A Week of Giving Thanks: Day Two

Today I am thankful for Oliver and Sarah Jane. Or should I say Sarah Jane and Oliver? The first version because that is the order they are in the picture. The second because Sarah is my soul mate….

Sarah did something to me. She taught me the sanctity of all life. I have always loved animals. I figured it out once and I have had an amazing amount of different animals in my life. Reptiles and amphibians and birds and fish and mammals…everything but dinosaurs. But somehow they were “just” animals.

But then came Sarah Jane….

One look from her big brown eyes and something opened inside me. Animals went from being fun to being sacred. Suddenly I couldn’t step on a beetle. I scoop them up and take them outside. Sometimes even spiders.


Soon after bring her into my life (our life, because of course she is Raymond’s too!) I went to this show with lots of horses. I was in one of the first rows of this arena and when the horses ran by I was eye to eye with them! One of them looked me right in the eye. My heart turned inside out. In a good way. It was done.

It amazes me I am not a vegetarian. What I decided to do instead was make sure I appreciated every single animal that gave its life to sustain mine.

My heart soared in Avatar when the Na’vi said, “Oel ngati kameie, ma tsmukan, ulte ngaru seiyi irayo. Ngari hu Eywa salew tirea, tokx ‘ì’awn slu Na’viyä hapxì.”


“I see you, brother, and I thank you. Your spirit will run with Eywa, while your body will remain and become part of the People.”

I tell people now that she is my familiar. She doesn’t help me cast spells. But she helps me cast my life. She has been with me over ten years now. She was at least two when we adopted her. She is at least twelve now. I’ve never been with a dog as she aged before. It is amazing and heart breaking at the same time and I wouldn’t give it up for anything. What Sarah Jane and I have is sacred. I am here for her and she is here for me.

But then there is Oliver. In some ways he is Raymond’s dog. He needed it. Sarah Jane was supposed to be both of ours, but as time passed, it became clear she was bonded to me. So I didn’t fight it when they began their bonding.

But over the past few months something truly sweet has happened. Oliver and I have become close. We have become buddies. Real friends.

And I cherish what we have.

Cherish it!

Dogs have existed beside mankind for thousands of years. New evidence points that it may have been at least 40,000 years. Forty thousand years! WOW!

Say what you say about cats. Some people prefer them. But when you say the words felis domesticus, it is lie. The cat has never ever been domesticated. They moved in on a good thing. And good relationships have been formed.

But dogs? Canis lupus familiaris? We are dalking about a bonding that cannot be compared to anything except maybe the horse.

I love dogs.

And I especially love Sarah Jane and Oliver.

They teach me what is like to be human. They are there for me.

And I will always been there for them.

Today I am thankful for Sarah Jane and Oliver.

And all of God’s creatures.

Every one.

BG “Ben” Thomas


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