A few years ago did a blog called “365 Days of Silver,” where I managed, every single day for a year, to post something that I was grateful for. And here it is November, a beginning of a season where we traditionally do just think of all the things we are grateful for.


I am thankful, so thankful, for a God that *I* can believe in. Not a mean Old Man Up There in the Sky who has set me up for failure and says that I am born into sin because of two people who are supposed to have done something terrible in a Garden thousands of years ago. A god that sets up a minefield and expects me to navigate through it to prove…well I’m not sure what. No. I believe in a God Who Created me just as I am, that way I am supposed to be, with everything that comes up with it (which I of course I will list in the days to come). A God Who is Agape—pure and unconditional love. Not that “unconditional love” I learned about growing up Baptist that sure had a heck of a lot of conditions. That unconditional love *except* for….that gay business or that poly thing or all those other etc etc etc reasons. Unconditional Love. I think that is Number One!


I am thankful—so thankful—for Continue reading




*“Girl, are you blind?”
The unmistakable feminine voice came from Randal, one of the waiters and….*

A week ago I did something I often do. I give readers a chance to add a phrase or joke or something to my story. Sometimes it’s name the cat or give me a rock group kids listen to nowadays. Then if I use the suggestion, I list them in my “Thanks” section at the end of the book!

This time I asked for people to switch men’s names—Louis to Louise, etc—for a story in which a group of bitchy A Gays are camping it up over cocktails. Immediately I got some good ones! Very funny.

But something else happened as well! I got hit with a small avalanche of accusations that I was a sexist and a misogynist. *Me!* Who has basically had Continue reading

My First Solo Speaking Engagement

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Last night I spoke to the Kansas City Gay Men’s Book Club. It was my first speaking engagement before a book club and it was really exciting. Really moving. It was a terrific group of seven men who had read my book The Boy Who Came in from the Cold. They asked intelligent questions. None of those, “Where do you get your ideas?”

One of the two men, Ric, who co-founded the group asked why I set my stories in Kansas City and the local area instead of what readers might consider a more exciting cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles…. And if I based my characters on real people or did I make them up whole. I let them know that I got my idea to use KC the same reason Stephen King uses Maine. Because he knows Maine. Because I know Kansas City. And because I can show people just what a wonderful, classy, cultural, fun city Kansas City can be. And all my characters? Main ones are total creations. Secondary ones are sometimes based on real people…. Tributes.

I think I talked the legs off of their chairs but they didn’t seem to mind.

As the evening ended, all the members put the names of books they would like to read in a hat. The idea was to draw one and that be next month’s book. They had me reach into the hat as a person with no vested interest in which book would be picked. To my astonishment it was….

Do You Trust Me? I picked my own book! I was stupefied. I thought, Wait a minute. That’s my book. How could it be my book? But my book it was. And that’s what they’re reading.

All in all it was a very rewarding and much different than being on a panel with three or four other authors or doing a fifteen minute reading from one of my books. Yet another experience I never really expected or thought of when I wrote that first book.

I look forward to what ever else is waiting for me down this wonderful road…!