Very Important News: Re-Posting My Husband Noah’s Facebook Post From Today

I was going to make this post, but Noah Willoughby said it so elloquently and so well I’ve decided instead simply to post his Facebook post from 8:35 CST this morning….

Moved to Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Today with “R” and B.g. Thomas in Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

Well, it’s official. We’re moving!

It’s been very difficult not saying anything, especially when Ben posts about everything going on in the lives of the Three Bears. But for this, we didn’t want to make any announcements until everything was for certain.

As you all know, the three of us are in a loving, committed relationship as a triad. Ever since getting together though, we’ve thought about coming together in a legal marriage. While this country doesn’t (yet) allow polyamorous marriages, one place that does is Colombia.

About 2 years ago, three Colombian men in a loving relationship became the country’s first legally recognized polyamorous marriage. The Three Bears want very much to become legally wed as husbands.

We have found a nice little house in the city of Medellín. We’ve even contacted the other triad and we’ve become fast friends already. They are even the ones that helped us find the house.

As for jobs, is opening a branch near there and I’m going to help get it set up. And Raymond’s company shockingly has a branch in Colombia as well and just got word that he has a job there and is transferring. This will allow Ben to go in full-time writing.

Our only worry is that this may be stressful on the new dog. Any advice you can give us on moving Frodo to a new environment would be greatly appreciated.

We will keep the house in Kansas City. Ben’s daughter is going to move in and take care of it so we’ll still be able to visit KC from time to time.

We can’t believe the house we got, but the cost of living is so much cheaper there than here. Ben is so excited about the garden and he will have his own private office to do all of his writing in. The house even comes with an indoor hot tub!

Wish us well. We’ll keep you updated on things as the weeks go by.

This is a whole new exciting adventure for the Three Bears!

I think “exciting” is an understatement! Don’t you?

BG “Ben” Thomas




Well, as I am sure you have all most figured out, yesterday Noah threw his annual April’s Fool Day joke. He’s always pulling one so outrageous that we want to believe! He’s claimed to have become an ordained minister, gone skydiving, said he was shaving his beard (that one threw me into a panic) and a few others. I hope you all thought yesterday’s was funny. He did, for the first time, enlist me this year!

A few of you figured it out right away! Thank you Cooper McKenzie, Kate Pavelle, Elizabeth Donald, Alan Strozak, Meghan Maslow, Sarabeth Miller, Quinn Ward, Jon Hess, Hank Edwards, and others for not blowing it and to those who played along!

And for those who were fooled, thank you *especially.* For believing it and all the kind and loving well wishes. Maybe someday we will all be married together! It would be nice if it was true, but Columbia? Too far away from so much I love!

One day I hope we really will all be married. They said same-sex marriage wouldn’t happen in my life-time! Who knows with the love growing in this world and slowly beating back hatred what could happen?

Peace and Love and Namasté,
BG “Ben” Thomas


One thought on “Very Important News: Re-Posting My Husband Noah’s Facebook Post From Today

  1. wow! Congratulations what a surprise! Looks like heaven on earth for you guys. Best of luck in this new endeavor in your lives!

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