The Countdown to “Game of Thrones” (Part Two—and the Final Part!)

Tonight is the night that the final season of Game of Thrones begins! And on my Facebook page I’ve been doing a daily countdown trying to guess who will survive. Below are my guesses. And if you click RIGHT HERE, you can see the first part of my countdown. Enjoy and I’d love it if you let me know what you think will happen!

I tell you I am a bit worried! The only thing that keeps me sane is hearing over and over that the ending is brilliant, even if it’s not the one we want. And the one I want is for Jon Snow AKA Aegon VII and Daenerys will get together for a happily ever fter worthy of and surpassing that of Strider AKA Aragorn II and Arwen Evenstar or Faramir and Eowyn. The problem? They are both Targaryens! Aunt and nephew. And while the Targaryens have a history of minding incest not in the least, a modern audience does.

Who knows what will happen?

I still can’t believe it’s all coming to an end. The first episode aired April 17th, 2011. Eight years of our lives. Think of all that’s happened in eight years.

Steve Jobs died, U.S. Navy SEALs took down Osama Bin Laden, the human genome was finally mapped, the Rover Curiosity landed successfully on Mars, Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana, Nelson Mandela died, space travel was privatized, the U.S. Supreme Court voted to allow same-sex marriage, Lonnie Bunch opened the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA, Omar Mateen killed 49 people in a mass shooting inside the gay nightclub Pulse, Donald Trump somehow became president of the Unites States, and so much more.

But stuff like that isn’t what Game of Thrones is about, right? (or is it?) Game of Thrones is about escape and being entertained and in this case, entertained in a way we’ve never been before. And it’s hard to believe that it is finally about to be all over.

We are going to blink and suddenly Game of Thrones is going to be something that was on years and years ago. It will fall into television history like The Twilight Zonee and The Outer Limits and Star Trek and Roots and Shogun and M*A*S*H and True Blood and Frasier and Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Stargate SG-1 and SENSE8 and Downton Abbey and so many other terrific shows.

Luckily it will be a show that can be discovered by generations to come and we got to witness it week by week.

And that last six episodes begins tonight.

I can’t wait to see where we all end up!

And until that night, May 19th, 2019, I ask….

Will Cersei Lannister Survive?

She better damned well not!

Ever see that delightful T-shirt, meme, poster, etc, that says (in referring to The Walking Dead), that “If Daryl Dies, We Riot?” Well in this case, if Cersei survives, I think there will be rioting as well. Despite the fact that the brilliant writing on the show has actually made me feel slivers of sympathy for her now and then.

And besides, isn’t her death prophesied?

Here is Jeva Lange’s theory published in Entertainment Weekly:

“Cersei’s death was predicted in a prophesy by Maggy the Frog, the witch who also foretold the deaths of Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen. In the books, Maggy additionally tells Cersei that ‘when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.’ Valonqar is the High Valyrian word for ‘little brother,’ leading to much speculation that Tyrion will be the one to put an end to his sister’s life. It’s a compelling theory, particularly as we’ve already seen Tyrion murder someone close to him via strangulation, but I think that’s too neat a solution for Game of Thrones. I’d put my money on Cersei being killed by her twin Jaime, who, it is said, was born a few minutes after her. On the other hand, the Frog’s prophecy isn’t part of the television show, leaving Cersei’s death possibly in the hands of Arya Stark, who has repeatedly vowed to kill the queen. Either way, Cersei dies by the end of the show.”

Me? I just don’t think it will be Tyrion. In fact he could still die at her hands! Somehow, I think, in a horribly ironic and twisted and incredibly sad end, that it could very well be Jaime, finally freeing himself from her, before he too…. But that gets me ahead of myself.

Let’s just say I want her death to be one of those really satisfying one. I swear I heard shouting all over the world in the way that Littlefinger and Walder Frey got theirs. To an extent even Joffrey Baratheon, although I think he should have lingered. He got out of the “game” way to easy considering the atrocities he committed. I want the life to drain from Cersei eyes and her to go to wherever you go in the GoT universe after death knowing just what happened to her…and that she deserved it.

Gosh! I’m a little bloodthirsty there, aren’t I??

We will find out Cersei’s fate along with all the others…beginning in six days!

Will Jaime Lannister Survive?

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, AKA, Jaime said, “I … know that we end the right way and the show ends on its own terms. When I read the scripts for the last season, I was like, ‘Wow, they really pulled it off.’ It’s one story from season 1 to 9 and it makes sense.”

And he also said… SPOILER ALERT!!“God, every time we got a new script I thought: ‘OK, this is probably going to be the one.’ But no. The Lannister kids made it to the end.”

Of course, he didn’t say they make it until the credits. It’s important to note that. Only that they both make it until the last episode!

Will Arya Stark Survive?

I would not be surprised if she dies. That she kills most of the people on her list—maybe or maybe not Cersei (because I believe Jaime could do that)—and before she can finish, Jaqen H’ghar will show up and kill her for turning her back on the Many-Faced God. On the other hand, he did have a very interesting smile when she left. As if maybe…she is doing what He intended her to do all along. Perhaps even manipulated into doing?

Interesting note that I just recently found out: the Many-Faced God, a god of death who is unknowingly worshiped by all religions in the world, in the form of one god or another. The Weirwood Face for the Old Gods of the Forest (the white tree with red leaves) and the Stranger of the Faith of the Seven.

Maisie Williams, who plays Arya, has said, “It’s either going to be everything that everyone dreamed of or it’s going to be disappointing. It depends what side of the fence you sit on because there’s definitely going to be that divide. It depends what people want from the final season. I love it, but you never know. I don’t know if it’s gonna surprise people, but it’s just different to what you think it’s gonna be.”

She also said, “I ended on the perfect scene. I was alone—shocker! Arya’s always bloody alone. But I was alone and I had watched a lot of other people wrap. I knew the drill, I had seen the tears and heard the speeches.”

Does that mean she will survive? Or is it the old speech about, “I know I will die alone.”

Will Sansa Stark Survive?

I personally think so. I think she will wind up as Warden of the North.

Sophie Turner, AKA Sansa Stark has said, “We had the read-through a while ago and at the end of it, we were all on our feet, applauding and crying. We had everyone there, everyone who’s had any part in this. It was amazing.”

She added: “We closed the blinds and shut ourselves off from the rest of the world and had six hours in this room just reading it through and crying and laughing. We had our emotional bit and then we thought, ‘Well now we’ve got eight months. We’ve still got a while to get through!’”

“It’s Game of Thrones<, so it’s going to be bloodier and more death and more emotionally torturous than all the years before!”

And… “For me—without giving anything away, I guess—I was satisfied with how unpredictable the show’s ending really is. People have come up with so many fan theories about how it’s going to end, and who will end up where, and who will end up with who. It really is so unpredictable the way that it ends up. I’m very satisfied with that, and I think that the fans will be satisfied with that, too.”

Will we be satisfied?

Well, to further quote Miss Turner, “Well, we hope. We’ll see!”

Will Bran Stark Survive?

I personally tend to think so. He’s the Three-Eyed Raven. And there needs to be a Three-Eyed Raven, right?

Or does there? Magick had all but vanished from the world. That is until the return of dragons. Or at least I feel that is what is implied.

But what if after the war with the white walkers, it’s time magick to leave the world?

Jeva Lange of Entertainment Weekly doesn’t think she’ll make it. “Bran is technically the Lord of Winterfell, a title he rejects,” she says. “But while I could see him passing over being Warden of the North to do whatever three-eyed ravens do in peacetime, it probably won’t be that simple for Ned Stark’s only surviving son. He’s particularly vulnerable, bound to a wheelchair, and his protector, Meera Reed, has returned home. Bran’s death would sadly be a fitting conclusion for his character: As Meera declared tearfully in season seven, the real Bran died back in the cave north of the Wall.”

Isaac Hempstead-Wright, AKA Bran Stark, has said that, “It won’t go the way some people want. It will be too happy for some people, or too sad, or too whatever. That’s the nature of an ending… Nothing more is coming, and the certainty of it being over will definitely bother people.”

Will Daenerys Targaryen Survive?

For years all I wanted was for her and Jon Snow get together and complete a “Song of Fire and Ice.” But lately…I’m not so sure? As I have said in earlier posts, I wonder if she should have her dragon destroy the Iron Throne as her ancestor Aegon had his dragon Balerion create that Throne, wouldn’t it be appropriate if her dragon, Drogon, destroyed it? Maybe the time of kings and queens is over?

Here is what Emilia Clarke, AKA Daenerys Targaryen had to say: “It fucked me up. Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is…”

Gosh! What could that mean?

“This is it. It’s over and I cried like a baby on the last day. I felt completely lost… Ten years is a long time. It’s like losing an actual limb. I was 22–a child–when I first walked on the Game of Thrones set. I grew up with her.”

And how about this!?: “It’s going to be worth it. Oh my god, it’s gonna be worth it. I read the scripts this season and I, in some kind of a daze, walked out of my house… the only thing I took were my keys… and about three hours later I came home and I still hadn’t taken it all in… …I don’t know if anyone’s ready. I don’t know if TVs are ready.”

Well she’s wrong! I most certainly am ready!

Will the Night King Survive?

If so, everyone will die!

I guess not, huh? He probably won’t.

I was surprised at the fans who’ve guessed the white walkers will win. But haven’t the actors been saying for a year that while you might not expect what is to come, and while it might not be the ending you want, you’ll be satisfied. A person would have to be pretty nihilistic to want *everyone* to die, right?

So, no. Not everyone is going to die and the Night King will not win the Iron Throne and he won’t survive.

Thank all the gods, old and new.


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