It all started with this picture of me and Noah Willoughby and the following words, “It’s That Magikal Pumpkin Time of the Year!

Pumpkin lattes and splitting a pumpkin scone. We got the second to last one and it’s not even noon! And for all you sillys that don’t like pumpkin, don’t complain about it. Just don’t eat/drink them! More for me! Give me pumpkin or give me death! WHO’S WITH ME IN LIVING ALL THINGS PUMPKIN??”

I posted that picture with these…

Over 50 people “liked” that post and it turned out quite a few people joined us in the “liking” of “all things” pumpkin!

That gave me and Noah the idea of Dueling Pumpkins. We would have a duel, each day taking turns posting pumpkin/pumpkin spice products real (and maybe not-so-real?). There will really be no winner. Our goal was to entertain you. And while Noah has the most excellent Photoshopping skills, I have some loyal readers who started sending me pictures on the down-low! LOL! So here we go, those pictures starting on October 1st and going on to Halloween.

So tell me! Which of these are real. Which are not so real? Is there a winner? Let me know!
(I’ll update this each day for those who don’t follow on Facebook!)

DAY 1: From Noah with these words: “For that time of the month during that time of the year.”

DAY 2: From me: “To make sex smell even better…and slicker…

DAY 3: From Noah: “The pumpkin spice jockstrap will surely get people sniffing around the goods.”

DAY 4: From me: “How can you have a duel without ammunition?”

DAY 5: From Noah: “The pumpkin spice scent is sure to cover up any unpleasant smells.”

DAY 6: From me: This one came from Bonnie Herbert, a good and loyal reader (and friend). And she was happy to be named!

DAY 7: From Noah: “Enjoy that pumpkin spice scent for all eternity.

DAY 8: Ben’s Comeback: “Today’s offer comes to you due to the sweet gift of Andrea Greca Ruggieri! HUG HUG HUG

For when you’re trying to kidnap someone with our shared loved of all things pumpkin. Hey! That’s me! I’ll go under with a smile on my face….”

DAY 9: From Noah: Take a little orange pill to spice things up in the bedroom.

DAY 10: This day was National Coming Out Day, so this was my thought: “So in honor of National Coming Out Day, does a pumpkin spice t-shirt and gay pumpkin man count? I know I’m counting on it. What do you say, Noah?”

DAY 11: From Noah: For when you suspect that morning sickness isn’t because you’ve had too much pumpkin spice the night before.

DAY 12: From me: Every time your sweet little bundle of fur takes a dump, you’ll know only happy holiday scents and reminders if Granny’s kitchen….

DAY 13: From Noah: These probably wouldn’t be too bad of an idea, especially after being on your feet all day long

DAY 14: From me: 🎶🎶 When you say Budweiser….you’ve said nothing at all…. 🎶🎶

I’m a beer snob. Too many amazing small breweries here in KC. I think I’d have to be crossing a desert and desperate for liquid at an oasis, clinging for life, before drinking PBR, Miller or Bud. But *this* one I’d *almost* try….

As long as l didn’t have to buy a six pack!

(thanks for the assist Mikah McCullough with this picture!)

DAY 15: From Noah: Don’t drink the Kool-Aid!

DAY 16: From me: Ain’t it the truth though? *happy sigh*

PS: R actually got this message on his phone and the sweetie brought it right to me. I took a picture and here you are…!

DAY 17: From Noah: For when pregnant basic white girls get a strange craving.

DAY 18: From me: Hate changing (or adding) oil as much as me? The smell? How you can’t get it off you’re hands without lava soap? Or how about the burning oil if you spill just a little on the engine? Hey! With this it would be driving with the scent of mom’s pumpkin pie!

…or, ugh, the smell of burning pumpkin pie!

DAY 19: From Noah: Just in time for Shabbat!

DAY 20: And in my possibly sacrilegious response:

Growing up, I didn’t care too much for these…. If only we would have had something like these!

(thanks to Andrea Greca Ruggieri for this one!)

(Do you know the Clergy that originally posted this had all kinds of people unfriend him for this?)

DAY 21: From Noah: Pumpkin spice inside and out.

DAY 22: From me: If you’re like me and ** that awful chemical nostril-closing smell on your lawn. Bring the scent of Grandma’s holiday kitchen to your spring grass!

(thanks to Mikah McCullough for the assist today! Battling Noah Willoughby ain’t easy)

DAY 23: From Noah: For when basic white girls need to stay their freshest

DAY 24: From me: No need to try and add pumpkin pie to your sandwich. It’s already in there!

DAY 25: From Noah: Guaranteed to get rid of that smoke smell and save your house from burning down.

DAY 26: From me: So you didn’t like the pumpkin spice bologna?? I dare you not to like this! Yummy! Gosh, I hope this is real! Let me know if you find it! Wanna share, Noah?

DAY 27: From Noah: It burns! ✝️

DAY 28: From me: As if Spam weren’t already…ah…delicious (!?!?) enough, how about this? Do they have this kind in Hawaii, Noah?

DAY 29: From Noah: You gotta start them when they’re young…!

DAY 30: And for the last day Noah and l teamed up with the same ideas! (great minds think alike) And with his talents we bring you….

Pumpkin Spice Pumpkins!

Carefully sprayed thru their growing year with pumpkin spice, these pumpkins are perfect not only for pies, but great smelling jack o’ laterns as well!


Because we actually started a day late, that’s it. Day 30 was originally posted on Day 31. So as a Special Bonus–not available on Facebook–this most special Extra….

They not only burn…but are the perfect addition to your holiday costume…!

And with that….



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