JOHNNY — A Movie Review

A lonely and confused older man hires a young male sex worker named Johnny to be his first sexual experience with another man, and the intimate evening they share forces both men to confront difficult truths they’ve been trying to outrun….

When I watched Johnny, I thought I was seeing a movie about the older man (who calls himself “Sam”), played very well by Tony Abatemarco (he’s had a number of small parts in films and series like, Sleeping With the Enemy, Moonlighting and How to Get Away With Murder). But after seeing it, I became aware that this sad little film is about both men equally, and their coming to terms with the fact that they are gay. Brandon Crowder is a delightful surprise—his acting is noteworthy and he is quite talented. I want to see him again (he is also the director and producer).

And while Johnny doesn’t have a happily ever after ending, the single evening it shows us has had a deep effect on the two of them. While it is not romance per se, it is worth watching at only nineteen minutes. There is a ton of story revealed in such a very short time and we learn, with few words, a lot about these men—they are very real. I was quite engaged in their lives.

And it is worth watching for surprisingly good acting for such a short, low-budget film. What it proves to me is that you don’t need millions of dollars to make a high-quality little project and that there is just no excuse for the horrible acting, film and sound quality, and more that I see in so many gay movies.

If you want to take the chance, I highly recommend it. So what if they don’t run off into the sunset (in this case, sunrise?)? You will be left thinking and wondering about what happens next for Johnny and Sam. And wishing them all the best.


Brandon Crowder … Johnny
Tony Abatemarco … Sam
Nikita Kochnev … Young Johnny
Luca Alexander … David
Devon O’Kane … Sex Worker 1
Donzell Lewis … Sex Worker 2


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