The Countdown to “Game of Thrones” (At Last!!)

I’ve been counting down the days until Game of Thrones and thought I would put my thoughts, guesses, quote and possible spoilers here, from my Facebook, up to date so far. What do you think? What are your thoughts and guesses? Let me know! 

Will Samwell Tarly Survive? 

Jeva Lange, a writer for Entertainment Weekly seems to think so. She says, “The oldest trope in the fantasy genre is the unsuspecting hero, the one who doesn’t necessarily wear armor, who is dismissed by his peers, and whose strength lies in his booksmarts. Sam Tarley fits the bill: The lovable member of the Night’s Watch has already served Jon Snow in enormously important ways, such as by telling him about the store of dragonglass beneath Dragonstone. Sam is also one of the few characters to wield a sword of Valyrian steel, suggesting he has a major heroic moment coming up in season eight. I just can’t see Game of Thrones killing him off in the process and leaving Gilly and Little Sam alone.”

I think he’ll live as well. In fact, I believe he will be one of the only ones who does. I just don’t believe death or self-sacrifice is in the Fates for this man. I think his father—who died for his own stupid reasons—will be wrong in his assessment of his son. “You managed to stay soft and fat, your nose buried in books, spending your life reading about the achievements of better man.”

But Samwell is one of the archetypes of great epic tales, and it is often the people who read, who bury their noses in books, who find the secrets that can save a world. But it is more than that. I think he more in store than just telling Jon Snow important information to help save the world. What does he say to Gilly? “I’m tired of reading about the achievements of better men.”

Sam has killed a White Walker. And I think he’s kill more than one. And I think he will be recognized for his achievements and become Grand Maester to whoever sits on the Iron Throne. And if fact…what if the Iron Throne is actually destroyed. It was made by dragon fire, wasn’t it? What if it in the end is destroyed by dragon fire and a new, less gaudy and ugly throne becomes the ruling seat of the Seven Kingdoms? Who was it that said it was ugly and uncomfortable? I can’t even remember! Was it Tywin Lannister?

But that theory has nothing to do with Samwell and so I forgo that digression to say that I see life for him, and Gilly, and young Sam as well.

This is what John Bradley, who plays Samwell says that he is relieved that, “it wasn’t an ending that we were going to be ashamed of. A few shows have been great all the way through, but then the ending…let everyone down.”

(Like Lost and Fringe and Alias and The Sopranos and the new Battlestar Galactica and….?)

“We don’t want to be that… …[Game of Thrones] has never really bothered itself with keeping people happy. Ned Stark dying, the Red Wedding, they don’t make people happy, but they make people satisfied dramatically. So when people say, are we going to be happy with the ending? I don’t know, because I don’t know what you want. ‘I know that lots of people have lots of different ways they want it to end. What you will get is a satisfying ending. If it’s not the ending you want, maybe think even though it’s not the ending I would have chosen, it’s the right one.”


Will Melisandre Survive?

I would be shocked if she does. I think Davos Seaworth will kill her. If for nothing but her part in the death of Shireen, daughter of Stannis Baratheon, who Davos loved so very much. In confronting her, he said, “I loved that girl like she was my own. She was good. She was kind. And you killed her!” And then he further says, “If you ever come back this way, I will execute you myself.” And I hope that’s what happens.

In her last appearance on the show at this date, Melisandre decides it’s time to leave Westeros for Volantis—though she claims she still has business in the Seven Kingdoms. And she predicts, “I have to die in this strange country.” And remember, she is really very old. Perhaps ancient?

Carice van Houten, who plays the Red Woman said, “It was really hard. I cried a lot. I didn’t think I was going to – you know it’s going to come to an end and you prepare for that, but it’s still always a shock. The crew gave a big speech when we finished filming – I was surprised at how emotional I got. It’s not just a role, but seven years of your life that are coming to an end.”

I predict she will die at Davos’ hand, but be around for the War with the Night King and the White Walkers. I think she has some role to play in the battle and that she finally be able to see where it is that she misunderstood her vision.

Will Euron Greyjoy Survive?

I sure as heck hope not!

Pilou Asbæk, aka Euron, has killed his brother Balon, claimed kingship over the Iron Islands, allied himself with Cersei Lannister, kidnapped his niece Yara, and is currently ferrying the Golden Company across the Narrow Sea.

For a latecomer to the show, Euron has left his mark on Westeros.

He says, “I can say one thing. When I read all the scripts, I was blown away. I’m so happy and I’m so thankful. I’m so proud I got to be a part of something as big as ‘Game of Thrones,’ and I think in so many ways, it will forever change my life. Even though I have a small role, but nevertheless a significant one. And hopefully in Season 8, I’ll do enough monkey business to make an impact. He’s a funny character. I honestly wish I had been able to come in earlier, and develop him much, much more than I was able to.”

I hope he gets his comeuppance in season 8.

Will The Hound Survive?

In the most recent season, we came very close to seeing Ser Sandor Clegane a.k.a. The Hound, AKA Rory McCann, come to blows with his now-zombified brother Ser Gregor a.k.a. The Mountain, as the two were finally reunited during the Dragon Pit meeting in the Season 7 finale.

Instead of fighting, however, the Hound simply taunted his brother by looking him in the rotting face and saying, “Remember me? Yeah you do. You’re even fucking uglier than I am now. What did they do to you? It’s not how it ends for you, brother. You know who’s coming for you. You’ve always known.”

And in a recent quote from Entertainment Weekly he states, “There will be a chance of squaring up to his brother and facing those demons.”

Hey! What if he kills The Mountain…the guard of a certain evil queen?

Will Missandei survive?

Nathalie Emmanuel, AKA Missandei said,”There are so many characters and stories that haven’t found their conclusion. So, this season is going to be incredibly satisfying for people. It is going to be incredibly exciting and heartbreaking.”

She further described the end of Game of Thrones as “bittersweet” but promises fans a “brilliant” final series. “It’s going to be amazing and better than any series we have had so far. It does the final series justice, it is so brilliant.”

I hopek she will, ahthough I can see her and Grey Worm sacrificing themselves for their Queen.

Yup. I agree.

Will Grey Worm Survive?

Jacob Anderson, who plays Grey Worm, said, “I actually wasn’t on board with Grey Worm and Missandei’s relationship for a while, but they eventually won me over. It figures I’d finally get invested right when all the characters are at the biggest risk of death.”

Anderson also talked about his final moments on set, which came after a grueling 10-month shoot. “It was heartbreaking. Obviously I can’t say who I was with, but it was a really bittersweet thing. When you’re shooting for that long, I was ready to finish when we finished, but at the same time I’m really going to miss everybody I’ve been working with. It was an emotional day. I cried. It’s been a big part of my life…It’s changed my life in ways I never expected. It’s a big show and it’s been a really huge part of my year, every year, going back it feels like school. I’ve learnt so much and I’ve made so many friends and I’ll be grateful for it for the rest of my life.”

Will Benjenman Starkmas Survie?

I mean, will BG “Ben” Thomas survive the suspense? Will he go mad? Will he scream and shriek and damn everyone involved as he did with the ending of Battlestar Galactica or Penny Dreadful or LOST? Or will he forever remember Game of Thornes as the show that got it right and remained from beginning until end some of the finest television in history?

Will at least Jon Snow, Arya and Daenerys Targaryen survive? And maybe my seasons old theory be right? Remember the beginning of the second season, what Cersei said to Catelyn Stark, while she waited by bed of Bran, to see if he would survive his fall from the tower….?

“In lost my first boy, a little black-haired beauty. He was a fighter too—tried to beat the fever that took him…. …it was years ago. Robert was crazed, beat his hands bloody on the wall, all the things men do to show you how much they care. The boy looked just like him. Such a little thing…a bird without feathers. They came to take his body away and Robert held me. I screamed and I battled, but he held me. That little bundle. They took him away and I never saw him again. Never visited the crypt, never.”

I remember and I just now re-watched this minute and transcribed the scene for you….

What if he never died? What if that little dark-haired baby that Cersei lost was Gendry? What if he is the only legitimate child of Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon? What if he finally takes the Iron Throne?

Will Davos Seaworth Survive?

Iain Glen AKA Davos said, “I am one of the few people who has read the script and I know the ending and what happens. When I read it, I thought it was rather brilliant. I am a bit of a fan of the series as well, and it satiated my expectation and hopes… But we will just have to see. You know with something this big like Game of Thrones, you cannot please everyone.

“All I can say is that we will be doing what we have done before and the writers have written great episodes. They have had a great strike rate up to now and I am sure that will continue.”

Will Theon Greyjoy Survive?

My theory is no. I think the little fuc… I think the guy will finally redeem himself after selling out the Starks and jumping ship on his sister. I just hope it is something good, and not the sad senseless way Osha the Wildling died.

Jeva Lang of Entertainment Weekly says, “Theon has had one of the most tragic character arcs of anyone in Game of Thrones, and somehow I don’t see him waltzing off with a happy ending. Season seven left off with Theon being forgiven by Jon Snow and heading out to save his sister from the clutches of Euron Greyjoy. Because Theon’s redemption has been such a long time coming, I think there is a good chance we’ll see him complete this mission, but likely at the cost of his life.”

Will Theon and Yara will reunite?

Will he save her?

Will they defeat the foul Euron?

Will Tyrion Lannister Survive?

I hope so!

Peter Dinklage promises an epic and “brutal” final showdown. “It makes the Battle of the Bastards look like a theme park.”

I truly suspect he nearly has to be one of the characters to could very well die, perhaps somehow in conjunction with his sister Cercei, who has always hated him. Maybe with a crossbow?

But no…. Jaime has to kill her. He has must, so he can finally free himself from her.

I so want Tyrion to live, but his arc has been so tragic. In the great epics, he doesn’t stand a chance.

Will Lord Varys Survive?

Gosh, I hope so! But the Red Woman said that she and he would die in foreign lands.

I simply love this character. The actor who plays him, Conleth Hill, is simply wonderful! And as great as the character is, I don’t know if he would be half as beloved if anyone else had played him. I hope this man has a long and famous career ahead of him!

Will Lord Varys the eunuch, learn what the voice in the fire said when he was a child and his genitals were sacrificed in the fire in order for a sorcerer to cast his spell?

What Varys heard in the flames was supposed to have terrified him all his life. And Varys didn’t know what language the voice spoke in. He didn’t know what it said, from what I understand.

Thirdly, assuming the language was High Valyrian or Dothraki or whatever, and Varys learned the language later, what is the sort of thing that would scare a grown man into never speaking of it again?

Of course he wouldn’t remember what the voice said if he didn’t know the language, right? If I heard someone speak to me in German or Spanish or French, and later learned the language, I wouldn’t remember enough to translate it. Especially if I’d been just emasculated!

There is so much to tie up in six episodes, will the creators of the show consider that voice something they need to solve?

And what happened to the sorcerer that Varys finally found and put in that big wooded box?

Will Jorah Mormont Survive?

Who do you wish will survive?

Iain Glenn AKA Jorah says:

“This season was the first season ever that we sat and read the entire arc of the story from beginning to end right through, throughout a day. Honestly, these six episodes are absolutely phenomenal. I mean they’re… the writers really, really came up trumps… the way they pulled it all together was a real writing task. There were a lot of tears that day… and it’s been a season of that because it’s been a season of farewells and finishes.”


Will Brienne de Tarth Survive?

Here is what Gwendoline Christie, AKA Brienne had to say:

“You’re going to need therapy. I think just the show ending is going to send all of the world into professional help.”

Maybe. Maybe not. But gosh I adore her. I like that she doesn’t fit in. She could have been pegged as some stereotypical “butch dyke” on the show, but so much like Arya, defies gender roles. I love to see how she keeps getting torn about where her love and loyalty lies. And therefor she has no role model. I grew up without any role models…except effeminate swishy gay men. Ironic, hey?

Who is left? Will we be happy with the finale? We know more people will die. Will it be the happy ending we hope for? Or something more depressing?

Will Jon Snow Survive?

On any other show, and answer would be mute. Right?

But when we watched Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark, the man we were led to believe was the hero of Game of Thrones, was beheaded during the second to last episode of the first season, we began to see that this show was not like anything we had ever seen. And if Ned’s death didn’t tell us that, the Red Wedding certainly did.

Game of Thrones defies tradition. Who knows what could happen?

I think most of us hoped what would eventually happen is that Jon and Dany would get together and rule the Seven Kingdoms side by side. But how can they now that we know she is his aunt and that he is actually the true heir to the Iron Throne?

I am still thinking the Iron Throne might get melted down altogether!

Aegon Targaryen I, the first king of the Seven Kingdoms had the throne made from the swords surrendered by his enemies, heated by the breath of his dragon, Balerion the Black Dread. As Rhaegar Targaryen’s son, Jon/Aegon has a better claim to the Iron Throne than his aunt Daenerys. After talking to a good friend who is simply crazy about this show, I think that he will wind up having “his” dragon, Rhaegal, destroy the Iron Throne for good.

And what does that mean? We can only wait to see!


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