Today is My Anniversary!

I have several anniversaries! R and I met at a convention seventeen years ago this weekend. Then on the fifth of November, 2005, we had our own commitment ceremony since we couldn’t get legally married. Susan Satterfield, the wonderful lady who was in charge of the convention, let us have our celebration in convention space for free…and when we went to check into our room, found out she had comped our room as well! They don’t come more special than Susan. She even allowed a two hour pass for all our friends who weren’t going to the convention so they could be there for our ceremony and our reception after.

So many people did such wonderful things for us. Inger made our cake. Sherry decorated and organized. John and Barbara performed the ceremony. And so many people came. There were well over two-hundred people there.

We made it a multi-spiritual celebration. There were versus from the Bible, a Native American prayer, a Buddhist reading, a new-pagan ritual, we jumped the sword upon arriving at the front of the hall to signify cutting away of the old, our hands were fasted with a gold cord, and we jumped the broom to signify starting a new life and household. It was beautiful. And we got so many wonderful compliments. Because of the way we did the ceremony, it included everyone. Or we tried to. And people liked that. A lot.

So today is the official day where we were married. Because being married truly isn’t a piece of paper. We didn’t care if the United States recognized what we had become. And while we are now lucky enough to be legally married, R and I both know that today is when we officially joined hearts in front of our friends and before God.

I was a sad and deeply emotionally scarred man seventeen years ago. Thank God for R. I live again. He is my Knight in Shining Armor. And he may not be perfect, we’ve had a few bumps in the road, but to paraphrase Grace Jones, “but he’s perfect for me.”

Celebrate love my friends!
BG “Ben” Thomas


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