Oh My Gods! The New Trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder” Has Been Released….

And take a look at Thor! WHOA! The biggest he has ever been! And take a look at some of the screencaps I made from the trailer! This movie looks awesome! And yes, you will find the video in this post. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear what you think!

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Harvey Bernard Milk (May 22, 1930 – November 27, 1978) was an American politician and the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California, as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Milk was born and raised in New York where he acknowledged his homosexuality Continue reading

FURRY FRIDAY: National Rescue Dog Day

May 20th is National Rescue Dog Day, a day founded by author Lisa Wiehebrink who also founded the “Tails That Teach” program that educates children about the strong human-animal bond. The day is meant to bring attention to animals, specifically dogs, who have been abandoned by their owners and ended up on the streets. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), more than three million dogs enter shelter homes each year. Many of these dogs are also a result of overpopulation due to not being spayed or neutered.

There’s often a stigma involving shelter dogs due to things like their unknown or incomplete medical history, not knowing their exact age and breed, and possible behavioral issues–like aggressive factors or if they’ve been potty-trained, etc.

However, shelters make great strides in making sure foster and adoptable dogs are healthy–both physically and mentally–and will be a great addition to a new home. Shelter dogs make wonderful companions and many can be trained as service and emotional support animals.

To bring awareness to National Rescue Dog Day, this Furry Friday features bearded men and their furry four-legged companions. If you decide to introduce a new pet to the family, consider a shelter dog and give these loving animals a second chance. They’ll love you for it, unconditionally, and you will have a loving dog like no others.

Enjoy and vote for your favorites!
~ Noah and Ben

PS: Consider helping a homeless dog or cat even if you can’t adopt one by donating to the ASPCA by CLICKING HERE. You can help save animals today. Be Their Voice

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The “She-Hulk” Limited Series Trailer is Finally Out and I Am SO Excited!

I have been extremely nervous about this one. The original comic book sucked. The successful run of the comic book was done by master John Byrne and was very silly and funny and sexy as heck. And after that I am not sure what happened.

As much as I love John Byrne and his writing and his art, I was often bothered by it because it constantly broke the fourth wall, basically saying that Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk, Attorney at Law) knew she was nothing but a comic book character.

Word is, this series will be a dramedy. And how can a breaking-the-fourth-wall-dramedy be a PART of the MCU?

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Jake Daniels UK’s First Pro-Footballer to Come Out in More Than 30 Years

I know know a think about sports. I know less about the European version of football. But boy am I excited about this news. It’s amazing. The world is changing, and as bad as something potentially are, as long as the brave stand up and stand proud, the conservative world is going to lose. HUZZAH!

Here is an article from Pink News and I hope you like it. I sure do. Or you can read the article where it was originally posted by Clicking Here

Blackpool’s Jake Daniels Becomes UK’s First Pro-Footballer to Come Out in More Than 30 Years

PINK NEWS ~ Maggie Baska ~ May 16, 2022

Blackpool football star Jake Daniels has come out publicly becoming the only active gay male professional footballer in the UK.

Daniels, who plays forward for Blackpool, is the first professional player in Continue reading



And how did I not know this? But I do now! And I will must assuredly will honor my LGBTQ+ ancestors. Those who sacrificed so much to make it easier for me to be out and who I am. I couldn’t have done it without them. Today, remember someone in the LGBT community that has helped pave the way for all.

Historically, LGBT citizens have hidden themselves from society. Even though it is against the law to discriminate against an LGBT individual today, there was a time when being LGBT was illegal. No one remembers this more than those who have fresh memories in their minds than LGBT elders.

Every time I hear a gay man say that he doesn’t need to be out, that being gay is only a tiny part of who he is, I want to scream. A small part? The part that determines who they love is a small part of who they are? Really? I wonder where we would be today if not for our LGBTQ+ Elders who spoke out, who fought, who hurled bottles at the Stonewall Inn, who marched in parades, who came out endangering themselves, their jobs and careers, the love of their families, and more. Do you think there would be same-sex marriage today? I daresay, no.

The history of the LGBTQ+ community continues to be written each and every day. Thanks to so many of these people, all of us have more equality, more rights, than in previous years. And due to people like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis and Spencer Cox, who are trying to take back all those rights, our fight is far from over. The fight continues! But I am not going to focus on the negative right now. I am going to focus instead on some of my heroes, people who inspire me, and inspired me to pole vault out of the closet and stand up for myself and LGBT people. I hope that I inspired even one person to stand up and be counted. Here are just a few of my heroes…. Continue reading

FURRY FRIDAY: Stand with Ukraine


A few months ago, back in February, Russia launched a full-scale invasion into Ukraine. To his surprise, it was a decision that created global backlash against Russian President Vladimir Putin and imposed economic sanctions against the country, its companies, and individuals.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has shown extraordinary leadership, bravery and resilience in the war against Russia in which he himself has participated in the combat on the battlefield. While some of the residents have had to flee their country for safety, many Ukrainians–both civilian and military–are standing up against the invading Russian forces.

Worldwide, people are showing their support for Ukraine, from celebrities publicly voicing their support and condemning Russia’s actions, to countries providing military aid to Ukraine in the form of weapons, armor, ammunition, and rations. In a similar vein, many companies have withdrawn or suspended their products and services in Russia, including Netflix, Disney, McDonalds, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Google.

This edition of Furry Friday features Ukrainian celebrities or public figures with beards. These men have gone public to show support for their home country and condemn the actions of Russia.

We hope you enjoy these photos, vote for your favorites, and show support for Ukraine!

Слава Україні!
(“Glory to Ukraine!”)
~ Noah and Ben

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World Naked Gardening Day

Yup! There really is a World Naked Gardening Day. It was introduced in 2005 as a social movement to discourage body shaming and celebrate all forms of the human body.

Every year, on the first Saturday of May, per the “holiday’s” creators, gardeners are encouraged to tend to their gardens wearing no clothes, in the nude, “just as nature intended.” The holiday was meant as a light-hearted, fun movement to encourage body positivity and self-love.

Aside from the humorous element of being nude in nature, there is a sense of unity and connection through celebrating this day as gardeners develop an appreciation and love for their bodies.

While the free-spirited proponents of naked gardening are usually nudists, anyone can get involved with this celebration by simply embracing the natural self.

At the risk of everyone thinking I’ve turned by blog into a site for naked men. I just couldn’t resist on this occasion. Especially when what makes me so happy about this holiday is the celebration of all kinds of bodies and the beauty they all share. It was a valuable lesson I learned on the beach on the lake at Midwest Men’s Festival and changed my life. I hope you enjoy.

Of course this does mean this entry in NOT work safe dear friends. So be warned.

BG “Ben” Thomas

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Presenting The Three Bears “Spring Celebration” Table

For some reason I’m getting each month’s table set up about a week late and the photos posted a week or so after that! LOL! But better late than ever, and I am really proud of this one. It makes me feel so…refreshed. Clear. Clean. Cool.

I really like how much this is an amalgamation of both me and R’s special dinnerware. The irises are mine, and loving irises the way I do, and the lovely simplicity of the design, makes me so happy to have them displayed.

But better yet (!) are all the aluminum pieces. They belong to R and he loves them very much. I don’t know a lot about it, but I understand it comes from the 1950s, and was a type called pounded aluminum. Theses particular pieces are mostly known as Rodney Kent Vintage Hand Made Hammered Aluminum Tulip. R has more than just the tulip style, but this is his favorite and it just looks so lovely with my iris dishes and other purple pieces that I have, some gifted to me by dear friend Linnea, including the centerpiece and purple flatware. A few months ago I found the table runner and it goes beautifully with napkins.

All my dinnerware makes me so happy. Makes me feel like a house that is a home. Every set I love more than the last until I circle round and start again.
Happy Spring!
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FURRY FRIDAY: I Want to Hold Your Hand

Holding hands is a common form of intimacy, from the early stages of dating to show sexual and romantic interest to the more committed relationships where holding hands expresses love and bonding. Hand holding is also common in other parts of the world where it’s shown as a form of friendship rather than having any romantic associations.

Studies show that holding hands helps give a sense of security, and stimulation of nerves in the hands and fingers are shown to help lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress and puts the people involved more at ease.

While there’s still homophobia and harassments, it’s becoming more accepted to see same-sex couples holding hands in public, showing that strong connection to their partner. In that sense, this Furry Friday shows bearded men holding hands with their significant other.

Enjoy these photos of hand-holding bearded men and vote for your favorites!
~ Noah

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