FURRY FRIDAY: Clad in Leather


International Mr. Leather is a yearly conference that takes place in May in Chicago, Illinois, to recognize and celebrate the leather community and hosts a contest for the title of International Mister Leather among leathermen participants.

However, due to Coronavirus, a lot of events with large crowds were cancelled, including this one. In honor of that event and for leathermen everywhere, this Furry Friday features a collection of bearded men clad in leather.

Vote for your favorites!


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FURRY FRIDAY: Photography of Jean-Baptiste Huong Part 2


When Daddy Bear wanted to do a Furry Friday that featured the photography of Jean-Baptiste Huong, he had quite a collection to go through and narrow down to get around 10 to 15 to vote for. It was a difficult task to only pick so few out of so many so we decided to split it up, a part one that featured solo men and today’s part two which features two (or more) men.

Last week’s Furry Friday seemed to be very popular so we hope you enjoy this part 2 of Jean-Haptiste Huong’s wonderful photographs of beautiful, bearded men. Vote for your favorites!


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FURRY FRIDAY: Photography of Jean-Baptiste Huong

huong_profileThe first time I saw Jean-Baptiste Huong’s work, I was quite simply blown away. It helps that we have very similar taste in men, but just his eye and talent and…it was love at first sight!

Jean-Baptiste is very precise when it comes to staging his photographs: he likes to set a scene, usually in natural decors, with his models being true characters … and even if he likes to feature partially or fully naked men, he does so with a sense of poetry and sensibility.

Born in Saigon, Jean-Baptiste is a director, editor and image designer based in Paris… “…I believe that the best frames are a perfect balance between the right people and the right setting. It’s the same thing in life : sometimes, it takes a special someone to make a special moment, in a special place.

As a photographer, I’m always looking to showcase a sense–my sense–of beauty; but then again, beauty can be found everywhere, in a diversity of bodies and spaces. “When you get that perfect combination, the result seems unreal … a ‘fortunate happenstance.’

Jean-Baptiste has a book of his photography, Secret Places, which is sadly sold out–there were only 1000 copies. But he does have a website and an Instagram.

But wait! There’s more!! You can buy his short movie, Because You’re Mine, on Vimeo, for only a dollar from now until the end of May.

I hope you love his work (I think you will). Check it out, vote for your favorites, and if you want, check out the links I’ve provided.

Avec amour,
BG “Ben” Thomas

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FURRY FRIDAY: Men of Nature


Today is Arbor Day and a couple of days ago was Earth Day so I figured a nature theme would be appropriate for this Furry Friday.

Due to the state of the world, a lot of people are cooped up in their homes with nowhere to go beyond that except for essential businesses for essential needs. However, a lot of people are reconnecting with nature by going to the park, walking the dog, hiking or just simply spending time outside in the fresh air.

Vote for your favorite bearded men in nature!


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FURRY FRIDAY: Ben’s Birthday Beards


When Noah pointed out that this particular Friday was just a few days before my Big Birthday, he suggested that’s the bearded man could somehow be a birthday present to me!

So what to post? I was a little flummoxed. I will admit that on my computer I do have pictures of hundreds of men. I certainly had pictures for Noah. But what would be the unifying theme? Picking some men from my catalog would just be…well a bunch of hot guys! LOL!

So instead I thought, “I’ll pick my favorite celebrity men.” Because the Three Bears joke that we have a “Hot Men List ” that if they showed up at the front door–“Excuse me but my car just broke down and my cell phone is dead. Can you help me out?”–that we have permission to pounce. That is, of course, if they want to be pounced on.

Those lists are constantly changing. But here for my birthday, for Furry Friday, are some of the celebrities that I would cheerfully have on that list! Lol!

Tell me what you think of my list. And I left a few of!

*kicks self in butt*

Happy Furry Friday!
BG “Ben” Thomas

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FURRY FRIDAY: Beards of YouTube


Due to the coronavirus pandemic going on right now, people are confined to their homes and their main source of entertainment is TV and the Internet. Luckily, YouTube provides lots of free content for people to enjoy.

Some people see YouTube as simply a platform to watch people make stupid blunders or post videos about their cats. But, YouTube can be a great way to provide an alternative to TV for entertainment, education, news, tutorials and so much more.

Here are some famous YouTubers who make their living on YouTube and/or have become famous because of YouTube. With it being Furry Friday, these YouTubers are also bearded. I’ve included a sample video with each entry so you can see some of the content out there on YouTube to enjoy.

Vote for your favorite(s)!


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FURRY FRIDAY: National Tartan Day


National Tartan Day is a holiday that occurs every April 6th in North America to celebrate those of Scottish heritage. In honor of that upcoming day, I figured this week’s Furry Friday should feature bearded men wearing kilts. Recently, actor Christopher Meloni blessed the Internet with a couple of pictures of himself wearing a kilt and looking pretty damn good in it.


These other men donned in kilts look pretty good too so be sure to vote for your favorites!


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