World AIDS Day: HIV/AIDS and Me

I came out the second and true time in roughly 1990. I was thirty. This was after realizing as much as I loved the mother of my child, that being gay was a lot more that liking sex with men. It meant LOVING men. It meant that I came to see that if I was paralyzed below the neck and could never have sex again, I would still want any romantic partner I had to be a man. That the very concepts of coming home from work to a man and waking up with a man on the other side of the bed was more than something I *liked* … it was something I *needed.*

It was the shock of hearing something that hit me to the bone—a good shock. She said she hated the word homosexual because it said that all glbt people were, were sexual. And that she liked the word homoemotional. It was world changing for me. I cried. A good kind of cry. Because I saw the truth. You can be homosexual from birth, but you aren’t gay until you are proud of who you are. And I am proud of who I am.

Coming out was wonderful. Embracing who I really am was BEYOND wonderful. But it came with a few shocks. That gay cancer rumors? The disease they were calling GRID (Gay-related immune deficiency)? Holy f*ck…. It wasn’t a rumor.

It was real.

And the gay friends I was making? They were dying. Almost as fast as I could make them. Continue reading


Pat Robertson: Don’t Let Your Gay Grandson Bring A ‘Friend’ To Thanksgiving Dinner

As you should all know, I rarely get political here….The last time I got quite a few people upset with me….. But this I had to point out. Because Continue reading

🐻🐻🐻 Today is National HUG a Bear Day!! 🐻🐻🐻

No! Really. It is!

Of course this happened to honor our furry stuffed animal friends that got us through many a rough or tough or sad situation growing up…our teddy bears (or their equivalent).

Through scary nights or hospital stays or life tragedies we had trouble understanding, our teddies always lent an ear and were there to hug no matter what.

And during this time of year where we reflect on all we have to be thankful for, and on this day, National Hg a Bear Day, I am thankful for bears.

The kind l cuddled when Continue reading


A few years ago did a blog called “365 Days of Silver,” where I managed, every single day for a year, to post something that I was grateful for. And here it is November, a beginning of a season where we traditionally do just think of all the things we are grateful for.


I am thankful, so thankful, for a God that *I* can believe in. Not a mean Old Man Up There in the Sky who has set me up for failure and says that I am born into sin because of two people who are supposed to have done something terrible in a Garden thousands of years ago. A god that sets up a minefield and expects me to navigate through it to prove…well I’m not sure what. No. I believe in a God Who Created me just as I am, that way I am supposed to be, with everything that comes up with it (which I of course I will list in the days to come). A God Who is Agape—pure and unconditional love. Not that “unconditional love” I learned about growing up Baptist that sure had a heck of a lot of conditions. That unconditional love *except* for….that gay business or that poly thing or all those other etc etc etc reasons. Unconditional Love. I think that is Number One!


I am thankful—so thankful—for Continue reading

A Note on Why I Am “Losing” Weight

First, I want to explain why the word “losing” is in quotes. I believe that what we think about, we bring about. I believe in the POWER of words. Of course, I do! I’m a writer and I know a simple choice of words changes lives. So why do I not like the idea of “losing” weight?

It’s because when we lose something, what do we want to do? FIND it of course! And I sure as heck don’t want to find the 75+ pounds Weight Watchers has helped me get rid of.

That said…. Continue reading

Re-Blog: Montreal’s Penis Temple (NSFW!)

Here’s an interesting…piece. What do you think of this one?

Montreal’s Penis Temple Dedicated To Every Member (NSFW)

At the Temple of Priapus, all church members worship members — it’s a prerequisite.

The pagan temple began in San Francisco in the 1970s as a tribute to Priapus, a Greek god of fertility and the son of Dionysus and Aphrodite.

Since then, temples have opened in other cities, including Montreal, where David Francis Cassidy … Continue reading



*“Girl, are you blind?”
The unmistakable feminine voice came from Randal, one of the waiters and….*

A week ago I did something I often do. I give readers a chance to add a phrase or joke or something to my story. Sometimes it’s name the cat or give me a rock group kids listen to nowadays. Then if I use the suggestion, I list them in my “Thanks” section at the end of the book!

This time I asked for people to switch men’s names—Louis to Louise, etc—for a story in which a group of bitchy A Gays are camping it up over cocktails. Immediately I got some good ones! Very funny.

But something else happened as well! I got hit with a small avalanche of accusations that I was a sexist and a misogynist. *Me!* Who has basically had Continue reading