🍀🍀 St Patrick’s Day in KC: Shamrocks and Shenanigans đźŤ€đźŤ€

Shamrocks and Shenanigans…

That is the theme this year of Kansas City’s huge St. Patrick’s Day parade. Not sure what that means, but I’m sure it isn’t quite as drunken as it might sounds (although we do tend to party today).

Several years ago a good friend of mine convinced me to head downtown with him to watch my first KC St Pat’s parade and I had a wonderful time. Life changes, friendships some times fade, but for years I kept going, even if Continue reading



For those of you that know one of my big “things,” I dearly love the Oscars. Growing up and well in to my thirties, they pissed me off. Oh, did they! I would get so *mad* when the movies I loved were ignored, or when they did get nominated, didn’t win.

However, the more I studied film, and made it a cause to see all the nominated films–at least for the six major awards–I got surprised. In most cases, I began to see that Continue reading


A quick note from Wikipedia FOLLOWED by the story of how it came to be….

“The Christmas Shoes” is a Christmas-themed song by the Christian vocal group NewSong. The song was released through Benson Records as a bonus track on their 2000 album Sheltering Tree. It reached No. 31 on the BillboardHot Country Songs chart. “The Christmas Shoes” spent one week at No. 1 on the Adult Contemporary chart and No. 42 on the Hot 100 chart.

I found many many websites the revile this song. At TODAY for instance, Jennifer Rutherford, a California collector of terrible holiday songs says, “(The) audience (for ‘Christmas Shoes’) is intended to actually like it and find it touching. However, in most people it provokes a divine rage, gasps of horror, and a brilliant rant by Patton Oswalt. Bad tacky is like finding syrupy angel statues in a country store. You’re supposed to find it cute and enjoyable, but all you feel is nausea.” And at the site JEZEBEL, after weeks worth of toiling and thousands of votes, Christmas Shoes was the “audio blight [that] deserves the title of Worst Christmas Song of All Time! “This song is a zit on the nape of Christmas’s neck.” E! News published an essay called “5 Reasons “Christmas Shoes” Is the Worst Song Ever Written.”

AND NOW THE STORY OF HOW IT CAME TO BE. The names have been changed to protect the guilty (and to help keep me from getting sued):

One morning while three DJs were deciding what to do about the coming holiday…. Continue reading

FURRY FRIDAY: Doctors, Nurses and Other Medical Men

So, in honor of me being stuck in the hospital—and surviving a heart attack!!—this Furry Friday is for all those sexy, beautiful, bearded medical professionals. Most of these are real too, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is at least one model or actor who has “slipped in” there. But hey! This is all about the fantasy anyway, right? So open up and say….Awwwwww…!   Continue reading


It all started with this picture of me and Noah Willoughby and the following words, “It’s That Magikal Pumpkin Time of the Year!

Pumpkin lattes and splitting a pumpkin scone. We got the second to last one and it’s not even noon! And for all you sillys that don’t like pumpkin, don’t complain about it. Just don’t eat/drink them! More for me! Give me pumpkin or give me death! WHO’S WITH ME IN LIVING ALL THINGS PUMPKIN??”

I posted that picture with these…

Over 50 people “liked” that post and it turned out quite a few people joined us in the “liking” of “all things” pumpkin!

That gave me and Noah the idea of Dueling Pumpkins. We would have a duel, each day taking turns posting pumpkin/pumpkin spice products real (and maybe not-so-real?). There will really be no winner. Our goal was to entertain you. And while Noah has the most excellent Photoshopping skills, I have some loyal readers who started sending me pictures on the down-low! LOL! So here we go, those pictures starting on October 1st and going on to Halloween.

So tell me! Which of these are real. Which are not so real? Is there a winner? Let me know!
(I’ll update this each day for those who don’t follow on Facebook!)

DAY 1: From Noah with these words: Continue reading

Batman Goes Full Frontal in New Comic Book!

Well it seems that the Batman, in the new graphic novel Batman: Damned, has a full frontal nude. Who would have thought such a thing? Sure lots of fans though the years have drawn him nude, but to be in an official DC Comic? Well that is a horse, in this case a bat, of a different color.

Here is what Vice, an online newszine has to say….

As Martin Scorsese and Joaquin Phoenix prepare to flip the story of the Joker upside-down, a new Batman comic book reveals a new, darker side of the Dark Knight: the inside of his tights. Bruce Wayne’s semi-flaccid member is revealed, lurking in the shadows of his exposed crotch, in a panel midway through the debut of a three-issue miniseries called Damned. Much like the World’s Greatest Detective stalking a criminal, it’s a dick so sneaky you might miss it….

And while this blog is all about romance, there aren’t too many of you out there against seeing a little flesh (or in this case, paint?). And because I feel it is my duty, here I am passing the panels from the comic on to you. Because 1) DC has edited out the batbits on the downloadable version, and 2) DC is editing them out of the second printing, and 3) I’m a nice guy and down want those interested in missing them….  Continue reading