Does Anyone Know…?

Does anyone know if there are any updates on the sequel to Free Fall? The latest information I can find is pretty old in the scheme of film-making.

A post on their Facebook page from April 5, 2018 states, “The first version of the script for Free Fall 2 is very, very close to being finished.”

A Facebook friend I have said, “In 2019 the filming is to begin, the screenplay is finished.”

A video I watched on one of their campaign to fund the film said they hoped it would be out by the end of 2018. That obviously didn’t happen. But then their Indiegogo page says they are hoping for 2019 release. But again, almost everything is OLD in the way films are made. They could have given up by now and just not said anything, although their IMDB page is still open.


Information is scarce. Anyone know if it’s going to happen?

Their Facebook page:
Their Website:
Their Indiegogo page:


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