Happy 75th Birthday to Smoky Bear!



And we’re going to…drum-roll please….

Gatlinburg, TN!


The trip is booked, airline tickets paid for, hotel reservations made.

Would anyone care to guess how far *down* on my bucket list Gatlinburg, TN is? To give you an idea, I’m not even sure I knew there *was* a place called Gatlinburg, TN. I’m *pretty* sure R didn’t know Gatlinburg, TN, existed before a month or so ago, when he was asking around at work for good places to go for a vacation and someone (he smartly won’t tell me who) suggested Gatlinburg for good wholesome family fun (as if we have kids to take). As if good old fashioned wholesome family fun was some kind of goal.

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FURRY FRIDAY: Summer Beards Part 2


Noah here, having scheduled this week’s Furry Friday ahead of time because we’re enjoying our time at Midwest Men’s Festival for our yearly retreat away from “reality”.

This Furry Friday continues with the summertime theme since we’re out at camp soaking up the sun and enjoying the water, trying to keep cool during these hot summer days!

Vote for your favorite summer beards! You can vote for more than one!

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Recently I was put in Facebook for posting some PG pictures. I couldn’t believe it. So I thought I would share right here the post that put me in there. Beautiful pictures of men in nature. Nudes yes, but you couldn’t see their genitals and I can’t figure out why Facebook threw me in jail. At least it was only a day, but I was kept from making some timely posts during that 24 hours.

My buddy Paul Wickham had this to say about that post: “Bloody ridiculous. I see, violence, sexism and misogyny on my feed every day. I saw what you posted, no more offensive than a holiday beach pic. Not that naked bodies are ever actually offensive, sex is not offensive, choice of partner is not offensive. Facebook needs to cop on to what truly offensive posts are.”

I think that pretty much says it all.

However…. WARNING! …. I’ve added a few pictures and there are a few here that Facebook would definitely find objectionable! Maybe even a set of genitals….

I hope you enjoy.
Gentle Ben

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Or is it? Actually, today is the day…for me!

Some time today we through the rest of the stuff in the van and head out to camp. R told us he was going to go ahead and stay at camp, and I was looking forward to it. It hasn’t been just R and me in close to a year, and there have been plenty of Ben and Noah times. It would have been nice. But R has come to realize there is too much he wants to do before being *at* MMF for ten days. And I respect that.

Which also means I will spend the night alone at camp which I’ve done for years and come to like it. Although I won’t be alone. Through the years, lots of men have started coming early. I know of at least two others who arrive today, although one will set up his camp and then head over to see his family a couple days before heading back for Tuesday, the official first day. But the point is, there will be other Faeries onsite if I’m feeling lonely.

Tonight I will be naked under the stars. And it doesn’t matter that I’ve gained almost half my weight back. It won’t stay on for long. I know what I want from life, and it’s to have a long one. But what has happened is that I am more and more accepting who and what I am. And I am not Skinny Manny. I am not going to look like a superhero at 59. I have the body I have, and I need to love myself and my body. So despite the fact that I don’t have Chris Hemsworth’s body—which I wouldn’t hate—I have to really get it deep that Chris Hemsworth already has Chris Hemsworth’s body. And probably has to work a frig of a lot of hours to keep it.

And most of all, as Oscar Wilde once said: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

That is what I hope to truly take into myself this Midwest Men’s Festival. Truly love myself. And when I come home, I am going to be ready to finally truly lead the life I want. The biggest part of that is to get away from the hell hole where I work and to be a full-time writer. As well as husband and father to two wonderful women. And jokester too. And a person who will eradicate and exorcise any and all forms of racism, phobia and misogyny from his soul!

Because in this world today which includes some so-called “leaders” that are so much of the problem, there’s no room for hate of any kind. There is only room for love.

It is time. More than time. I’m ready.

That’s what Faeries are all about. Creating FABulousness and beauty and love. That is why our camps are filled with lights and veils and fabric and lace. Beauty. There is too much hate in the world.

Yup. Ready.

Anyone want to join me on becoming who they’re supposed to be?

Gentle Ben
(that’s my Faerie name!)