For those of you that know one of my big “things,” I dearly love the Oscars. Growing up and well in to my thirties, they pissed me off. Oh, did they! I would get so *mad* when the movies I loved were ignored, or when they did get nominated, didn’t win.

However, the more I studied film, and made it a cause to see all the nominated films–at least for the six major awards–I got surprised. In most cases, I began to see that even when my favorite movies lost, often there was a very good reason for those that won. I’ve rarely been “pissed” in years and years.

Now there were a few times, I admit, where I was like…WTF? I really do believe that Brokeback Mountain was a far superior film than Crash. Brokeback, while certainly not the “kind” of gay film I like, had so much going for it. Not only was it stunningly beautiful, brilliantly acted, and incredibly well directed, but it gave a message—even if that message was what I call Homo 101. I’m long tired of those basic lessons, but the “common” person isn’t. I was amazed at how many people I heard saying, “Wow, I never had any idea….” It woke people up and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one more of those things that changed America’s mind about gay marriage. Crash on the other hand was a Hallmark/made-for-television budget/style movie. I read an article once (that I couldn’t find today!) about how there are often movies that won that we don’t even remember. In fact what we remember is the film that lost—won!

But overall, even when I would prefer a movie like Arrival win over Moonlight, at least I know that Moonlight was a darned fine film *and* it certainly had a much more gay-positive theme. And I really wish Boyhood won over Birdman (because how can what Richard Linklater accomplished will never be done again) I can admit that Birdman was also a darned fine film.

All this is probably beside the point. What this was really about was to say my annual pilgrimage to see the nominated movies—at least the six major awards. It makes the awards so much more fun. And I go to be big fabulous party! It is held at a movie theater, so it’s on the big screen and it’s probably the closest I’ll ever get—unless my fabulously talented niece India Thomas is nominated one day. She’s promised that I get one of those nose-bleed seats so I can jump up and down and scream, “That’s my niece!”

Noah and I went to see Vice the other night. Wow. And I liked that it was made in a way that allowed a clueless guy like me to understand it all. Funny. I was telling Noah on our way out that it reminded me a lot of The Big Short. Ha! Guess what? It was written and directed by Adam McKay, the same guy. Makes me proud I was able to see that.

Today we rented BlacKkKlansman (2 and wow wow wow. Powerful film. I preferred it to Vice. Boy was it tense! I was on the edge of my seat. Between just the two I prefer it for best film and director.

With this viewing I only need to see The Favourite (sic) and Roma, in the Best Film category and Roma is free on Netflix!

Over the next few weeks I will do my best to see The Favourite. I’d go tomorrow, but Noah wants to see it too and he works all day tomorrow. I don’t really want see it—it just does not look like my thing. I hear that while funny, it’s also kind of depressing. I’m also worried about the accents. It won’t have subtitles and friends know I use subtitles whenever I watch the BBC Channel. I caught maybe three words in ten when I saw The Full Monty. I didn’t really know what happened.

How about you? Do you like the Academy Awards or are you one of those who doesn’t give a crap about them and can’t be bothered? Or skipping the whole Awards-Yes/Awards-No, are there any of the nominees that you liked or hated or are looking forward to seeing?

Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. I thought “Crash” was a terrible movie, so predictable at every step. Very disappointed it won that year! “The Favourite” was great, do give it a chance. I have not seen “Roma” or “Blakklansman” but I have seen the other 6 nominated movies for Best Picture. It was a very good year for movies in my opinion, unlike last year. I might have added “Boy Erased” to the mix. I really liked the other 6 that were nominated but I think if I had a say, “Green Book” would get my vote.

  2. Bohemian Rhapsody is my choice for best picture AND best actor. Just saw it on Amazon this weekend and wow! What did you think? The concert at Wembley was fantastic in my view.

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