A Possible New Member to Our Family….

Well! Our “Irish” meal didn’t go as planned! In fact we had a Christmas Story, evening and in more ways than one. The dogs didn’t eat our dinner, but it was delayed…and it was because of a dog!

So the time is getting ready for a new dog. I couldn’t do it so short a time after I lost Sarah Jane, but it came clear that I would do what a lot of people do, and get another dog. But not with snow on the ground. I don’t want to be a one dog household. But not with snow on the ground. There is already so much getting a house ready and a dog ready, so I didn’t want to worry about snow on top of everything else.

So I’ve been letting R and Noah know and they weren’t objecting. In fact, this weekend Heartland SPCA had a big St Pawtricks Day adoption event. So we went. Not to get a dog. But to get our feet wet with the idea of getting one.

And what should happen? R found a dog he really likes. A lot. His name is Wrigley (that is his shelter given name and will probably be the first thing to go) and he threw our whole evening out of whack and we wound up eating Chinese food and saving the corn beef for tonight.

But Noah and I are not quite sure yet. There are quite a few pros and cons.

I would like the house to be a little cleaner…but we can work around that. The dog is older than I wanted—eleven. But small dogs can live to be sixteen to twenty and he seems in very good health except for a few issues. He is missing a few teeth, but the shelter did that when rescuing him before he was adopted by the previous owner. We thought right away that he was a Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie mix, but he’s an Australian Silky Terrier, which is closely related to the Yorkie.

He was a puppy mill dog at one point and does this weird circling thing and the shelter people said that was normal of an animal that had spent his life caged. It also explains why the previous owner said he’s not one to cling right away. The Shelter said he’s very shy—check—but despite that, claims he really does want to be with a forever home.

He seems to be mostly housebroken—the previous owner said he has a mistake now and again, but so does most dogs. He doesn’t seem to know what a leash is for and wants to be carried. Hmmmm…. Not crazy about that.

He does seem to be sweet. He is very shy. He is adorable. But do I want to do all the work to get an extremely shy dog to get to the point where he *may* want to bond? I know people who take on feral animals all the time. I couldn’t do it. But he’s not feral. He does like to be picked up….

He doesn’t want to play with Oliver but he isn’t snappish or anything like that. Previous owner says he has no interest in toys—but that would mean there would be no fighting over Oliver’s most beloved toys.

We would probably have to contain him in the kitchen while we are away at work until he figures us out.

We were able to put a three day hold on him. Non-refundable, but I don’t care about that. The money goes to a good cause. Keeping animals alive.

Do I want to take on a dog that might never want to cuddle or great me at the door like I am the Savior to the Dogs? Or a senior dog that I could fall head over heels in love with and lose in a couple years? But then we never know how long we have with a dog, right? Anything could happen.

He is treat motivated and that could teach him to be okay with walks, right? I think he just need lots of love. He was a puppy mill farm that NEVER got love and then was adopted by an older couple. When her husband died, she couldn’t take care of him—bless his sweet doggie heart.

He marked the big room we sat with him in, a couple times. But that previous owner indicated he only had mistakes every now and then.

So much to decide.

The hold would normally be 24 hours, but we met the sweetie on Sunday and they are closed on Monday and Tuesday, so we have until closing on Wednesday to decide.

I—Ben—wanted a dog no older than about four, who loves to play and thinks humans are gods. However, I know that the Universe knows better than me, and who knows how the little guy could change all five of us for the better. I have certainly heard enough stories just like that.

Advise my friends? I’m all ears and have an open mind, and especially an open heart….

Is it cruel to do a test with an animal? Take it home and see if we all fit? There will be five of us, so all need to be happy, most especially for Wrigley and Oliver.

Will this be our A St Patrick’s Day Story….


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