I Am Confused. Please Help.

I don’t want to get all political, and I don’t want to cause any kind of hurt, any kind of anger, I am just trying to understand. Any calm and collected answers to my questions would really be appreciated

Okay, they are taking down Confederate statues which glorify historical figures. And there are those who are angry about this, and I’m not sure I understand. They claim that by tearing down the statues that we are “erasing history.” That we are pretending that these people never existed.

Huh? Like I said, I don’t quite understand. Statues of historical figures are paying tribute to the great things that these people did. Like Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial. There is a beautiful statue here in Kansas City of several firemen and it is honoring those who died in a horrendous fire. Heroes all. There are many statues of important people who contributed to society and made our world a better place. That is why we erected statues of them. At least that is my understanding.

But when you erect statues of Confederate generals and such, you are saying that these men contributed to a better America. However, let’s just put it out there, these men were traitors to the union. They wanted to have slaves and so they seceded from the United States. What they did was try to break away from our country. They were by the very definition, again at least the way I understand it, traitors.

Am I misunderstanding something? And by taking these statues down, are we erasing history? I mean surely they’re still going to teach this in high school, correct? And again, from what I understand, the plaques on the statues that they are taking down …. they didn’t say something like, “This is the statue of Robert E Lee, Commander in Chief of the Confederate army, who traitorously tried to secede from the United States.” Aren’t those statues glorifying these men who fought for the right to own other human beings and treat them in horrendous and inhumane ways? Beating them, raping them, and far worse?

Sometimes I don’t see things clearly. And people have to put an arm around my shoulder and pull me aside and say, “Ben, don’t you realize that….” and then I go, “Oh! Thank you for telling me this!”

For instance when I was saying, “Don’t all lives matter?” (because they do) but then it was explained to me that, yes all lives *do* matter, but we have to remember that that *includes* black lives. And a black man is 21 times more likely double shot by a policeman than a white man. Black lives matter doesn’t mean matter *more* than anyone else. It means to say they matter *just* as much and we should *remember* that.
The light bulb went on!!!

So now I am asking about these statues. I do not believe, and this is just personally, that we should be glorifying traitorous people who fought a war that killed over 365 “Northerners”, thousands of Southerners of course, in order for those Southerners to be able to have the right to own other human beings in one of the ugliest times in this country’s history.

This is not erasing history. Generally E.Lee, for instance, should be discussed in history classes. and I’m sure there will be documentaries, and television series, and more. That is fine. But I pretty much guarantee you that in those peoples will not be declared a hero.

And I am not saying that people shouldn’t have the right to be proud of who they are. But being proud to be a Southerner doesn’t mean to be proud that their ancestors once owned slaves, does it? It’s probably a pride in the land, right? It’s pride in the people who came to this country and tamed the land and made it what it is today. It’s pride and who they are today, right? Why wouldn’t you be proud of that?

But today Germans aren’t proud of Hitler. From what I understand they don’t have statues erected all over Germany for that man. And they certainly aren’t erasing history.

Would someone help me understand? Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

(and to see the ton of people answered my questions, Click Right Here)

I love this black man looking into the face of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee!

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