So Frodo’s Story is Coming Along

He has a long way to go. But in just a week I’ve seen improvement, even if the steps are baby steps. For instance, unsupervised, he has little…ah…potty issues. Why he was left in the van for less than five minutes (nice cool day, windows cocked open) and he left two pressies on the passenger seat. I’ve never had a dog do that. And leaving him in the kitchen while we’re away has resulted not only in accidents, but ones he apparently cheerfully walks through!

Very frustrating. But I am betting its a result of being in a puppy mill, probably in a cage rarely cleaned and he just became used to walking through his own…potty. However, he now at least pees—and quickly—every time we take him outside. And he’s successfully, and with much praise (to his startled confusion) done his other business outside as well! A triumph among the failures.

Speaking of outside, where using a leash at the shelter and the first three days with us could best be described with that old phrase, “taking him out for a drag,” he is now walking! Sometimes behind, sometimes ahead, and sometimes in need of a little soft tugging to get going again, he is walking on the leash! That much in one week!

However, every single noise startles him. One of us, including him, stepping on a dry leaf. A dog barking from a block or more away, a car driving by, anything. And when you try to pick him up—which he will allow thank goodness—he stiffens and splays out his legs until he is sure you’ve got him and if you hold him close, he will relax. But don’t try to hold him on his back—which Sarah Jane allowed to an astonishing degree and Oliver accepts as well. But they had cause to trust me, didn’t they? And R said they wouldn’t right away. So, I will work, work, work and I know the day should come when Frodo allows the same.

He does like to sit next to us and get up on the couch. And he knew what his dog bed was instantly.

We’ve haven’t heard him bark once since he moved in (although we did hear him bark at the shelter). He makes this very odd noise that is somewhere between a grunt and an oink (with a bit of something like a groan thrown in). He woke us up about 5:30 this morning making this noise and he only got more boisterous until Noah (thank you baby bear) got up and took him out where he very quickly did all a puppy is supposed to do—potty wise. Where he (confusedly) got high praise again.

One step at a time!

He loves treats! OMG! I think we need to learn out to use that.

And he is eating. He still likes to be handfed the first three to five pieces, and then he eats. This evening it only took once piece. He has this funny thig he does: he uses his nose to butt away the bowl when he is done. And he has been hiding pieces of kibble all around to find later!

I want to thank all the people who responded to my post, “So The New Guy Ate This Morning” (which you can find by clicking RIGHT HERE). You gave us such great advice and told me so many wonderful stories that have been very helpful. The gist of that advise was: have patience, love him, give him attention, and to remember he might very well be in mourning!

Thank you! Thank you all.
And I will keep you informed!

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