BOY ERASED – My Thoughts After Seeing It

Noah got this movie for us to watch, but I had to watch it on my own first. He was not raised extremely conservative Christian as I was. I need to absorb this movie. And let me say right now it is a rough one.

I was never sent to an ex-gay camp or school or anything like that. But this movie drug me down a gravel road. It brought back so many scary awful memories. The horror and shame I felt for being gay. The questioning. The crying myself to sleep begging God to fix me…to make me straight. I just kept asking… God? Why would you give me these feelings and then tell me I’m going to hell for having them?

And I would be told by “helpful” Christians, who pointed out all the verses in the Bible, that God didn’t give me those feelings. It was Satan, using every tool at his disposal to get me away from God. Another “helpful” suggestion was that Continue reading



For those of you that know one of my big “things,” I dearly love the Oscars. Growing up and well in to my thirties, they pissed me off. Oh, did they! I would get so *mad* when the movies I loved were ignored, or when they did get nominated, didn’t win.

However, the more I studied film, and made it a cause to see all the nominated films–at least for the six major awards–I got surprised. In most cases, I began to see that Continue reading

“Walk a Mile in My Pradas” — A Movie Review

Hey! Looking for a new holiday movie? Looking for a *gay* holiday movie? I mean they’re a rare treat to find.

Well if you are, then PLEASE do NOT see—for your own sake—“Walk a Mile in My Pradas.”

Oh, dear what a horrible film, and on so many levels. I can forgive the low budget. So many “gay” movies have a low budget. But this movie? Well, it bordered on downright offensive.

I mean the acting—and it really can’t be called acting—was terrible. But I will get back to that….

So let’s skip the acting. Let’s say the writer was helping his friends and wanted to make this film and they all stepped in and did the job for free, including Dee Wallace and Tom Arnold (both who are very competent actors and who sucked in this movie). Let’s go on to that script.  Continue reading


What a delight! I had a wonderful time watching this movie. And there were more than a few twists.

Good acting. Even excellent acting. And jokes that build. Including one about rum and coke with jaeger. You have to watch to get it.

I wasn’t sure at first. Seemed pretty low budget. But I kept watching and oh am I glad that I did! I laughed and got more and more drawn into the story. And impressed over and over with what they managed to do.

And they threw me off! Because who I expected the story to be about wasn’t really who the movie was about. Was that a spoiler?

Dustin Milligan was so much fun as the straight best friend. And pretty hot too. Luke Bracey was pretty good as the star, a man who is a huge hit on an action television show and must figure out what to do when he realizes he is gay. Emily Meade is wonderful as the lesbian who realizes she might be bisexual. Geena Davis and Scott Bakula are in this movie! And small as the parts were, the two of them were awesome! Angela Sarafyan was truly scary fun as the psychotic lesbian ex-girlfriend. Jake McDorman, although he didn’t get much to do, really was a delight when we finally meet him (he’s the guy who kisses Luke and makes him realize that he’s gay—this happens before the movie and is not a spoiler). I loved love loved Rebecca Drysdale as the lesbian friend.

Don’t miss this movie. In a world of crappy “gay movies,” don’t miss this one.

And wonder at the end if it was a gay movie!

I am saying no more!

(special note, I posted this review to IMBD some time ago, but can’t find the review here or on Facebook and I really wanted people to see it!)

THE MEG: Movie Review

As a kid I would have waited with great anticipation for this movie, probably having to beg my mom to let me go. And when I got there, I would not have been disappointed. Fourteen-year-old Ben would have dearly loved the movie The Meg. Adult Ben?

First , here is what Wikipedia says about the film: The Meg is a … thriller film directed by Jon Turteltaub with a screenplay by Dean Georgaris, Jon Hoeber, and Erich Hoeber, (very) loosely based on the 1997 book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror by Steve Alten. The film stars Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao, and Cliff Curtis, and follows a group of scientists who encounter a 75-foot-long … megalodon shark while on a rescue mission at the floor of the Pacific Ocean.

Disney originally purchased the film rights to the book in the 1990s, but after several years in development hell, the rights landed at Warner Bros….  Continue reading

JOHNNY — A Movie Review

A lonely and confused older man hires a young male sex worker named Johnny to be his first sexual experience with another man, and the intimate evening they share forces both men to confront difficult truths they’ve been trying to outrun….

When I watched Johnny, I thought I was seeing a movie about the older man (who calls himself “Sam”), played very well by Tony Abatemarco (he’s had a number of small parts in films and series like, Sleeping With the Enemy, Moonlighting and How to Get Away With Murder). But after seeing it, I became aware that this sad little film is about both men equally, and their coming to terms with the fact that they are gay. Brandon Crowder is a delightful surprise—his acting is noteworthy and he is quite talented. I want to see him again (he is also the director and producer).

And while Johnny doesn’t have a happily ever after ending, the single evening it shows us has had a deep effect on the two of them. While it is not romance per se, it is worth watching at only nineteen minutes. There is a ton of story revealed in such a very short time and we learn, with few words, a lot about these men—they are very real. I was quite engaged in their lives.

And it is worth watching for surprisingly good acting for such a short, low-budget film. What it proves to me is that you don’t need millions of dollars to make a high-quality little project and that there is just no excuse for the horrible acting, film and sound quality, and more that I see in so many gay movies.

If you want to take the chance, I highly recommend it. So what if they don’t run off into the sunset (in this case, sunrise?)? You will be left thinking and wondering about what happens next for Johnny and Sam. And wishing them all the best.


Brandon Crowder … Johnny
Tony Abatemarco … Sam
Nikita Kochnev … Young Johnny
Luca Alexander … David
Devon O’Kane … Sex Worker 1
Donzell Lewis … Sex Worker 2

Extinction: A Movie Review

Image result for three and out five stars
Just watched a Netflix film called Extinction and was…interesting. Starring Michael Peña (the hilarious guy from the Ant-Man movies), Lizzy Caplan (the fangbanger girlfriend of Jason in True Blood) as his wife, Mike Colter (Luke Cage from Marvel’s Luke Cage) and Israel Broussard as…well that would be giving away the plot twist. At first I thought that “Extinction” was merely another alien invasion story like Skyline or Battleship or Battle Los Angeles—which is okay. But it was sort of…well…done. There was nothing new except the fact that the main character Peter (played by Peña) starts having visions that said invasion is going to happen and no one believes him. It’s causing all kinds of problems with he and his wife and family. Even his boss is insisting that he see a therapist to deal with the problem. But despite some really decent acting by the cast…it wasn’t enough to keep my focus. I was busy doing other things, even when the invasion happened. I’d seen it all before. Ships soaring around the city, killing everyone, looking in windows, people running for survival and trying to fight back.

But then comes the plot twist about two-thirds through the film. The only thing that I felt really saved the movie.

Except that I personally found that plot twist just a little too big for me to swallow, to willing suspend my disbelief.

SPOILER ALERT! Continue reading