Getting His Man: The Reviews!

Getting His Man has been released and the reviews are coming in. And I am most pleased to see that they are wonderful! I thought I would share them here with you. Here they are in alphabetical order! Enjoy!

The worst reveiw I could find at a site was 3.5 stars and authors (including me) welcome 3 stars. So I am happy. Home of the 3.5 stars is Alpha Book Club, and it was there that Cee said, “Laughter, family and a bit of suspense…kept this story from becoming…predictable…there was no way these two would not end up together…” To read more, click HERE

“Oh boy,” says Sara, from Boy Meets Boy Reviews. “This got all up in your face hero/rescue/sexy times that had me blushing at my desk while I read. What August does to Artie, what August teaches Artie and what he asks of Artie was so sensual I think I almost melted right off my chair…” To read more, click HERE

From Diverse Reader, reviewer Jenn has this to say, “I have to admit that I was a little worried that this book was going to be too sweet as I started it. It IS sweet, but with just the right amount. The characters of Artie and August really couldn’t be better….” To read more, click HERE

Then at Hearts On Fire Reviews, Lucy says, “The author wrote one of my favorite holiday stories, The Beary Best Holiday Party, and while this is a completely different type of story it has that same warm feeling to it. Yes, even with drug dealers and murder plans, it has…” To read more, click HERE

At Jessie G Books, Natalie has this to say about Getting His Man: “Honestly, I found the story refreshing and August and Artie adorable, even pretty hot at one point. I’m more than happy to be able to recommend this one…” To read more, click HERE

And over at Joyful Jay, Veronica has given Getting His Man 4.25 Stars and says, “This is a fun story, really, with sweet references to Turner Classics type of movies and naïve Artie making an inadvertent mess of his life. He’s absolutely crying out for a gallant hero, and…” To read more, click HERE

Kimberley gave me 4.5 stars at Love Byte Reviews says, “I can honestly say this was another one of my favorites in the [Dreamspun Desires] franchise… Well done. Well done, indeed…” To read more, click HERE

“A delightful tale that’s well worth your time,” says Sandra at My Fiction Nook. And, “Written in the author’s usual emotionally charged and somewhat breathless style, this is a must read for…” To read more, click HERE

Maryanne from The Novel Approach said, “I really have to commend B.G. Thomas…The plot moves along at a good pace, and does have its suspenseful moments along with family warmth, humor and a sweet romance…” To read more, click HERE

Fiona Lyle over at OptimuMM (home of MM book reviews) says, “This book was honestly just a fabulous little read…” To read more, click HERE

Cat gave Getting His Man Cat 4 “Meows” with a “3 Purr heat index” at TTC Books and More and said “I loved this story…and…If you like sweet romances, instalove, suspense, bounty hunters, and an allover fun story you will like this one…” To read more, click HERE

To read more, click HERE


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