Furry Friday: Featuring the Photography of Rey Rey

I’m going to try something different this Furry Friday post. I am going to feature photographers and their work. And part of this will then be different kinds of men. Young, older, athletic, bears, and so much more. Rey Rey’s work caught my attention immediately, and for those of you are into a different kind of men than the young and twinky, for those of you who like “real” men, I think you’ll like these men a lot. There one thing in common with all the other men I’ve featured? Beards of course! Let me know what you think…!

Vote for as many as you want….


4 thoughts on “Furry Friday: Featuring the Photography of Rey Rey

  1. None of them ever ‘do anything for me’, if by that you mean ‘wanting to crawl into the screen to get my paws on the hot bodies’, but I think the works are well lit and posed and I rally like the affection in #6.

  2. I think what appeals to me most about this is that we’re not “rating” the men based solely on their looks. There’s too much judgment based on this already. But I also like the idea of spotlighting different photographers, each of whom has a specific point of view and a specific “look” they favor, thus exposing us to a wider range of interests.

  3. Thank you so much Mark. And you got my intent exactly! Let me know if you can recommend any photographers. Of course it should still be bearded men…but that shouldn’t limit us. I also love that these are real men and not professional models that spend their lives in a gym.

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