Plot Bunnies for Stories About “Straight” Men Getting Sexual with Gay Men (interesting articles from Queerity)


So I’ve been reading some interesting articles lately in Queerty and they have shed light on the whole phenomenon of straight men having gay sex, what it means for them, whether they are gay or bi or straight, why a straight man might want to have gay sex, sexual fluidity, and more. Thought I would save them for posterity (and research for future stories) and share them with you as well. Queerty, by the way, bills itself as the “leading gay and lesbian news and entertainment site.” You can find them at

And please don’t allow yourself to get bothered or insulted or offended. They’re just articles. And some are very interesting…!


Five Reasons Every Straight Man Should Go Gay At Least Once Or Five Times

Between cuddling with their bros, getting off on gay porn, and experimenting with anal play, it’s time for you hetero guys to just start hooking up with us gay guys already. And we’re not just saying this cause we wanna hook up with you. Really, you are not that hot. This is for you, dude. Even if it’s just a one time thing. Click HERE to read more….


More and more straight guys are giving up “bro jobs” and engaging in “dude sex”

What is dude sex? And how is it different from gay sex? Let’s find out… Click HERE to read more….


“Bro-Jobs” Author Talks Straight Man-On-Man Sex And “Repressed Homosexual Desire”

“Sometimes straight men touch each other’s dicks or touch each other’s anuses,” Jane Ward (pictured) tells Queerty in an exclusive interview, “and they do it for a number of reasons that they don’t perceive as sexual.” Click HERE to read more….


Intimate gay couple
CDC Survey Finds A Surprising Number Of Straight Dudes Have Had Gay Sex

According to the latest national survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more Americans are identifying as bisexual than ever before. Not only that, but more straight guys are admitting to having had gay sex. Click HERE to read more….


Survey Finds More And More Straight Guys Are Going Gay (And Liking It)
Bible thumpers have been warning everyone for years that this would happen. Now, their prophecy is finally coming true. Gayness is spreading across the world…. Click HERE to read more….


Top Or Bottom? The Debate Rages On In India

“If you read most status updates on gay and bi men’s groups on social media you will find that ‘tops’ present themselves as superior to ‘bottoms,’” Indian blogger Harry Ess writes. “Why do Indian tops think they are better than bottoms? This doesn’t seem to be the situation in the West but is a very common prejudice in India.” Click HERE to read more….


Here’s What Goes On Inside The All-Male “Akharas” Of India

“In general, sexual minorities are not well accepted by mainstream Indian society,” 35-year-old photographer Bishan Samaddar tells Queerty in an exclusive interview. “Here, there’s always tremendous pressure on men and women to marry each other and produce children.” Click HERE to read more….

Former Leader of ‘Gay Cure’ Group Marries Male Partner

Harry Readhead for 22 Nov 2014 10:27 am

142 (1)

John Smid, executive director of the ‘Love in Action’ group from 1990 to 2008, said he had tried to deny his own sexuality but had finally come to realise that it would not change.

And in a spectacular departure from his ‘Pray the Gay Away’ sermons, the man who once called homosexuality ‘a sin’ has married partner Larry McQueen.

‘I’ve believed in faith that something was going to happen, and it never did, and so at my age, right now in my life, I don’t have that many good years left in me, and I can’t live like this for the rest of my life, so I said no I’m not willing to keep pushing after something that’s not going to happen,’ he told US news outlet The Lone Star Q.


Mr Smid says he has never met anyone who successfully change from homosexual to heterosexual.

‘I gradually got to know [McQueen] over time until we reached a place in our lives that we saw we wanted to get to know one another through a dating relationship.

‘As we dated we shared our vision for life, our personal philosophies, and our faith values. We found a compatibility that was comfortable and exciting.’

‘Ex-gay’ Christian ministry Love in Action courted controversy in 2005 when it promoted a programme that claimed it could change the sexuality of children.

Love in Action is the subject of a critical documentary called This is What Love in Action Looks Like.

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Vatican Document Challenges Church to Change Attitude to Gays


I knew I was going to like this guy and he proves to me all the time that he is one cool Pope. Personally I think he saw that if the Church didn’t change its attitude, and soon, it could die. I see empty Chatolic curches every where. So cheers to Pope Francis. He’s a miracle worker!

Vatican Document Challenges Church to Change Attitude to Gays

By Philip Pullella

(Reuters) – In a dramatic shift in tone, a Vatican document said on Monday that homosexuals had “gifts and qualities to offer” and asked if Catholicism could accept gays and recognize positive aspects of same-sex couples.

The document, prepared after a week of discussions at an assembly of 200 bishops on the family, said the Church should challenge itself to find “a fraternal space” for homosexuals without compromising Catholic doctrine on family and matrimony.

While the text did not signal any change in the Church’s condemnation of homosexual acts or gay marriage, it used less judgmental and more compassionate language than that seen in Vatican statements prior to the 2013 election of Pope Francis.

“Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer the Christian community: are we capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing to them a further space in our communities? Often they wish to encounter a Church that offers them a welcoming home,” said the document, known by its Latin name “relatio”.

“Are our communities capable of proving that, accepting and valuing their sexual orientation, without compromising Catholic doctrine on the family and matrimony?” it asked.

John Thavis, Vatican expert and author of the bestselling 2013 book “The Vatican Diaries”, called the report “an earthquake” in the Church’s attitude towards gays.

“The document clearly reflects Pope Francis’ desire to adopt a more merciful pastoral approach on marriage and family issues,” he said.

London-based QUEST, one of the oldest Catholic gay rights groups, said in a statement that parts of the synod document “represent a breakthrough in that they acknowledge that such unions have an intrinsic goodness and constitute a valuable contribution to wider society and the common good.”

The Vatican document will be the basis for discussion for the second and final week of the bishops’ assembly, known as a synod. It will also serve for further reflection among Catholics around the world ahead of another, definitive synod next year.

A number of participants at the closed-door gathering have said the Church should tone down its condemnatory language when referring to gay couples and avoid phrases such as “intrinsically disordered” when speaking of homosexuals.

That was the phrase used by former Pope Benedict in a document written before his election, when he was still Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and head of the Vatican’s doctrinal department.


The language and tone of Monday’s document, read to the assembly in the presence of Pope Francis, appeared to show that the advocates of a more merciful tone toward homosexuals and Catholics in so-called “irregular situations” had prevailed.

It said that the 1.2 billion-member Church should see the development of its position on homosexuals as “an important educational challenge” for the global institution.

While the Church continued to affirm that gay unions “cannot be considered on the same footing as matrimony between man and woman”, it should recognize that there could be positive aspects to relationships in same-sex couples.

“Without denying the moral problems connected to homosexual unions it has to be noted that there are cases in which mutual aid to the point of sacrifice constitutes a precious support in the life of the partners,” the document said.

Pope Francis has said the Church must be more compassionate with homosexuals, saying last year: “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge.”

The Church teaches that while homosexual tendencies are not sinful, homosexual acts are. Elizabeth Saint-Guily, spokeswoman for David and Jonathan, a gay Christian association in France, said the group had received news of the synod document “with joy,” even though not all of the group’s expectations had not been met. “The fact that we are even on the agenda is amazing …,” she said.


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Male Genitalia Insurance

I don’t think I really need make any comment, eh?

Underwear Company Offers Penis Insurance

By David Moye
To find the original Original Huffington Post article CLICKHERE

A Montreal-based underwear company has a cockeyed way of getting publicity: By offering a $50,000 penis insurance policy to its male customers.

Sorry ladies, no genitalia coverage for you.

Starting March 15, men who purchase three or more pairs of UNDZ underwear via the company website will get a Lloyd’s Of London insurance policy to be paid out if their sex organ becomes detached from their body.

“A man can get insurance for his car, dog, house, land and life but not for his penis? Well, I thought that was absurd,” UNDZ founder Bernard Dore said in a press release. “UNDZ is making it possible for men all over the world to protect their most important asset and we are excited to have the backing of one of the most prominent insurance companies in the world.”

The nether regions of 16,000 men are injured or detached each year, an UNDZ spokeswoman told The Huffington Post.

“I got that from Google,” the spokeswoman said.

Take heed of the restrictions before trying to get rich painfully quick.

Sex-change operations and other cases where the appendage is removed surgically are not covered by the insurance.

Also, policy holders cannot have close friends or lovers slice them up a la John Wayne Bobbitt.

“This is to prevent people from intentionally removing the penis,” the spokeswoman explained to The Huffington Post.

Lloyds Of London has insured penises before, most notably, rock singer David Lee Roth, who told HuffPost Live about the experience last March.

In order to arouse interest in the product, the company has made a NSFW promotional video and, according to a company official, insured the appendages of Anderson Cooper, Conan O’Brian, Emeril Lagasse and Justin Bieber.


PS: To find the original Original Huffington Post article CLICKHERE. By clicking on that link can see that video. I, ah. don’t recommend it….

Same-Sex Marriage License Issued In Kansas

Amazing and wonderful and totally unbelievable. Kansas is so conservative and I was sure it would be one of the last states to allow same-sex marriage. And here I am in Missouri, and I had to fly to Baltimore, Maryland to get married. At least Missouri recognizes our marriage. But wow! Kansas issuing marriage licences! HURRAY! The world is a better place!


Same-Sex Marriage License Issued In Kansas

By John Hanna

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — A court office in Kansas’ most populous county has issued a marriage license to a gay couple, believed to be the first such license in the state.

Liz Dickinson, a member of the gay-rights group Equality Kansas, said she was at the county courthouse Friday when the couple received their license. The Johnson County District Court clerk’s office confirmed that a license was issued but declined to identify the couple.

That came two days after district court Chief Judge Kevin Moriarty directed clerks and other judges to begin issuing licenses to same-sex couples — even though the Kansas Constitution bans gay marriage under a provision voters approved in 2005.

Moriarty acted after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear appeals from five other states seeking to preserve their gay-marriage bans.

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Two MORE States!! Unbelievable! Incredible!

So as the states began to one by one strike down same-sex marriage bans, and as I spoke to friends, co-workers and acquaintances said something I knew wasn’t’ true. They seemed to think it would take about ten years before all our states allowed same-sex marriage.

I knew they were wrong. I knew it. I said two years. And if anything I figured our President would do what a lot of presidents have done before him and that is shove certain pet projects through right at the end when nothing can happen do him. And Obama is a friend to the GLBT community.

And now look! OMG! Two more states have struck down same-sex bans. And I was just commenting earlier about my disappointment in Idaho!

Let freedom ring!

Gay Marriage Bans in Idaho, Nevada Struck Down

By Paul Elias Associated Press
Original Article Here

A federal appeals court declared gay marriage legal in Idaho and Nevada on Tuesday, a day after the U.S. Supreme Court effectively legalized same-sex marriage in 30 other states.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco struck down Idaho and Nevada’s bans on gay marriage, ruling they violated equal protection rights.

The court also has jurisdiction in three other states that still have marriage bans in place: Alaska, Arizona and Montana. Lawsuits challenging bans in those states are still pending in lower courts and have not reached the 9th Circuit.

Judge Stephen Reinhardt wrote for a unanimous three-judge panel that laws that treat people differently based on sexual orientation are unconstitutional unless there is a compelling government interest. He wrote that neither Idaho nor Nevada offered any legitimate reasons to discriminate against gay couples.

“Idaho and Nevada’s marriage laws, by preventing same-sex couples from marrying and refusing to recognize same-sex marriages celebrated elsewhere, impose profound legal, financial, social and psychic harms on numerous citizens of those states,” Reinhardt wrote.

He rejected the argument that same-sex marriages will devalue traditional marriage, leading to more out-of-wedlock births.

“This proposition reflects a crass and callous view of parental love and the parental bond that is not worthy of response,” Reinhardt wrote. “We reject it out of hand.”

Technically, the court upheld a trial judge’s ruling striking down Idaho’s ban and reversed a lower court ruling upholding Nevada’s ban.

Reinhardt ordered a “prompt issuance” of a lower court order to let same-sex couples wed In Nevada.

“We are absolutely delighted that wedding bells will finally be ringing for same-sex couples in Nevada,” said Tara Borelli, the lawyer who argued the Nevada case for Lambda Legal.

Monte Neil Stewart, the Idaho-based attorney who argued the case for Nevada on behalf of the Coalition for the Protection of Marriage, declined to say whether he’ll challenge the order for the prompt start to same-sex marriages. Nevada’s governor and attorney general dropped out of the appeal earlier this year.

Reinhardt didn’t say when marriages should start in Idaho.

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden’s spokesman Todd Dvorak said his office believes the 9th Circuit’s stay on marriages pending a U.S. Supreme Court appeal remains in place.

“We are reviewing the decision by the court and assessing all of Idaho’s legal options,” Wasden said in a prepared statement.

Sue Latta and Traci Ehlers sued Idaho last year to compel Idaho to recognize their 2008 marriage in California. Three other couples also joined the lawsuit to invalidate Idaho’s same-sex marriage ban.

“This is a super sweet victory,” said Latta, who said the ruling came much sooner than she expected.

“Taxes are easier, real estate is easier, parenting is easier, end of life planning is easier,” Latta said. “We no longer have to hire an attorney. We have a valid marriage license.”

State and federal court judges have been striking down bans at a rapid rate since a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling last year. The 9th Circuit ruling comes a day after the nation’s top court effectively legalized gay marriage in 11 more states, for a total of 30, when it rejected a set of appeals.

On Monday, the nation’s top court unexpectedly rejected appeals from five states seeking to preserve their bans. The decision cleared the way for a dramatic expansion of gay marriage in the United States and might have signaled that it’s only a matter of time before same-sex couples can marry in all 50 states.

The appeals court panel did not rule on a similar case in Hawaii, which legalized gay marriage in December. Hawaii’s governor had asked the court to toss out a lawsuit challenging the state’s ban and an appeal to the 9th Circuit filed before Hawaii lawmakers legalized same-sex marriage.

All three judges on the panel were appointed by Democratic presidents. President Bill Clinton appointed Judges Marsha Berzon and Ronald Gould. President Jimmy Carter appointed Judge Stephen Reinhardt.

The court also has jurisdiction in three other states that still have marriage bans in place: Alaska, Arizona and Montana. Lawsuits challenging bans in those states are still pending in lower courts and have not reached the 9th Circuit.

More gay marriage bans fall in Idaho and Nevada

by Richard Wolf, USA Today
Original Article Here

A federal appeals court on Tuesday added two — and potentially five — states to the list of those where gays and lesbians can get married. The decision likely will raise the number of states with same-sex marriage to 35.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, in a unanimous ruling by a three-judge panel, struck down same-sex marriage bans in Idaho and Nevada. The court has jurisdiction over three other states with bans still in place: Alaska, Arizona and Montana. Those bans now are likely to fall as well.

The court’s action came just a day after the Supreme Court refused to reconsider similar appeals of court decisions striking down gay marriage bans in Utah, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Indiana and Virginia.

The high court’s action on Monday immediately spread gay marriage to those five states, bringing to 24 the number with legal same-sex marriage. Because the appeals courts that had struck down those five bans also have jurisdiction over Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, the number already was projected to jump to 30 states.

?”All across the country now, couples who love each other are able to join in that most meaningful of unions,” President Obama said Tuesday at a fundraiser in New York City.

More states could be on the way — unless the next appeals court ruling goes the other way, which is possible. The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals heard cases from Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee in early August but has not issued its decision. That three-judge panel included two judges appointed by President George W. Bush.

The 9th Circuit’s decision in Idaho’s case can be appealed, but with the Supreme Court’s action Monday, the result does not appear to be in doubt. The Nevada case will not be appealed.

“Idaho and Nevada’s marriage laws, by preventing same-sex couples from marrying and refusing to recognize same-sex marriages celebrated elsewhere, impose profound legal, financial, social and psychic harms on numerous citizens of those states,” the court said. “These harms are not inflicted on opposite-sex couples.”

“The lessons of our constitutional history are clear: Inclusion strengthens, rather than weakens, our most important institutions,” the opinion by Judge Stephen Reinhardt said. “When we integrated our schools, education improved. When we opened our juries to women, our democracy became more vital. When we allowed lesbian and gay soldiers to serve openly in uniform, it enhanced unit cohesion. When same-sex couples are married, just as when opposite-sex couples are married, they serve as models of loving commitment to all.”

Same-Sex Couples Across the US Marry After Landmark Supreme Court Non-Decisiong

How deeply amazing. I am buzzing. Tears of joy. They fight off any worries I have going on in my life today. What a silver lining! I look at the states still holding back, like Idaho (who will likely allow marriage before the end of the year) and my own state of Missouri (which declared this past Friday that they will recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states). I look at these hold backs and I wonder how they will feel in a decade to know that they were on the wrong side of history. WIll they be ashamed? I would imagine so. Never the less, this is a high and holy week. Love is prevailing. As it always will in the end.


Same-Sex Couples Across the US Marry After Landmark Supreme Court Non-Decisiong
One State Remains Defiant Against SCOTUS Ruling

by Ryan Gorman
Original Article Here

Same-sex couples in multiple states across America are getting married after Monday morning’s landmark Supreme Court decision to not hear same-sex marriage cases.

The nation’s highest court paved the way for legalized gay marriages in 11 states Monday by voting against hearing petitions of lower court decisions that struck down laws restricting the unions.

Same-sex marriage licenses are already being issued in Colorado, Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin, and are expected to soon begin in Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Pictures from those states showed joyous couples lining up to have their applications processed.

Many shed tears of joy as they were married, others smiled from ear to ear.

County clerks in Wyoming were reportedly declining marriage license applications Monday afternoon or insisting they did not know how to process them. Officials in “The Equality State” defiantly insisted their ban remained legal, according to reports.

Laramie County is neither accepting nor denying the applications. Rather, it is putting them into a pending status while waiting for the legal situation to be sorted out.

Wyoming’s justification for not recognizing the applications is on the grounds it’s state constitution clearly defines marriage as between a man and a woman. The stipulation was originally made during the state’s founding in order to prevent polygamy.

Legal experts believe an injunction will have to be granted by a federal court in order for same-sex marriages in the state to proceed.

Monday’s non-decision came 16 years to the day that Matthew Shepard, a 21-year-old college student, was tortured in Wyoming for being gay. He died six days later.

It is not clear when marriage licenses will be issued to couples in the other states.

A total of 30 states, plus the District of Columbia, now have legalized same-sex marriage. The remaining 20 states have constitutional bans on the unions.

Photog Trent Nelson captures the first gay couple married in Utah
Photog Trent Nelson captures the first gay couple married in Utah

Derek Kitchen and Moudi Sbeity of Utah

Mazel tov to Craig Bowen and Jake Miller,  the first gay couple married in Indianapolis today
Mazel tov to Craig Bowen and Jake Miller, the first gay couple married in Indianapolis

Sherri Ault, right, and Leslie McWilliams hug after getting married at the Salt Lake County clerk’s office in Salt Lake City.

Second gay couple to get marriage license in Richmond --  'We didn't even change clothes' says guy in flip-flops
Second gay couple to get marriage license in Richmond. “We didn’t even change clothes” says man in flip-flops

And Let Freedom Ring! Top Court Takes Historic Stance on Gay Marriage


So I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop and the writing is going strong and I realize I need a piece of research info and I open the Internet and the first thing I see is this! I want to dance! I want to sing! OMG! Amazing! And let freedom ring!

I find out Friday that I am now legally married in Missouri. And now see I am in Kansas and North Carolina, the two states I thought would be last?

See world? There is justice! God is working in everything. God is love. And Love always conquers hate in the end.

Here it is! The words that I saw! Sharing this with you now. Or find the original article by CLICKING HERE! Meanwhile…

My country, ’tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing;
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the pilgrims’ pride,
From ev’ry mountainside
Let freedom ring!


The Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage in 11 More States

By Ryan Gorman

The Supreme Court effectively made same-sex marriage legal Monday in 11 additional states.

The nation’s highest court declined to review petitions from lower courts whose jurisdiction covers nearly a dozen states. The decision upheld court decisions striking down bans on same-sex unions in those states.

The decision was announced quietly, but the resulting shockwaves will be felt across the nation.

The court validated three federal appeals covering Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin, according to Bloomberg.

By declining to hear the petitions brought forth from the jurisdictions, the Supreme Court left intact appeals courts decisions to strike down same-sex marriage bans in the locales.

Couples in those states should soon be able to obtain marriage licenses and be legally wed.

The announcement led a large group of same-sex marriage supporters gathered outside the court to celebrate. They cheered, waved flags, hugged each other and embraced the landmark decision.

Supreme Court and #SSM (a same-sex marriage hashtag) immediately shot to the top of trending topics in the United States on Twitter.

Supreme Court of the United States immediately became the most talked about topic on Facebook.

“Practically, today SCOTUS recognized a right to SSM,” SCOTUS Blog, which covers the Supreme Court, said immediately after the decisions were made public.

The court unwillingness to wade into the gay marriage debate is noteworthy. It is highly unlikely the court would undo marriages in any future decision.

No reason was given for the decision.

The court has previously showed support for gay marriage when it struck down a federal law last year denying benefits to same-sex married couples.

Further appeals are currently under review in San Francisco and Cincinnati, according to Bloomberg. Rulings on those cases could come at any moment.

Refusing to hear an appeals on lower court decisions to strike down same-sex marriage bans sets a precedent. The remaining 20 states banning gay marriage will likely also be bound to appeals courts decisions should their bans be overturned.

The unions are now legal in a total of 30 states, plus the District of Columbia.


Judge Rules Missouri Must Recognize Out-of-State Same-Sex Marriages

So I am so excited. Great news as a judge struck down at least part of Missouri’s gay marriage ban. As some of you may know, the man I have been with for nearly 14 years recently went to Baltimore so we could get legally married. And now our state of residence will recognize our marriage! This is wonderful. And here is the article…

Judge Rules Missouri Must Recognize Out-of-State Same-Sex Marriages

BILL DRAPER | Associated Press


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A judge struck down part of Missouri’s gay marriage ban for the first time on Friday by ordering the state to recognize same-sex marriages legally performed in other states, saying state laws banning the unions single-out gay couples “for no logical reason.”

The order means that such couples will be eligible to sign up for a wide range of tax, health insurance, veterans and other benefits now afforded to opposite-sex couples. Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, who has defended the state’s ban on gay marriage, said his office was reviewing the ruling.

The ruling was made in a lawsuit filed by 10 same-sex couples who were married in states where gay marriage is legal. The couples argue that their rights to equal protection and due process are being violated by Missouri’s ban on gay marriage.

Jackson County Circuit Judge J. Dale Youngs agreed, ruling that the couples deserve the same recognition as opposite-sex couples who were married in other states. He said Missouri’s bans serve no legitimate government interest.

“The undisputed facts before the Court show that, to the extent these laws prohibit plaintiffs’ legally contracted marriages from other states being recognized here, they are wholly irrational, do not rest upon any reasonable basis, and are purely arbitrary,” Youngs wrote. “All they do is treat one segment of the population – gay men and lesbians – differently than their same-sex counterparts, for no logical reason.”

The lawsuit before Youngs only challenges Missouri’s refusal to recognize marriages legally performed in other states, not laws that bar same-sex couples from getting marriage in Missouri. But it is the first ruling to strike down part of the state’s ban on gay marriage.

The American Civil Liberties Union, which helped the couples, applauded the ruling.

“We’re gratified that the court recognized that married same-sex couples and their families are no different than other couples, and that the Constitution requires them to be treated equally,” ACLU attorney Tony Rothert said. “This is not the first court to reach this conclusion, but it is the first court to do so in Missouri, so it’s a tremendous day for our state.”

He said the ruling means that thousands of Missouri couples who got married in other states can now qualify for spousal government benefits and, on a smaller level, make changes such as changing their last name to match their spouse’s on their Missouri driver’s license.

The case is among at least three challenging Missouri’s ban on same-sex marriage. The others include a federal challenge in Kansas City and a St. Louis case in which city officials granted marriage licenses to four same-sex couples to trigger a legal test of the ban. The lawsuits are based on the same arguments that led the U.S. Supreme Court last year to overturn part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act that denied a tax, health and other benefits to legally married gay couples.

Youngs said he expects the Missouri Supreme Court to weigh in on the overall issue and “provide the last word on all of the important legal issues presented by this case.”

Fine the original artical by CLICKING HERE

Why Readers, Scientifically, Are The Best People To Fall In Love With


Here is a truly lovely and beautiful article that I believe you should read. It is written by Lauren Martin and appeared at Elite Daily on July 9th, 2014. You can find the original by clicking RIGHT HERE or simply reading on. I would love to know what you think. I know this much–I am glad my husband reads. He doesn’t read fiction as much as he used to, but he even had his own little used bookstore when we met. Happiness is a lover that reads….


Why Readers, Scientifically, Are The Best People To Fall In Love With

Life • Lauren Martin • Jul 9, 2014 – 1:59pm

Ever finished a book? I mean, truly finished one? Cover to cover. Closed the spine with that slow awakening that comes with reentering consciousness?

You take a breath, deep from the bottom of your lungs and sit there. Book in both hands, your head staring down at the cover, back page or wall in front of you.

You’re grateful, thoughtful, pensive. You feel like a piece of you was just gained and lost. You’ve just experienced something deep, something intimate. (Maybe, erotic?) You just had an intense and somewhat transient metamorphosis.

Like falling in love with a stranger you will never see again, you ache with the yearning and sadness of an ended affair, but at the same time, feel satisfied. Full from the experience, the connection, the richness that comes after digesting another soul. You feel fed, if only for a little while.

This type of reading, according to TIME magazine’s Annie Murphy Paul, is called “deep reading,” a practice that is soon to be extinct now that people are skimming more and reading less.

Readers, like voicemail leavers and card writers, are now a dying breed, their numbers decreasing with every GIF list and online tabloid.

The worst part about this looming extinction is that readers are proven to be nicer and smarter than the average human, and maybe the only people worth falling in love with on this shallow hell on earth.

According to both 2006 and 2009 studies published by Raymond Mar, a psychologist at York University in Canada, and Keith Oatley, a professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Toronto, those who read fiction are capable of the most empathy and “theory of mind,” which is the ability to hold opinions, beliefs and interests apart from their own.

They can entertain other ideas, without rejecting them and still retain their own. While this is supposed to be an innate trait in all humans, it requires varying levels of social experiences to bring into fruition and probably the reason your last partner was such a narcissist.

Did you ever see your ex with a book? Did you ever talk about books? If you didn’t, maybe you should think about changing your type.

It’s no surprise that readers are better people. Having experienced someone else’s life through abstract eyes, they’ve learned what it’s like to leave their bodies and see the world through other frames of reference.

They have access to hundreds of souls, and the collected wisdom of all them. They have seen things you’ll never understand and have experienced deaths of people you’ll never know.

They’ve learned what it’s like to be a woman, and a man. They know what it’s like to watch someone suffer. They are wise beyond their years.

Another 2010 study by Mar reinforces this idea with results that prove the more stories children have read to them, the keener their “theory of mind.” So while everyone thinks their kids are the best, the ones who read have the edge as they truly are the wiser, more adaptable and understanding children.

Because reading is something that molds you and adds to your character. Each triumph, lesson and pivotal moment of the protagonist becomes your own.

Every ache, pain and harsh truth becomes yours to bear. You’ve traveled with authors and experienced the pain, sorrow and anguish they suffered while writing through it. You’ve lived a thousand lives and come back to learn from each of them.

If you’re still looking for someone to complete you, to fill the void of your singly-healed heart, look for the breed that’s dying out. You will find them in coffee shops, parks and subways.

You will see them with backpacks, shoulder bags and suitcases. They will be inquisitive and soulful, and you will know by the first few minutes of talking to them.

They Won’t Talk To You…. They’ll Speak To You

They will write you letters and texts in verse. They are verbose, but not in the obnoxious way. They do not merely answer questions and give statements, but counter with deep thoughts and profound theories. They will enrapture you with their knowledge of words and ideas.

According to the study, “What Reading Does For The Mind” by Anne E. Cunningham of the University of California, Berkeley, reading provides a vocabulary lesson that children could never attain by schooling.

According to Cunningham, “the bulk of vocabulary growth during a child’s lifetime occurs indirectly through language exposure rather than through direct teaching.”

Do yourself a favor and date someone who really knows how to use their tongue.

They Don’t Just Get You…. They Understand You

You should only fall in love with someone who can see your soul. It should be someone who has reached inside you and holds those innermost parts of you no one could find before. It should be someone who doesn’t just know you, but wholly and completely understands you.

According to Psychologist David Comer Kidd, at the New School for Social Research, “What great writers do is to turn you into the writer. In literary fiction, the incompleteness of the characters turns your mind to trying to understand the minds of others.”

This is proved over and over again, the more people take to reading. Their ability to connect with characters they haven’t met makes their understanding of the people around them much easier.

They have the capacity for empathy. They may not always agree with you, but they will try to see things from your point of view.

They’re Not Just Smart…. They’re Wise

Being overly smart is obnoxious, being wise is a turn on. There’s something irresistible about someone you can learn from. The need for banter and witty conversation is more imperative than you may believe, and falling in love with a reader will enhance not just the conversation, but the level of it.

According to Cunningham, readers are more intelligent, due to their increased vocabulary and memory skills, along with their ability to spot patterns. They have higher cognitive functions than the average non-reader and can communicate more thoroughly and effectively.

Finding someone who reads is like dating a thousand souls. It’s gaining the experience they’ve gained from everything they’ve ever read and the wisdom that comes with those experiences. It’s like dating a professor, a romantic and an explorer.

If you date someone who reads, then you, too, will live a thousand different lives.


Lauren “LMoney” Martin grew up with one goal: to be the first woman engineer. Upon finding out there already were women engineers, and unable to pass Calc 1, she chose to study the beautiful and honorable art of advertising. After advertising proved uninspiring, she attempted a career in acting which was over before she could get on stage. And when she failed at everything else she decided to become a writer.