There are no words to say how thrilled and excited I am with the direction that Dreamspinner Press and their Art Director Paul Richmond decided to go with my new cover. Actually, this book and the next three.

The four books will be about different men and the four seasons. We wanted something completely different. Then it occured to Paul that the wondrous artist Alphose Mucha–during the art deco period–did many pieces about the four seasons. Mucha did hundreds of pieces but they were all women. Paul always wanted an excuse to finally do men in the Mucha style.

And that is what we have here! Over the next year, the next three books–and covers–will appear and I think it will be amazing! I think Paul can win awards with these covers!

So stick around for the release date. This book should be out sometime in the next few weeks!

HUGS and LOVE and have a wonderful Spring!


There’s More Than Puppy Love In B.G. Thomas’s “Hound Dog & Bean”

How amazing is this! A wonderful five star reivew of “Hound Dog & Bean.” Thank you, Kim, for getting me! Thank you so much!

Just Click On This Link to Read It!:

There's More Than Puppy Love In B.G. Thomas's "Hound Dog & Bean".

Buy Links:

I Am Very Excited To Announce That I Will Be a Feature Author This Year at GRL!

ImageI am very excited to announce that the Universe was in my favor this year and I managed to secure a Feature Author Spot at GRL this year, 2014. I nearly lost my mind in excitement.

My husband “R” was sitting next to me as it happened, and even my Vulcan husband got a big smile on his face. It was amazing.

For those of you who don’t know, the countdown begins and there are only 70 slots. The little button says “Product Not Available.” And you hit refresh and you hit refresh and you hit refresh. And if you computer doesn’t freeze up or suddenly decide to do an update or if the site doesn’t crash then during all those refreshes, that little button suddenly says, “Add to Cart.”

So you madly push the button and if you are lucky and fate swings your way and your Karma is good or statistics go your way, suddenly you are in your cart and you have it!  You have it you have it you have it and you SCREAM and your heart slams into your throat because it’s too good to be true and you go to pay and — OH  —  MY  — GOD! — You made it!

And the only thing that hampers that joy is when you see good friends and amazing authors who for some reason didn’t get in. For one wondrous author it was that silly “My computer suddenly made up its mind that that moment was when it was going to update itself” and it took four minutes and the author slots were gone in three minutes!  THREE!  Three minutes! For one it was that crash. So many reasons.

Many have complained that it isn’t fair. I felt a bit of that last year when I didn’t get in, but I realized that wasn’t the case at all. It was just the way it was.

Some people think the organizers should allow the event to grow. I am happy to announce that Carol Lynne has addressed this issue on her Facebook and it makes sense. I understand. I wish there were another way, but I understand. Hoping she doesn’t mind that I quote her, here is what I think are the most important answers:

Why don’t we get a bigger venue for GRL so we can have an unlimited number of authors and readers?

That’s a very simple one to answer. I’ve answered the question many times and will do so again.
1. GRL Retreat was never, ever meant to compete with a big convention like Romantic Times. Our publishers have been extremely generous with their time and money for GRL. Many do not have unlimited funds to support an event of 700 to 800 people.
2. The amount of hours involved in organizing an event for 400 people is incredible. Can I see us moving to 500 in the next year or so? Absolutely. However, the organizers do not have time to plan an event to compare with RT. Do you realize they get paid to do RT? It’s a fulltime job.
3. I sign my name to hundreds of thousands of dollars as it is. I am not willing to go beyond my comfort zone, and I will not. However, if you, yes, you, the one complaining, would like to sign your name, please contact me and I’m sure we can work something out.

So there you go. Until there is a World Con or an RTW or a World Fantasy Con (or whatever) for MM Romance/Fiction, GRL is what we have. And I can tell you as someone who came as an attendee for two years instead of an author, it is a damned amazing and wondrous event. If you can ever go, then go! You will love it!

The events, the panels, and so much more are great. But meeting the writers and fellow readers and the constant outpouring of love? That is what keeps me going. It is wonder wonder wonder!

Peace and Namaste,






Miracle Upon Miracle! Leap and the Net Will Appear!


So something really amazing has happened and it shows what happens when you open yourself to the Universe. 

A reader, Carrigan Chantz, wrote me to let me know that he liked my book “Anything Could Happen.” It was a wonderful, personal letter and very touching. It turns out though that he is a song writer and performer and has ever toured with Air Supply. He has been going through a lot of changes in his life and he wrote a song called “Austin’s Heart” which is simply wonderful. 

And then he explained to me that the song was inspired by a man in his life AND the character in my book! What’s more, Dave Foster—THE Dave Foster, the 16-time Grammy Award winning Dave Foster—is producing the album. And there’s more! 

The next single to be released will be…”Anything Could Happen.” !!!! And Carrigan and Dave will be playing dueling pianos on the song!

WOW! Does this prove it? That ANYTHING could happen? If you believe, if you open yourself, if you give of your heart, anything could and can and will and does happen!

The next single to be released will be…”Anything Could Happen.” !!!! And Carrigan and Dave will be playing dueling pianos on the song!

Please! Check out the song right here:

WOW! Does this prove it? That ANYTHING could happen? If you believe, if you open yourself, if you give of your heart, anything could and can and will and does happen!

1) Ask 
2) Believe 
3) Receive

Leap and the net WILL appear!

Thank you with all my heart and all my soul,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wow! My husband was so romantic last night! He is wonderful, but romantic isn’t his thing. But he out did himself last night! A wonderful, beautiful card, red roses (oh I love roses) and a dinner and one of our favorite places, The Blue Koi! Then after that…well, never mind!

Also, my new book, “A Secret Valentine” went on sale yesterday and it already has wonderful reviews! Hurray!

Wonderful review at Rainbow Book Reviews by Serena Equality Yates here:

Four Stars at Hearts on Fire Reviews here: (reviewed by Lucy–thank you!)

Makes me very happy! Buy Links Below! But first, here is the blurb:

After his divorce, Steve Manchester came out so he could be himself and find love with another man. But as it turns out, the only man he really wants is his sweet, intelligent, and gorgeous best friend Burgess Cameron.

Burgess, however, wants to keep the relationship platonic. When Steve can no longer stand the unrequited love, he decides to move to San Francisco to start a new life. But before he leaves, Burgess invites him to a Valentine’s Day dance, where Cupid may have other plans for them both!

Buy from Dreamspinner Press here:

Buy from Amazon here:

I hope your day was wonderful too!

And remember always, Leap and the net will appear!
With much love!
BG Thomas

Hey! Want to SEE Me Live and On the Internet??


–February 1, Dreamspinner Press is excited to start the first in a new series of opportunities for readers to get to know their favorite authors better. B.G. Thomas, SJD Peterson and Jaime Samms will be on Google Hangouts on Air chatting with each other, answering questions, maybe doing a few readings, and this is YOUR chance to ask them questions. To participate, leave a question in the comments here:

If it’s for a specific author, please indicate. Otherwise, all three authors will consider the question. Then tune in on Feb 1 at 5 pm (details forthcoming on the location) or catch the chat later on YouTube to see if they answered your questions.

This is SO exciting!  I hope you don’t miss it!


Hound Dogs and Coffee


So just a few words to let you know about a few contests going on and a guest blog appearance I wanted you to know about.

Make sure you run over to the wondrous J.P. Barnaby’s Blog where I am guesting right here:  There are some giveaways there that you just might want to check out!

And I want to give you a chance to get in on the coffee deal as well…


If you email me direct at you can get a chance to win about the best coffee you’ve ever had in your life!  It comes to us directly from the best coffee cafe I have ever been to called Oddly Correct. 

language, and you will be amazed at the taste! You’ll say, “Well I’ll be darned! Coffee really does have all those tones, it isn’t just snobbery!” 

Don’t miss out!  BUT SORRY!  You have to be in the continental United States for
this one!

And please check out “Hound Dog & Bean!’ Don’t miss out on the sale at Amazon! I am surprised it is still going on!  It is $5.38 instead of $6.99 right now!


Or if you would be so kind, but it directly from Dreamspinner Press!  They are wonderful and deserve the direct sale!

Thank you for your support!  I am hoping hoping hoping to be able to give up my evil day job in the next year and when you purchase my books you make that happen!

Love and Light (and puppies and coffee to you!)