Furry Friday: The Gay Beards

Brian DeLaurenti and Jonathan Dahl, known throughout the Internet and parts of the world as The Gay Beards, are best friends. Brian grew his beard first on a whim, and then Jonathan joined him because best friends do everything together.

One of those things was art and another gardening. They decided to do both together and were photographed with flowers in their beards. They posted them on Instagram and were soon a sensation. Since then they’ve put everything in their beards from glitter, a kale salad, Legos, Fruit Loops, cocktail umbrellas, feathers, french fries, cereal, Peeps, Christmas ornaments and Continue reading


FURRY FRIDAY ~~ I Like Big Beards and I Tell No Lies!

So I admit that I like big beards (and I tell no lies). I wish that each week when I have voting that the guy who almost always wins isn’t the guy with the real trim beard, looks 21, and has no tattoos. Not that I don’t like those guys, I do. But the big beards, that are getting very popular and very cool with top fashion models, gets me every time. So this week? All I present is big beards. I guess this time the post is for me!

BG “Ben” Thomas Continue reading

FURRY FRIDAY ~~ Midwest Men’s Festival Style

So last Friday I was at Midwest Men’s Festival with extremely iffy Internet access and so…no Furry Friday. I could have gone ahead and done it a week ahead of time but then I was thought I might not have access at all and then it would have been posted here and no one would have known about it. Therefor to make up for it, I thought I would present some Faeries, some real ones, for you this post. There are some beautiful men here of all types and ages. No poll though. I think they are all perfect and no need for a favorite!

BG “Ben” Thomas Continue reading

It’s Furry Friday: From Arkansas II

Being back in Arkansas again with my Mom, doing Furry Friday wasn’t easy. Thank you Noah for helping it happen. I thought it would be good to have bearded Arkansas men. But even Noah saw that wasn’t easy. Until he got the idea to check with celebrities that come from Arkansas. Below is the result. Let us know what you think! And if there are any we forgot! Continue reading

It’s Furry Friday! From Arkansas!

Well I wasn’t going to get to this today. I am in Arkansas to be with my Mom because she is getting an operation today on her foot. A lot of the family is here. My daughter came with me. And my brother and my niece, who I have not seen in seven years, are here! I made what is going to be tonight’s dinner–it is all in the crock pot now–and we are all ready to go…. And we don’t have to leave for an hour.

In honor of Mom, I was Googling for Arkansas men with beards…. Problem was, the results were not pretty.

So here instead are some hot men in beards that I just particularly like. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading

Furry Friday: Beautiful Bearded Men in Black & White

Today’s Furry Friday is beautiful bearded men in artistic black and white! *GRIN* In my search for gorgeous men I’ve found lots of black and white photographs. Somehow they didn’t look right with the color pictures, at least to me. So I save them and when I get enough men I really like, I present them to you.

I hope you enjoy. Continue reading