FURRY FRIDAY: Vacation in Gatlinburg, TN


The Three Bears are on vacation going to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. To coincide with our trip there, today’s Furry Friday features pictures of bearded men related (somehow) to Gatlinburg, Tennessee or vacationing in general.

Where is Gatlinburg? It’s a small yet busy touristy city about 40 miles southeast of Knoxville. It’s not far from Dollywood and features amusement parks, nature trails through the Great Smoky Mountains, places of interest like Ripley’s Believe It or Not, plus…  Continue reading


FURRY FRIDAY: National Book Lover’s Day


Noah here!

Not only is today Furry Friday, it’s also National Book Lover’s Day!

In honor of that day, both myself and Daddy Bear have found an assortment of pictures showing bearded men reading books.

Vote for your favorite furry bibliophiles!
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FURRY FRIDAY: The Beards of Thrones, Part Four

And now for the final entry in the tribute to Game of Thrones and the hunky, beautiful, charismatic, rugged, hairy, muscled, chunky, lovely, bearish men—bearded men!

This show has been a heck of a ride and I’ve enjoyed it all! And I have loved the beautiful men and their beautiful beards.

I’ll keep the banter short this time. Just take a look and let me know what you think by voting on your favorite(s)!

Valar Dohaeris!
BG “Ben” Thomas

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FURRY FRIDAY: The Beards of Thrones, Part Three

Two episodes of Game of Thrones down, two posts for Beards of Thrones down as well. Welcome to part three of the beardiness of the heroes and villains and all the anti-in-betweens. They’re slim and stocky, young and old, scary looking and beautiful. They’re straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, and even incestuous. These men fit the full spectrum.

But if you’re a man on Game of Thrones, chances are you have some kind of beard, at least at one time or another. Bran didn’t, but most of the show he was a boy. Grey Worm doesn’t. Either does Varys. But they’re eunuchs. Facial hair is the way of things in the Seven Kingdoms. I’d be a happy camper living there….

Can I look forward to the end of a show…and be sad at the same time?

Well that’s the way it is!

Okay, take a look at this week’s Beards of Thrones. And at the end, don’t forget to vote for your favorite(s)!  Continue reading

FURRY FRIDAY: Beards of Thrones, Part Two

So, have you seen Winterfell, the premiere episode of the final season of Game of Thrones? Pretty good, huh? Although it really was only a set-up for all that is to come. And we still have five more—five more—episodes to get the whole tale and five more episodes to see the sensational beardiness of this great show.

Whether it’s the prettiness of characters/stars like Loras Tyrell/Finn Jones or the rugged muscliness of Khal Drogo/Jason Momoa or the noble bearness of the “Old Bear” Jeor Mormont/James Cosmo, as far as I am concerned, these men aren’t half as hot without their beards.

What do you think? Take a look and let me know!

And don’t forget to vote!

Valar Dohaeris!
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FURRY FRIDAY: The Beards of Thrones, Part One

Well at last it’s finally time to begin watching the final season of the brilliant Game of Thrones . And not only are there a lot of sexy and beautiful men on the show, but most of them are bearded! Hurray!

Rosie Narasaki of the website Bustle, said, Game of Thrones might be the hairiest show on television, because just about every single cast member of the fantasy epic is sporting a beard. Now, said facial hair runs the gamut from sparse scruff, a la Theon Greyjoy/Reek, to straight-up bearded madness, a la Tormund Giantsbane — hitting every level of beardiness in between.”

And oh—thank goodness! Plus, I think most of the actors look awful, or at least far less attractive, without beards. Kit Harrington/Jon Snow says that when he shaves his beard he looks like a tired child.

Well, I don’t know about the “tired” part. But he does look like he’s about eleven years old. So why shave, Kit? Huh? Makes no sense!

So anyway, in honor of the final season of the utterly amazing show Game of Thrones , and the men therein, for the next few weeks Furry Friday will feature the Beards of Thrones. Tell me what you think!

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FURRY FRIDAY: Man’s Best Friend, Part Three

Furry men and their furry friends has been a popular feature here at Furry Friday, and I have a ton of wonderful pictures. It gave me some good excuses to do yet another “Man’s Best Friend.” And I still have a tone of pictures I haven’t used. It was really difficult to whittle them down to ten pictures + three weeks = 30 pictures.

Let me know if you want to see more! But it won’t be next week! I have something very special planned! But for that, you’ll just have to wait to see!

BG “Ben” Thomas
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