I Want to Thank Everyone Again–You Are Making My Dreams Come True!

I want to thank my many friends and readers for making that magick happen. You have made ALL my wishes and dreams come true! We have plane tickets, we have the nights in the hotel, we even have wedding bands! Who would have known when I thought my dreams were crushed and we would not be able to get married that people would donate money to help it all happen?

Years ago I read a science fiction story in which a man is about to board a spaceship and head out to the stars. Before he leaves he stops at a space station and he has dinner with a married couple–two men. I smiled, I sighed, I said, “Two men married?? Ah well, it’s science fiction. And who knows, maybe one day…?”

And now, in two weeks I will be legally married…to a man. It’s real!

You know, I am married. I have been since November 5th, 2005. I couldn’t be more committed, more with him than I am now. But it isn’t “legal.” We have none of the rights that every married couple has. Do you know how it feels to have to check off the “Single” box on every legal document I’ve ever have to sign? Medical papers. Hospital stays. Employment paperwork. Petitions. Everything? My taxes each year? Do you know what that FEELS like?

Every time I feel like I have betrayed and denied my husband. There is a sick feeling in my stomach and my heart aches.

I mean, I could check off “Married,” but I happen to know from legal authorities that I have spoken with that I could get myself in trouble for doing it. Sometimes a LOT of legal problems.

But in two weeks it will be legal. That little piece of paper will be filled out and signed and we will be just as married as any other couple who have made the same decision. I may decide not to file taxes as a couple, but everyone else in every other married situation can do that. I will have the ability to make that decision. I get to make the choice.

I have the choice.

We were talking the other night and I said something like, “I plan on being with you the rest of my life….”

He said: “You better, that’s why I am going through all this trouble to marry you.”

I made a silly off-handed comment about how people do get divorced. And HE said, “No. No divorce. We do this and it’s forever.”

For a man who isn’t very romantic, now and again he hits one out of the ballpark! I am so in love. No wonder I can write romance. I believe in it. And I believe in love.

And I believe in my fellow human being. I have seen overwhelming kindness and generosity. Over the last weeks I’ve spoken of the things that would make my wedding day perfect and people are making all my wishes and dreams come true. Plane tickets…all paid for. We bought wedding bands! Real gold, REAL wedding bands. I wanted anyone who looked down at my hand to know I was married.


And friends and my readers and people I’ve never met and may never, ever meet donated money and are making all of it come true!

And the magic continues!! Yes, it does!

I just called the Baltimore Hyatt Regency to reserve the second two nights and got this heterosexual man who went on and on about happy he was for us. He started fixing everything and got us a really wonderful rate…and told us we had a city view.

Me: Is the city view better or the harbor view.

Him: Oh, the harbor view! But I can’t get you all the discounts on that….

Me: Oh. Well, that’s okay. (Then yelling down to R in his man-cave I tell him what happened).

R: Which do you want? The harbor view or the city view.

Me: Well, the harbor view of course, but come on! How selfish am I supposed to get?

R: We’ll get the harbor view then!

Me: (to the Hyatt Man) He said it was okay to get the harbor view.

Him: Okay…but hmmmmmm….you might have to change rooms because the two nights that were gifted to you are city view.

Me: Okay then–never mind. Believe me, I am MORE than thrilled.

Him: Hold on a minute…. (puts me on hold a long time)

Him: Mr Thomas? I just spoke to the manager and I have it all fixed. You have a harbor view, for a hundred dollars less a night than I quoted you, and I have told them it’s your honeymoon and they are going to make sure it’s prefect!

Can you believe it? MAGICK! Totally and complete MAGICK!

This is meant to be! That worry I had about the layover? Pshaw! This is meant to be!

Thank you! I want to thank all of you who have wished us well and who contributed to the campaign. http://www.youcaring.com/other/let-s-help-one-of-our-own/188169

Thank you!
With all the love in my heart!

A BIG Recommendation! Please Check “Out in the Back Woods”

Hey all! I only do this now and again…but today I want to Recommend a Great Book! It is called “Out in the Back Woods.”

It is a short one, only about sixty pages, but I just can’t stop saying enough about out it and I would love it if you would share this if you think I might be right. It is simply terrific. As a matter of fact, this author inspired me to write to him–which I haven’t done often–to let him know how much I enjoyed the story. Now here is the blurb:

In an effort to recapture the joy of his childhood Christmases, Matt leaves Toronto for a holiday in the interior of British Columbia. But citified Matt has forgotten his winter survival skills, and when he totals his car on a country road during sudden white-out conditions, it takes a rugged backwoodsman named Jens to rescue him. In Jens’s company, Matt starts thinking all sorts of romantic things about the beauties of the simple life… then an accident on the trapping line turns the tables and puts Jens’s life in danger. Matt must pit his new wilderness skills against wolves and deep snow to save his friend and discover whether he really has the fortitude to live out in the backwoods.

It is quite simply a romance that set my heart all a pitter patter–and then racing! Racing!

It has all the elements. The hurt/comfort. Poor Matt trapped, rescued by the big sexy Jens, them helping each other, the big warm cabin and even a sweet dog named…Ben!

The book is only $2.99 and the author is sweet as pie! To quote the beginning of his profile at Dreamspinner Press, G.P. Keith lives in Toronto in a household dominated by two opinionated and irresistible miniature pinschers. His world-view is defined by two personality traits: being an irrepressible romantic and having an insatiable curiosity about how things work, both within and beyond his skin..

So do yourself a wonderful favor! By this book!: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=2613

I promise, you will be glad you did!

Crushing News—We’re Not Getting Married In Baltimore

I’ve not really cried yet—been floating in a zombie-like cloud of shock since about noon. Bureaucracy strikes again and this time it struck me and my partner of nearly fourteen years. I supposed I could be mad at the workings of government of Baltimore—but I’m not. The lady on the phone, who has been so good and so kind, she was in tears. No. It’s Kansas City, MO—all the way.

For us to get married in Baltimore we have two options.

1) Go to the courthouse on one day and fill out the paperwork, and then return on the second day. That day we can get married.

Unfortunately, that option does not work for us. We arrive on Saturday (and they are closed on Saturday) and we leave on Monday. We won’t be there two weekdays.


2) The second option that Maryland has so kindly offered couples; they send you an affidavit. Non-residents take this affidavit to the court/circuit court for the county in which they reside. At the bottom of the form is this small place, a few inches high, that you do not fill out until you get to your city’s equivalent of where marriage licenses are issued. They check your ID, then fill out the few lines, allowing Maryland officials know that you are who you say you are. It is the same thing as if we showed up in MD one day, and returned the next to get married.

Notice that the city of residence is not providing a marriage license. They are not marrying you. They are not giving you legal permission to get married. All they are doing is proving to MD that you are a resident of your county and that you are who you say you are. Then that form is mailed to MD and they proceed as normal, sending you your marriage license so you can then show up and get married.

So that is what we tried to do. We started with the department that issues marriage licenses and they had us call the City Councilor who had NO idea why we called them. They called us a few days later and told us the Secretary of State could help. Why they would help we did not know, but okay….

So we headed down there, and the people in that office read the paperwork, and yes! Just as we thought. They told us we needed to go to the department through the circuit court that provides marriage licenses—just like the paperwork said. So we went there in person and they told us to go to circuit court. So we went there and they wanted us to go to the department that does notary public stuff—even though it clearly says on the paperwork that is good enough. So they sent us to the Kansas City head of the circuit court and he was out of the office and they contacted him and he said he couldn’t help us—that Kansas City doesn’t issue licenses for same sex marriage!

We told them, like everywhere we went, that they weren’t ISSUING us a marriage license. ALL they were doing was looking at our ID, and saying, yes, they are who they say they are and they live in Jackson County, MO.

They sent us back to the marriage license people who had THE City Councilor come down and talk to us.

This is what he said. “No one will sign this because no one wants to stick their neck out….”

We explained that no one was sticking their necks out! All they were doing was looking at our ID! That was it!

He wouldn’t do it and sent us back to the Secretary of State.

They did it all. Signed everything, notarized everything, and gave us this gorgeous piece of paper with this gold foil embossed seal and we sent it off to the city of Baltimore with an $85 check….

And Baltimore couldn’t accept it. Not wouldn’t. Couldn’t. Their <i.law says it has to have a court seal. And our courts wouldn’t give it to us.

I could tell the Baltimore people were upset. Tammy, this incredibly sweet lady, had to finally sign off because SHE was starting to cry. The manager for the Baltimore marriage license department asked us why we just couldn’t fly in a day early….


Because I would have to take an unpaid day off AND because the hotel is around $300 a night. We have no family or friends or even acquaintances that we could stay with on Friday night and we do NOT have the money to stay another night in the hotel. This whole trip is already costing close to $2,000 and we do NOT have the funds to make the one more day in Baltimore work. We are already having to skip getting wedding bands and were using these old $10 battered up silver rings. We didn’t and don’t have any more funds. I already can’t imagine what we’ll be eating in Baltimore. McDonalds?

So there you have it. I am crushed. I still can’t cry. I’ve gone for a long walk with a friend—I’ve floated around in a stunned fog for eight hours—I’ve written about it—and I can’t even quite cry. Almost. But I am still so stunned.

There it was. Marriage. After close to fourteen years, we WERE getting MARRIED!!!

And now we’re not. That’s it. Case closed. NO one will budge and we can’t go a day early.

You know I really am a positive person. People who know me know I can turn almost anything around—that I find the silver lining. But wow…. I’m not finding it.

Raymond reminds me that we’re going to Baltimore to get away—to be together—to have fun—to see a city we would never have had the chance to see before. That the marriage was the cherry on the sundae.

But for me I guess it had become the sundae. I wanted to look at people and hold out my hand and say, “I’s married now! I’s married now!”

I heard someone saying that at church just the other day and I now think… “Wow. You can get married. I guess I’m not good enough….”

To have it soooooooo close, and then just have it SNATCHED away!

I believe everything happens for a reason. I will find it. Somehow I will find it. We can always go to Iowa. They’d be happy to marry us. So many people we know went to Iowa. But the thing is, for some reason R was inspired by this trip. Finally it was his idea instead of mine. Suddenly HE wanted to get married.

We know we were married Novemeber 5th, 2005. And we believed, we told each other, that a license was just a piece of paper.

But you know what? It’s not. It’s NOT just a piece of paper. It’s not.

You know I never really dared imagine that I would be legally married one day.

Then I thought I would. That it was actually going to happen.

And now?

Now I am being denied a piece of paper.

It might make a good book, huh? What do you say Elizabeth? And Rick? It’s not too close to your book, right? I don’t think so…. In the meantime, we’ve called the Kansas City Star. Who knows? Maybe they’ll do a story too?

BG Thomas

God in a Cup

Sitting here at my favorite coffee café, Oddly Correct, and sipping at my Gibraltar. I said this morning that this would be something I am grateful for–Oh yes!

Thank you, Universe! Thank you thank you thank you.

A Gibraltar, for those who don’t know (I didn’t) is really just a tiny latte — double espresso, milk, and a bit of foam. The name “Gibraltar” comes from the type of glass. See http://www.amazon.com/Libbey-16-Piece-Gibraltar-Glassware-Set/dp/B00005MG3M Gibraltars are only served “for here” since putting it in a different cup kills its Gibraltarness.

Have I talked about “God in a cup?” I used to not like coffee. It was for choking down so I could start a 12-hour day that starts at six in the morning. Now? Now I spend mornings at Oddly Correct and what a day this will be. I let the Gibraltar flow slowly across my tongue, savor the rich flavors, the real cream from cows who were grass-fed only… Oh the texture! Oh oh oh oh… Thank you thank you thank you….

The Gibraltar is followed today by coffee from the Kikai Cooperative in Bungoma Kenya. The menu says it starts with a plum flavor, followed by black cherry with a white wine finish. Oh, my! Oh, my! Thank you thank you thank you.

Soooooooo good! I wish you were here with me! Sooooooo good!

What a wonderful life!

A Lesser Evil; by E.M. Lynley


Are you a fan of angel stories? How about demon stories. How about stories with a twist? If so, then I think you need to read ” by EM Lynley. I’ve been promising to read it for at least a month and with a host of deadlines, I just haven’t had the chance. Today I did.

First, the blurb: Blinded in a hate attack, painter Rowan McCall sells his soul to a demon to restore his sight, and his guardian angel’s arrival may do more harm than good.

Rowan McCall is about to start a new phase in his painting career with a one-man show at a prestigious San Francisco art gallery. His moment of triumph is snatched away and Rowan’s life changes forever. Left alone and suicidal, Rowan is determined to do anything to get his life back on track. He strikes a deal with an angel who’s all too willing to help him. Then Rowan discovers Tur’el is anything but an angel—he’s a demon. But he’s just desperate enough to go ahead with the bargain.

Zethan, Rowan’s guardian angel, arrives too late. In order to save Rowan’s soul, Zethan makes a deal of his own with Tur’el. With his sight restored and possessed by Tur’el, Rowan searches for Zethan on Earth.

Rowan is obsessed with capturing Zethan’s angelic beauty on canvas. When he meets a mortal who embodies the same beauty, Tur’el and Rowan are overjoyed. But finding Zethan again may prove deadly for all of them.

Wow! This story is a total departure from EM’s “norm.” Not only in subject matter, but in tone and technique as well. It is also a perfect example of a writer needing to know the rules before they break them. I know EM knows the writing rules from such wonderful stories as “Rarer than Rubies” and “Gingerbread Palace.” Now, with “A Lesser Evil,” I can see she can get away with breaking them.

The story is told in three distinct acts.

Act 1—The introduction of the mortal Rowan, a remarkable artist who has hit the art scene by painting gay versions of such classic paintings as Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus and Fra Lippi’s The Annunciation. Then there is the horrible hate crime and Rowan trying to deal with the aftermath. Imagine, an artist, blinded!

Act 2—Is the introduction of her “paranormal” characters, an angle and a fallen angel turned demon. The story takes sudden shift here and it seems that in many ways, Rowan is all but forgotten. EM has created a whole new way of looking at the angle/demon mythology. Then, just as things really heat up….

Act 3—We are back with Rowan again and the consequences of Act 2–and wow are there some consequences–and some sexual heat that is off the chart.

And just as I thought we were about to get a very UNhappy ending…well, that would be telling wouldn’t it?

If you liked movies liked the movie “City of Angels,” you will love this book—especially because there is a much more satisfactory ending. Go! Buy the book!

Buy it direct from the publisher, Total Bound, Right Here: https://www.totallybound.com/a-lesser-evil
Of from Amazon, Right Here: http://www.amazon.com/A-Lesser-Evil-EM-Lynley-ebook/dp/B00D47QWVC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1399685259&sr=8-1&keywords=em+lynley+lesser+evil

And Peace my Friends! May you meet angel (and demons) as sexy as these!

This Traveling Bear is About to Hit the Road

So I am very excited. Lots in store and I can hardly wait!

Things begin April 19th when I fly out of Kansas City for a non-stop flight (hurray!) to Seattle, WA where I will be staying with the wonderful Rick R. Reed and his handsome (Legally Wed) husband! They graciously invited me to stay several days, which will allow Rick and I to sit around our laptops and finally really plot out our novel! So excited!

And I finally get to meet Lily! That is a good thing because I will be missing my Sarah Jane big time!

He will show me around Seattle, which will be the setting for the book, and give me all kinds of ideas on how to write my part of the book. I am really hoping to see the famous Needle! *Fingers crossed*

I also hope to meet a long long long time Live Journal friend—known him at least ten years, but never met him—crossing my fingers that he will have time? When will I be in Seattle again?

Then on Thursday Rick and I will take the train down to Portland, OR, for the 2014 Dreamspinner Press Workshop!

First year the workshop was in New York. Oh my God that was amazing—I learned so much that has shaped my entire writing career! Plus I was able to do some sight-seeing, go to the top of the Empire State Building, see a Broadway show (I can now legally say I am gay) and even able to have a cocktail in the Stonewall Inn—home of the riots that in many ways was the real beginning of the modern gay rights movement.

Last year we all met up in Chicago. There wasn’t much sightseeing time, but I learned tons more about being a writer than I knew before, further strengthening my direction and abilities.

And so this year is Portland, OR. I’ve never been there (or Seattle for that matter). My dentist tells me Portland is gorgeous and I am going to love it. I look forward to exploring both these cities, but most of all I am eagerly waiting to spend time with Rick and so many other writers. Looking forward time with friends I have been getting to know, like Elizabeth North (my friend and guru), Paul Richmond, EM Lynley, Mary Calmes, JP Barnaby, Andrew Grey, Julianne Bentley, Anne Reagan, Ariel Tachna, Nessa Warin, Posey Roberts, Venona Keyes, Jamie Fessenden and…and…I need to stop! I can’t list all 100 people and I may hurt someone’s feelings if I leave them off my list! So let’s just say I can’t wait to see them AND so many that I’ve not gotten the chance to meet yet!

I can hardly contain myself I am so excited. I love to travel!

Gonna miss my husband and my teeny tiny little woman…and I won’t be home for my birthday! Hopefully there will be belated birthday nookie when I get home!

Peace and love—and remember! Leap and the net will appear!
BG Thomas

100_2520  400 x 300 version

“The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” Now Available on Audio!

I am SO excited! “The Boy Who Came In From the Cold” is now available from Audible! This so exciting! And what’s more, it is read by the extremely talented (and gorgeous) actor Charlie David!

Actor, writer and producer Charlie David has been a host for E! Television, NBC, OutTV, here! TV, Pink TV, EGO, and Life Network on such shows as F.Y.E! (2000), Spy TV (2001), Bump! (2004) (2005-2011) and Crash Test Mommy (2004) (2004-2005). He has been the subject of a documentary on the Learning Channel and has appeared as musical guest on VH1, BBC, CBS’s The Early Show, and dozens of radio shows. Some of you might recognize him from the campy Dante’s Cove.

I saw him the first time in a wonderful movie called “Mulligans,” that he wrote, produced and starred in!

Here is the description of the film: Two college friends take a journey home. One of them makes a mistake that may tear a family apart. Sometimes there are no second chances, sometimes there are no mulligans.

Needless to say I was shocked when I found out he would be reading the book. If you check out the link and listen to him you will see why I am so happy! He is so talented.

This is my first audio novel. I had a short audio story/novella at one time through Silver Publishing but it is no longer available so I am doing the Snoopy Dance about this book!

Check out the link, you can hear a few minutes. He is so good!

And the audiobook is only $19.95! I mean, WOW! What a deal!