He certainly doesn’t go by George! His mother didn’t even call him that. He was her “jewel” and that’s how she referred to him. And “him”? Well, he’s not sure. Jewel’s comfortable enough being a he, just not the same boring “he” as his father (who abandoned him when he was about ten years old).

But Jewel has been seeing friends come out as nonbinary and genderfluid, and it’s making him wonder. It certainly checks off some boxes. But damnit, he likes being a power top, especially when most people think he’s a big ol’ power bottom. In fact, he’s never particularly liked bottoming. The thing is, it is one of the only supposedly “masculine” things that he really does like….

On the other hand, says a friend, topping or bottoming doesn’t have a have a thing to do with being either nonbinary or genderfluid. So he needs to understand more than that. So Jewel is going to bide his time and see what’s what. In the meantime, he does kinda dig the whole they/their pronoun thing.

Jewel loves to dress wildly and colorfully, always has. He dreams of being a clothing designer. He loves shopping for vintage clothes and mixing them up with newer clothes and seeing how out there he can get. Jewel can sew like a dream, and often makes his own shirts and sexy underwear.

All of this is why Jewel likes the name he has claimed. “Because I’m multifaceted, rare and dazzling!”

A special thanks to all that helped with Jewel. Especially Andy Chambers, Alanna Makai Duttenhefer, Sabrina Ann, Nick Rowan, and Jason Holt!

I can’t wait to see how Jewel mixes things up when he moves into the same apartment building as the rest of the Little People!

BG “Ben” Thomas


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