Extinction: A Movie Review

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Just watched a Netflix film called Extinction and was…interesting. Starring Michael Peña (the hilarious guy from the Ant-Man movies), Lizzy Caplan (the fangbanger girlfriend of Jason in True Blood) as his wife, Mike Colter (Luke Cage from Marvel’s Luke Cage) and Israel Broussard as…well that would be giving away the plot twist. At first I thought that “Extinction” was merely another alien invasion story like Skyline or Battleship or Battle Los Angeles—which is okay. But it was sort of…well…done. There was nothing new except the fact that the main character Peter (played by Peña) starts having visions that said invasion is going to happen and no one believes him. It’s causing all kinds of problems with he and his wife and family. Even his boss is insisting that he see a therapist to deal with the problem. But despite some really decent acting by the cast…it wasn’t enough to keep my focus. I was busy doing other things, even when the invasion happened. I’d seen it all before. Ships soaring around the city, killing everyone, looking in windows, people running for survival and trying to fight back.

But then comes the plot twist about two-thirds through the film. The only thing that I felt really saved the movie.

Except that I personally found that plot twist just a little too big for me to swallow, to willing suspend my disbelief.



What we discover is that all the people are A.I.s, or “synthetics,” and didn’t know it. The story is set in the future where humans began to be more and more afraid of their artificial worker, and only partially because they are taking jobs from the humans. The syns are becoming more hated and even attacked. Finally it is decided to terminate them and they fight back. And win. The humans flee Earth. And then, to live with their “gulit,” they all (except for a few, like Peter’s boss David/Mike Colter) have their memories wiped and replaced with false ones. The problem is that is exactly why the invasion is so successful and millions of syns are destroyed. They weren’t prepared. The plot twist works only as that, a plot twist. But it is silly that they would have those memories wiped and therefore unprepared to defend themselves. I can’t help but sympathize for the humans instead. They were kicked off their own world. Had the syns been the ones that left Earth and colonized Mars. Had the humans hunted them down there, I would have been far more sympathetic to their plight.

So final rating? Three out of Five Stars.

Can’t really recommend it…but won’t say it’s a waste of time. You decide. And let me know what you think?


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