and thinking how this is my real life, the life I love so very much, and I am rocking out to “Baker Street” and “Right Down the Line” and thanking the Universe for everything I have. Sure there are things I wish I had. I wish I didn’t have a Muggle-job and that I was writing full time. Because even when writing *is* a job, like going over a long novel’s edits with a dead line of mere days away when I am also trying to write the next novel with a deadline of barely a month away–that’s a job! But it is *my* job. The one I have chosen. And I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

I think that I have a husband! A husband in a world where there are countries where you can be tortured to death for being gay. I think of my dogs Sarah Jane and Oliver. I think of the wonderful massage I have scheduled for this afternoon. I think of my Facebook friends and all those who leap forward and help me with little challenges I set out there like, “Help me name my tabloid” and “What hard rock groups are kids listening to these days” and “Help me name this dog” and how they rush forward and help me every time! I think of Darrel at work who makes my Muggle-work bearable. I have a daughter and that relationship is getting better and better.

I don’t have two houses, one in the Midwest and one in Florida where I can run to when it snows. But I do have two houses, one here in KC and one in Brookfield, MO, where my husband grew up and when we go there I have a place where I can be comfortable. I can’t fly off to England right now. Or France. Or Italy. But I can go there in my dreams and my head and with the help of so many Facebook friends who live in those countries.

I have so much. I choose not to reflect on what I don’t have, but what I do! And to the Universe and Whoever, thank you thank you thank you!

With so much love,
BG “Ben” Thomas


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