Re-Blog: Cambridge Moves to Follow Somerville in Recognizing Poly Partnerships

I thought I would never see gay marriage in my life-time. I was wrong. Conservatives said, “What’s next? Polygamous marriage?” and I said, “Why not?” although I figured I would never see that in my lifetime. Could I be wrong? Could the Three Bears be married one day??

Law Acknowledging Polyamorous Relationships Takes Step Forward, Two Councillors Holding Back

By Marc Levy
Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Cambridge took a step toward formally recognizing polyamorous relationships on Monday, Continue reading

RE-BLOG: Two’s Company, Three’s a Throuple!

I’m still not crazy about the word “throuple,” but I am happy to see more articles and essays on polyamorous relationships. And here’s one from Midland Zone: Home of Midland Gay News.

Two’s Company, Three’s a Throuple!

Meet Martin, Dan & James, a Birmingham-based throuple – that’s three people in a polyamorous relationship. Poly relations have been in the spotlight recently, and perhaps you’re thinking about getting into one yourself (or maybe you’re already in one). So we thought we’d chat to James, Dan and Martin to get some insight into how their relationship works.

So how did the throuple relationship come about?   Continue reading

A Massachusetts City Will Recognize Polyamorous Relationships as Part of New Domestic Partnership Ordinance

Something is happening….. Something unbelievable. Polyamory. It’s getting to be more accepted. How did that happen? Just three or four years ago I saw a post about a gay “throuple” (I like the word triad) and I was shocked at home many people lashed out about it, including authors in the MM community! People who can understand gay couples, but state that you can’t love more than one person, many of them with several children who they say they love equally…even though you “can’t love more than one person.”

Anyway…I’m distracted. I am just so excited about this. Laws recognizing polyamory! It’s amazing! Read on!

A Massachusetts City Will Recognize Polyamorous Relationships as Part of New Domestic Partnership Ordinance

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New Series Investigates a Gay Triad Relationship

This is a review of the series The Third. And I am glad I am going to get to see it. I was not going to bet a subscription for yet another channel, and was happy to see about it being on DVD and that there is actually going to be a second season. Read on…!

New Series Investigates a Gay Triad Relationship

By Gary Kramer -October 31, 2019 5:18 pm

Matthew Lynn is the out gay showrunner for the new series, The Third, now available on DVD and VOD. The six-part first season has Continue reading


Another GLBTQ Happening! And I was expecting to see a lot more on this wonderful day today…but not one so far. Is it complacency already? Is it *yawn* we have the right to marry? I hope the heck not! Marriage equality is important and should not be taken for granted. DID YOU KNOW THAT three states have introduced Bills to ban marriage equality to get it back in front of SCOTUS? Despite the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing same sex marriage nationwide? Yup! Do not sleep! Remember that people have the power! Pay attention to what your representatives are doing and VOTE!.

Idiots say, what next? Polyamorous marriage? Well I know that R and I would love to be legally married to Noah! What does it hurt anyone?

We have risen so far! We do NOT want to fall! And it could happen!

If you are married today, to a same-sex partner or opposite-sex partner, I hope that you will take their hand today and look them in the eyes and tell them that you love them! I hope that you remember to be grateful for what you have! And never take it for granted!

Peace and Namasté!
BG “Ben” Thomas

FURRY FRIDAY: If One Beard is Hawt, Three Are Even Better (Part Two)

In lieu of what is happening in my life, you may now know what inspired last week’s Furry Friday. And I thought since today is the beginning of a new life for me—the day where two men (me and my husband) officially become three (me, my husband, and our third)—I would present Part Two of “If One Beard is Hawt, Three Are Even Better.” I hope you enjoy…and that you agree. Let me know. And don’t forget to vote. Oh! And for those of you who don’t realize it, you can for more than one!

(this post is dedicated to Noah Willoughby and my husband R.)   Continue reading


BEN: My husband and I would like to make the official announcement that we have asked Noah Willoughby to become a part of our family and our lives. And to our joy…

NOAH:  …I have happily accepted.

BEN: I am sure some of you have pieced it together, but there were many complications that had to be worked through before we could say anything official.

NOAH: The most important thing was that I made a brief trip to Washington over the 4th of July to talk with my family about all of this. I wanted them to hear it from me and not find out through Facebook or gossip.

BEN: Noah and I first met online through    Continue reading

Another Article on Gay Polyamory: Three Gay Men Living Together in a Three-Way Relationship Explain How it Works

Here is another post I found—this one from Gay Star News—on a successful gay triad. I thought it had lots interesting information, if only for those of you who want to write an MMM novel. Except this one a real romance! I also like these three men, like in other articles I have re-posted here are just regular men and not gorgeous models or porn stars. You can find the original article by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Three Gay Men Living Together in a Three-Way Relationship Explain How it Works

How they met, how they make it work, and how their families have reacted to the arrangement

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Do You Believe That Love Can Mean Only Two? Or Can It Mean….

So I am doing it again. Re-blogging an article/essay/interview from another source. I am also crediting that source of course! (hey, I’m a poet that doesn’t know it) The original is from TimeOut and you can find it right here:

Or you can go ahead and read it right here!

Three’s Company: Q&A with a Polyamorous NYC Throuple

Their Facebook photos depict the usual things sweethearts do—selfies on the beach, dinners with parents—with a difference: There are three guys in the pics instead of two. Continue reading