Furry Friday: Featuring Rowse Honey’s The Three Bears

So as you may have heard that Rowse Honey has a new ad campaign and it features their version of the Three Bears…sans Goldilocks. And these bears are gay men. Says Jules Chalkley, the ad company’s creative chief: “We wanted to find the ultimate advocates for porridge and honey.” And they decided to do a modern rift on the Three Bears, using gay men instead of the ursine version of bears from the original story. “Filming was hilarious,” Chalkley says. “The three guys clicked immediately and had this instant chemistry. Even when the camera wasn’t rolling we were all in hysterics. Unfortunately, most of it we couldn’t use, but we’ll leave that to your imagination.”

Matthew Lister, one of The Three Bears, had this to say: “Recently, LGBT people have appeared at the forefront of several advertising campaigns. That said, it seems certain groups have been underrepresented in the media, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to feature in The Three Bears. The filming process reminded me a bit of my experience of the bear community. We arrived on the first day not knowing each other, but everyone was easygoing and welcoming. Very quickly the banter and camaraderie between us all developed, and by the end we all felt like great mates.”

And so now, here are some pictures of these three gorgeous bearded bears…

…but first, the first commercial if you haven’t see it. Then right after that, on with the bears!

Papa Bear: Phil Sealey
He’s an actor in plays and musical theater in the UK and you can book him by Clicking Right Here.

Middle Bear: Joel Gorf
Voice Over Actor and Actor

Baby Bear: Matt Lister
Former Professional Canoer


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