Thank you Anya Justanya, Sarajane Ilamathi, and Meredith McLaughlin for supplying the names for my Little People that rang true the most for me. It was a very very hard decision, so thanks to all of you who made so many wonderful suggestions.

For some reason I don’t know yet, an entire floor of the Oscar Wilde Apartments (I should do a post asking for suggestions on how that happened!) is unoccupied, so a few other men will be moving into the available units! I’ll be back for more names (if I don’t snag them from the already offered monikers!) soon. Dolls are fun. And something Magickal is happening. They are inspiring me to want to write again..

Darius and Kirque haven’t been together long, but they both somehow know that this right, different than other men they’ve known, dated, or simply “been with.” They’re both young, have a lot to learn, but welcome that. They’ve got “old soul” on their side. And they just love their older neighbors, Kenneth Handler and Allan Segal (points to those who can figure out how I picked those surnames ☺️), and want to get to know them.

Hugs and love to all who love to pretend and imagine!


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