A Re-Blog from Love Bytes: I Thought I Would Share a Special Moment (or two) With You!


Thought I would share the guest post I did for Dani Elle Maas’s amazing MM Romance blog, LoveBytes yesterday. You can read it below or also the original post by Clicking Rich HERE. The advantage of doing the second is you will see a wonderful world of articles, essays, reviews and more. Either place you can see what I have to say about gays being homogenized and heteronormalized AND even BETTER, you can see the video of my drag act.

Not bad, huh?

Check it out, Girlfriends!
BG “Ben” Thomas

I Thought I Would Share a Special Moment (or two) With You!

Some of you may know that each year I go to a retreat called Midwest Men’s Festival. It’s the center of my year. In many ways the axis my world revolves around. It’s that important to me. It even inspired my novel, Summer Lover.

It’s a little hard how to explain just what Midwest Men’s Festival is. Without writing a novel here, that is, instead of an essay. If you ever saw that episode of Queer As Folk where Michael and Emmet go to Faerie Camp, you can get an idea. But part of what it is a total rejection of the homogenization and heteronormalizing of gay men.

What I mean by that is that it often feels that a big part of why gay men are becoming more and more “accepted” (and I can’t speak for LBTQ) is that we as a culture are becoming more and more Continue reading


GAY PRIDE MONTH, Day Eight, Gay Pride Celebrations Through the Years

Today I celebrate Gay Pride by giving you just a tiny hint of celebrations through the years of Gay Pride Parades and celebrations. The one thing I insisted on in my quest for photographs was that I knew the year and something about where or when the event was going on. It is simply amazing to think that what started off as a few drag queens and butch dykes fighting back during a raid of the Stonewall Inn during the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, turned into two hundred people fighting back which turned into hundreds of people over six days with protests and violent clashes with law enforcement outside the bar on Christopher Street, in neighboring streets and in nearby Christopher Park.

And that then, a year later, there was that first Gay Pride parade. By many accounts of people who attended, it started small—just a few hundred people downtown in front of the Stonewall Inn—but by the time it arrived 50 blocks north, at Central Park, the crowd numbered in the thousands. The march stretched 15 blocks—three quarters of a mile—at its longest.

That first March was held in 1970 and has since become an annual civil rights demonstration. Over the years, its purpose has broadened to include recognition of the fight against AIDS and to remember those we have lost to illness, violence and neglect.

São Paulo Gay Pride Parade, 2006, was considered the biggest pride parade in the world by Guinness World Records with an estimated 2.5 million participants.

Word is that they are expecting 3.5 million at WorldPride NYC / Stonewall 50 this year.


We are living in interesting times!

Acceptance like never before!

But there is so far to go. There are countries where it is still illegal to be gay or lesbian or transgender. Countries where we are being tortured. Murdered.

If anyone ever asks you why we need Gay Pride celebrations? Tell them that the very reason they asked is why we need Gay Pride celebrations. And it is also to remind us that we should have PRIDE in who and what we are. Because what we are…is special and unique and beatufiful.

And God made us that way!

Peace and love,
BG “Ben” Thomas

I would really like to update this and if you have some pictures or can find some, AND, you know the year and location, you would make me happy beyond words. Please help me out!

People march into New York’s Central Park during the nation’s first Gay Pride parade on June 28th, 1970.   Continue reading

GAY PRIDE MONTH, Day One: Fifty Years of Gay Pride!

Fifty years ago this month gay people finally said, “No!” The Stonewall Inn was raided once again and a bunch of drag queens and butch dykes said, “No!”

It turned into a riot that wound up lasting for five days. Fifty years ago the gay rights movement really began. Because it was with fists and fire and shouting and fighting back. Thank goodness the seeds had been planted earlier with groups like Mattachine Society and Daughters of Bilitis. But it wasn’t until blood was shed, police blood, that gay and lesbian people let the world know that we had had enough.

In honor of that, this month, I am going to be making a number of posts of essays I’m writing, posts of personal experiences, and re-posts from other sources!

Long live all people and long live us telling those who don’t like us, “We’re here! We’re queer! Get used to it!”

And I will start things by posting pictures from Gay Pride here in Kansas City, which is my husband Noah’s very first Gay Pride. Noah and Iwere both so sad that out husband “R” had to work (his work shift is nights now, and the first weekend of the month is mandatory overtime), but he gave his blessing for us to go.

Thank you, “R!” We love you!  Continue reading

Today is National Plumber’s Day

Today is National Plumber’s Day! And what would we do without those men with their plungers and snakes all ready to clean out our pipes? So today I present a naughty tribute to those (sometimes) sexy men. And some of these are pretty naughty and very well might be considered NSFW. No full on nudity…but only a few steps away from.

By the way, today is also National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, National DNA Day, National East Meets West Day aka Elbe Day (whatever in the world that means), National Hairstylist Appreciation Day, National Crayola Day, National Telephone Day, National Zucchini Bread Day, National Parental Alienation Day (I read the description and I still didn’t understand this one), National Poem in You Pocket Day (??), National Red Hat Society Day, National Mani-Pedi Day, World Malaria Day and World Penguin Day.

I could have done something about one of those instead. But my naughty nature took control and this is what you get!

Hope you enjoy!
BG “Ben” Thomas

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A Very Naughty Easter

Happy Easter! Today is a day of renewal. Today of resurrection. And day of promise. I want you to know that I do know that. It is something I can’t forget having been raised very strict Baptist.

But I also am a big old gay boy and I believe in my heart of heart of hearts that God gave us our sexuality for a reason…to be loved and enjoyed and cherished. If it was only procreation, then why wouldn’t human females go into heat and those pheromones drive males into uncontrollable lust and we f*ck without being able to control ourselves like most mammals?

And why, prey tell, would the prostate, on average, be located about five to six inches inside the rectum and the average erect penis be five to six inches long if the Universe hadn’t had a reason for it? Because you know there is an old gay saying that goes, “If God had meant for men to be f*cked He would have put a hole in his ass.”

I also believe that God has a sense of humor. What else could explain the duck billed platypus?

All that is meant to say that I hope you have the sense of humor to enjoy what lies behind the cut.

But click at your own risk! There are VERY Work Unsafe Pictures Beyond! Enter at you own risk! And I hope you enjoy!


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