…and Today’s Dreamspinner Press Deal is on Two of MY Books! B.G. Thomas: Buy One, Get One Free Bundle!

Yup! Today’s Dreamspinner Press deal is, buy “Until I Found You,” and then you get “It Had to Be You,” for free! But remember, this sale is for today only!


Christopher Morin is unlucky in love. The only male worth anything in his life is his sweet dog Frost. Christopher is devastated when, shortly after his breakup with the worst boyfriend ever, his dog vanishes without a trace.

Doyle Schilbrack was lucky at love, until his wonderful partner of many years passed away, leaving Doyle lost and lonely. The solution? He adopts a sad little abandoned dog, a dog he names Jack. Together, man and dog come back to life.

Then one day, a year later, Christopher encounters Doyle in a park—walking his dog! Now the two men are faced with a dilemma. They want to do what is best for their dog, but it will break their hearts to let him go.

But then a rambunctious white Pomeranian takes matters in his own paws. There might be a way for both men to keep the dog, and find something else that’s been missing from their lives.


Robert Daniels is always dating the wrong men. He doesn’t understand it. He’s a good guy. What’s the problem? Then, one day, on a particularly bad date, he dies…

…only to wake up in the body of a man named Jimmy who was shot and killed—but in 1927! Along comes Hugh Naylor, the guy Robert has been waiting for all his life. Hugh is perfect—sweet, intelligent, and sexy. The problem? Hugh is in love with Jimmy.

Now Robert’s falling in love with Hugh, but how can he explain he isn’t who he appears? How can he get Hugh to love him, and not the man whose body he inhabits? And who shot Jimmy? And will they be out to shoot him again?

Sound good? I sure hope it does! Head right to Dreamspinner by CLICKING RIGHT HERE and you are eligible for the deal! See you there!

Tons of love,
BG “Ben” Thomas

Sale ends October 22, 2017 at 11:59 PM ET


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