The Three Bears went shopping and we came home, Amazon had left me with these two guys! R and Noah totally and completely deny that they ordered them, and I pretty much believe them. R actually seemed a little annoyed (we are supposed to be getting rid of stuff and not bringing more into the house) and Noah, well, you cannot hint to him that you might like something, you have to tell him directly.

I am crazy about them! Two more guys for the Oscar Wilde Apartments, Kenneth and Allan have two more neighbors, and they are a surprise to all. But I am especially excited that one of this new pair is actually shorter than all the rest!! In the 12-inch doll business, this is rare.

They have already told me a little about themselves. That is what happens to authors, right fellow-authors? The little people in our heads talk to us, we couldn’t write if they didn’t!

I know B is shyer, not much older than 18 or so, and very self conscious about how very thin he is. He is worried to death what his family is going to do when they find out he’s gay. A is at least 21, very self assured, and more than a bit surprised he seems to have a boyfriend (that is what B is calling them). A has been enjoying exploring being gay and has been a tad…promiscuous. He doesn’t think of it that way, but he certainly has some notches on his bedpost. Will they make it?

(this is romance, you know the ultimate fate of course – and I am a strict believer in happily-ever-after!)

I will *probably* get their names from the wonderful suggestions you guys already made, but if one of them suggests something to you, let me know! LOL!

This all brought me to tears. I am so happy about this sudden new hobby. I can’t wait to see what happens next, and what other new people will come to live at the Oscar Wilde.

Peace and Love My Friends! And Namaste!


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