‘Interview with the Vampire’ author Anne Rice dies at age 80

I woke to news this morning that breaks my heart. I write this words in a stunned, numb, state. One of my two favorite authors in the WORLD has died. I can barely believe it. She was so active. Doing so many things. It’s not fair. But then death isn’t, is it? So unlike her beloved Louis and Lestat, she was all too mortal.

I first read Interview With the Vampiric when I was around 18 – 20 and it literally blew me away. She took the vampire genre and changed it forever, turning them from hissing creatures into something far more. She has been copied a thousand thousand times….and I guess that will make her immortal. They say Imation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I went to her home in New Orleans close to 30 years ago, but she was out of town, but her secretary and dear friend came out and spoke with me at least a half hour. Then when Anne was touring with her book Servant of the Bones, I waited in line for an hour or two at least and to keep the line moving you were supposed to get your book signed and MOVE on. But she wasn’t having it and spent time with everyone, including me. If I had felt any irritation at how long I waited, it was banished in an instant with my time with her and loved her all the more for what she did for her beloved fans, And her secretary remembered me! And she had told Anne about me! It was truly delightful.

So I will try, as I am now slowly coming back to reality, remember the good and cherish it and know I will always have her books. And the knowledge that her son Christopher is carefully watching over her legacy….

‘Interview with the Vampire’ author Anne Rice dies at age 80

By Andy Rose, CNN

(CNN)Anne Rice, author of the best-selling Vampire Chronicles novel series Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I Miss You SO Much…

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I miss you SO much….

Thank you for being my father and helping shape me into the man I am today. Teaching me what being a “man” really was–true, loyal, protective, giving, thoughtful of others, even holding a door open for someone. I could not be prouder.

So many memories… When I was very very little and you took me for a ride in your man-toy–a red convertible–with the top down. Just me and you because Continue reading

My Brother Was Made Teacher of the Year!

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Just found out something remarkable! I am crying! My brother, Jeff, was Teacher of the Year at the High School where he teaches! This is incredible! And his wife presented him with a Captain America shield and hammer of Thor! Because you know, teachers are some of the REAL heroes! Especially in the last year or two. He teachers the kids who are the future of this planet. And he does it in the arts. There are tears running down my face. I am SO proud of you Jeff! Proud of all that you’ve done, and proud that you are my brother!

My Birthday 2021!

I got a wonderful wonderful surprise last night. “R” and Noah took me to my favorite restaurant in Kansas City for my birthday last night, Le Fou Frog (the Crazy Frenchman). A French restaurant, it it quiet mind-bogglingly delicious place to eat. Nirvana. The food is quite sensuously good.

I had a beautiful lavender cocktail, then we had cheesy scallops, plus octopus to begin with, and OMG! Octopus has always been chewy in my experience. But this was Le Fou Frog and they would ever present anything like that, so I tried it … and … O!M!G!

I wish I could even begin to let you know what it was like. I mean, sensuous is a good word! First, you could cut it with a fork, and I don’t mean the side of it. And it was not chewy, It was as dense as say, chicken (?) but tasted nothing like it. It was prepared with bacon, but that flavor didn’t overwhelm it. And it was very rich, almost too rich and I wasn’t able to finish my entrée because of it, but that’s okay. I have leftovers.

Speaking of entrée, I had roast rabbit. My experience with rabbit hasn’t been that good either, but once again I thought, this is Le Fou Frog! And yes, it was utterly and completely delicious! SO good. R wasn’t very hungry and had French onion soup, and Noah had a mushroom cheese ravioli that was very mushroom-ie. All so so so so so good!

It turned out since it was my birthday I got a free dessert, so even though Noah had made me a VERY low Point dessert for my birthday, I thought, what the hell? It is Le Fou Frog! So I had the crème brûlée and he had chocolate pasty, both with ice cream.

All in all I am still reeling thinking of the flavors and textures and layers of how incredibly good it was. So special thanks to my husbands for such a wonderful meal. It was a delight and feast of the senses.

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The Three Bears; A Love Story


“‘Love your neighbor’” is not just a beautiful slogan, but a law of nature. To fulfill another person’s desire means to sense ourselves in balance with a harmonious infinite stream of the force of love, beyond this world’s limitations of time, space and motion.”
~~ Michael Laitman

I’ve known many kinds of love. To my surprise, knowing I was gay, I met a woman and found myself loving her, and we were together for six years. We had a beautiful daughter. I think what made it work as long as it did was that I believed that bodies don’t matter, that souls have no sex, and I fell in love with this soul which just happened to be in a female body.

But then I discovered that, for me, that souls are male and female as well. I believe that. My theory (and it can only be a theory) that that is exactly why we have trans people. Because they know what they are inside (their souls) are a different sex than their body. Now I am not trans, I am cis male, so I could be told I’m wrong, and that’s fine. I am always ready to learn.

But my point is that I found I needed to be loved by not only someone in a man’s body, Continue reading

First Morning After Surgery

First and foremost, thank you all for all your kindnesses, well-wishes, prayers, meditations, and spells.

I am doing pretty good this morning and I more or less slept well, but then my block has not worn off and I can’t feel anything! I had a scare in when after climbing in bed, I could NOT breathe no matter what position I got myself in. My arm felt as if it was fifty pounds and was pressing down and I couldn’t get breath enough, and you know what? We animals panic when we can’t breathe! I finally figured out that strap across my chest, part of this immobilizer/sling thing, was possibly too tight. But I didn’t want it loosened too much so it can do its job. Noah figured it out, loosened it up by a couple inches and … blessed relief! I could breathe! And slept pretty good after that. So tonight will be the test.

At the nurse’s suggestion I took my first Percocet last night, set the alarm to take the second one, and the next early this morning—despite the fact that block hasn’t worn off—because I’ve learned from experience that you can NOT let the pain get ahead of you or you will NOT CATCH UP!

I want to say again, thanks for the many, many well-wishes, prayers, and more. I do want to point out though that not a single person commented with a photo of a sexy male doctor, bearded or otherwise! But I will prevail as I have two wonderfully sexy men who love me and are taking care of me! Oliver is spending lots of time with me too, and is there any medicine better than big, wet, doggie kisses? I think not!!

I’m not too crazy for how short my facial hair is, but I knew it would be at least six weeks before I could give it any real attention, typing hunt-and-peck one handed is one thing, facial hair care is another thing entirely! If that’s the worst thing his morning, then I don’t have a lot to complain about, huh? But I look so chubby!

“Waaaaa!,” right?

That’s my fill in for now, more later, maybe, depending on that pain-threshold.
Forgive me when I don’t give a personal response to every well-wish, but I’m trying to at least hit the emoji response!

Hugs and kisses,

The Three Bears Holiday Tree 2020

Our Yule / Christmas Tree 2020! It turned out quite beautiful despite some set-backs, chief of which that a full two weeks before Christmas, stores were stripped of ornaments, trees, and more. This made me sad because pretty much all the ornaments belong to “R” and me, representing years and years of collecting and lots of memories. But when Noah came to live with us, he didn’t bring any. In fact, he didn’t have any at all!

We wanted the tree to represent him as well, and we did find a few. And then I began think, that’s all right! R and I collected ours over years, and now Noah can too. We’re not planning on him being anywhere else besides with us! So we will have many years to collect ornaments for Noah!

A holiday tree, as far as I am concerned, takes more than one day to finish. Days and days even. You make sure to put a set amount of ornaments on the tree the first day, and then in the coming days you keep hopping up and putting on more and more, especially when you see…. “Oh look, there’s a space that isn’t decorated!”

So that’s what happened over three days or so. More ornaments. More ornaments. More ornaments.

Finally, the tree is nearly done, although I am sure to put one or two or more on the tree over the next week. And this post has a whole bunch of pictures of our ornaments. Take a look.

I hope you enjoy!

Happy Holidays!
BG “Ben” Thomas

To See a WHOLE Lot More of Our Tree, Click Here

Charles H. Williams; A Life Well Lived

I just this afternoon received the most heartbreaking news. My amazing and wondrous neighbor, Charles Williams, has passed away. I was told by another member of our block and as soon as I found out I dashed down to check on Robert / Robert Lawrence, his companion and love of over forty years. R had to remind me to put on shoes.

I know that maybe I should have stayed home, that maybe Rob wanted to be alone. But I love Rob so much, love him separately from that entity known as Charles and Robert, and I simply had to go down and see him. He let me in and I sat and let him talk.

He shared with me that Charles passed yesterday, around 3:30 in the afternoon. When Rob woke yesterday morning, Charles was breathing very hard and couldn’t speak. He called hospice, and someone was there fast, and let Rob know Charles was in transition, and they only had hours left. So, Rob sat with him and held him and was there when Charles breathed his last. And that is good, better than many other alternatives. Continue reading