GAY PRIDE MONTH; Day Twenty-Seven, Special Guest Jamie Fessenden

Today my guest, speaking on this special year and the fiftieth anniversary of the Stonewall uprising and what the world knows as the birth of Gay Pride, is my special friend Jamie Fessenden. And you are in for a treat.

Jamie is a man who will always keep you guessing and always be a source of the unexpected. That is a small part of what I like so much about him. Five him free reign to do something, and he always gives me what I didn’t expect. For instance, when I asked him to write a story for my anthology A More Perfect Union, to write a story about same-sex marriage told from the perspective of a legally married gay man who figured he never would be allowed to be legally married, he turned in a breath taking story that I realized was almost entirely autobiographical. Not what I expect—but perfect.

And when I asked him if he would participate in this celebration of fifty years of Gay Pride, told him that I would appreciate a minimum of 250 words, but he could go on as long as he wanted, guess what Jamie did? Well, unlike my other guests who gave me wonderful essays that ranged from about 250 to 700 words, Jamie gave me just short of 3.000! And I love him for it!

Jamie said to me after sending this essay to me: “Looking at your blog, I can see that mine is far too rambling, compared to the others. Don’t feel you have to use it. It was fun writing it – kind of therapeutic.”

Not use it? Is he crazy? Of course I was using it, and am using it! Because it is long and really tells his truth and his story, and because I hope that it might be “therapeutic” to you as well.

I have so much to say about this man, this wonderful writer, this man who always blows me away with his insights and his pure passion, and the best roommate ever, but if I don’t stop now, my into will be as long as his essay.

I do have to say that Jamie’s participation makes me especially happy since this means that all the “boys” from the A More Perfect Union anthology wrote an essay. Jamie, J. Scott Coatsworth and Michael Murphy (you can read their essays by clicking on their names). Tomorrow you get mine and that really is all four of us!

So, this is it…I am stopping! And letting you go on a read something that should not be missed. Enjoy! I know you will!  Continue reading

GAY PRIDE MONTH; Day Seven, Special Guest BA Tortuga

Oh happy day! Look who my guest is today! The awesome and immortal BA Tortuga! I danced around the room when she not only said, “yes,” to joining in on my celebration of Gay Pride month, but, “Absolutely. When do you need it by?” 🙂 And when I said, “How soon can you get it to me?” she got it to me in about a day and a half! Made my day!

So without further ado, I present BA Torguta’s very personal and sweet coming out story. I dare you not to be touched by this one.

Take it away, BA!


Coming Out

by BA Tortuga

I always feel a little weird when people ask me about Continue reading